A message for the media and the hypocrite Ferguson

So, the national media are now wondering what Liverpool supporters think of Luis Suarez’s refusal to shake Patrice Evra’s hand today.

And United boss Alex Ferguson has said “Suarez is a disgrace to Liverpool Football Club. He should not be allowed to play for Liverpool again. He could have caused a riot.”

For a man of such high morals, it’s incredible that this is the same manager who kept players at his club following these incidents:

– a Man United player assaulting a supporter (Eric Cantona on a Crystal Palace fan)
– a Man United player assaulting a fellow player in revenge and ending his career (Roy Keane on Alf Inge Haaland)
– a Man United player missing a drugs test and receiving a 9 month ban (Rio Ferdinand)

But Ferguson thinks Suarez should never play for his club again because he seemingly refused to shake hands with a man who accused him of something he strongly believes he did not. An accusation that has NOT been proven, nor could be corroborated by any witnesses.

To the media, and Ferguson, who are so quick to vilify Suarez and live up to Evra’s intended victim card – why did Evra and Man United not report the Suarez incident to the police?

The answer is because Evra’s evidence would not stand up to the required burden of proof in a criminal court.

Instead, the case was kept within the confides of a Football Assocation three-man panel, with no actual evidence and ultimately making the decision one man’s word against another’s.

As for today’s handshake, see below images and ask yourself just who refused to shake whose hand?

Video: Evra moves his hand away as Suarez approaches

Image 1: Evra offering his hand to Jordan Henderson for handshake

Image 2: Evra has clearly withdrawn his hand as Suarez moves forward. Evra then laps up the victim card by staring directly in the Sky camera.

And finally, to the hypocritical media who have told us how LFC need to move on and stop dragging the situation on. Why, then, did The Mirror feature an image on their front page this morning with Evra and Suarez head to head? Why did Sky run a full montage just minutes before kick-off reliving the whole story of the saga?

Bollocks, the media are loving the storm and will do anything to keep it in the headlines.

UPDATE: More hypocrisy from Ferguson: Paul Scholes and Roy Carroll refuse to shake Patrick Vieira’s hand.

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