“Scary” Andy Carroll

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Liverpool defender says new striker Andy Carroll “scares the life out of oppposition defences” and believes he will play a big part in the Reds’ fortunes.

Speaking ahead of England’s Euro 2012 qualifier with Wales in Cardiff this weekend, in which both he and Carroll are expected to feature, Johnson spoke of his early impressions of the £35million forward.

“Everyone sees Andy as a big targetman who can hold the ball up, but there is far more to his game than that.

“He is always an outlet. You can stretch the play by giving it to him and he scores goals.

“Defenders just do not like the way he plays. He has caught me by surprise with his development, but in football your life can change very quickly. There is no doubt he can make a big impact.”

Due to the internationals, Liverpool’s next game is away to West Brom on Saturday, April 2nd.

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