Lucas shows his brilliant humour as he reveals Dirk is his landlord!

Lucas Leiva did a Twitter chat with supporters via the official website’s Twitter account yesterday and provided some brilliant humour with some of his responses.

Here’s the funniest of his responses from the chat, where he discussed his return to fitness for next season and his desire to captain the club one day.

Lucas was asked by Eastenders actor Adam Woodyatt, which he prefers – Eastenders or Coronation Street. Our Brazilian midfielder replied;

I have never seen Eastenders but i am a big fan of Coronation Street.

Then added;

I am only joking because i never watched either.

Asked to describe King Kenny in 3 words, Lucas said;

Legend , Champion , Red

“Beans on a fry up. Yes or no?”;

I never tried beans but i already have omeletes so i think it is a good progress. I will try beans this week and report it

Asked for his 5-a-side team, Lucas said;

In England you dont use a Keeper to play 5 aside so my team is Alonso , Gerrard, Lucas, Suarez and Torres…

I will have to run a lot !!!!!!!!!!!

A female fan asked him to marry her, his response was brilliant;

I am sorry but i am already married and to have 2 wives would be very expensive hahahahahahhaahha

And finally, he was asked to “tell us something we don’t know about you”..

Dirk Kuyt is my Landlord and he is very good. I am a perfect tenant hahahah.

If your not already following Lucas on Twitter, you should be: @LucasLeiva87

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