Renewed Liverpool Suarez bid imminent

Ajax manager Frank De Boer fully expects Liverpool to launch a renewed and improved offer for Uruguayan international striker Luis Suarez in the next 24 hours.

The Reds are understood to have had a €19million bid turned down for the 24-year-old last night, with Ajax’s deadline of Saturday to finalise the move drawing close.

Ajax are hoping to hold out for at least €25million from the deal in a January transfer window full of inflated prices.

De Boer believes the deal is at a crucial stage, with a 50-50 chance that Suarez will leave for Anfield.

He said, “Liverpool has a major delegation to Amsterdam to negotiate Suarez. I think the chances are 50-50 that Suarez continues with us.

“They know what we want for Suarez. Luis is gone when they pay that amount. I expected them to come with a higher bid.

“If you compare the €15million Liverpool want to pay for Suarez with other transfers you can imagine that it’s far too low for us.

“Luis is our top goalscorer for the last three years and also the man with by far the most assists.

“He was one of the big guys for Uruguay in helping them come third in the World Cup in the summer and he still has a contract with us for two-and-a-half years.”

De Boer added that he had no doubts that Suarez would be professional and continue his motivation to play for the Dutch side should the transfer fall through.

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