Discover the story behind the JFT 96 Don’t Buy The Sun flag


So, Can you tell us your name, age and where you are from?

My name is Liam Cooch and I’m 21.

So how long have been a follower of the mighty red men?

My Dad has followed the Red Men for 37 years since he was a small boy and raised myself & my 17 year old brother to do the same and flag making is a joint effort between us three.

How did the flag come about and where has it been?

This flag came about as a result of The Sunday Sun launching recently, we made it in protest and joined many other fans marching at Wembley for the Carling Cup Final. This particular flag was flown outside Wembley stadium throughout the day & also inside the ground for the match itself. This flag has also been flown outside & inside Anfield & will be returning to Wembley for the F.A Cup Semi Final.

Flying the flag at Wembley

If you had to pick a favourite flag apart from your own, which would it be?

If I had to pick a personal favourite flag out of them all (near on impossible task!) I’d have to choose a flag I saw in the Annie Road End during our 2005 champions league run, it read; ‘MAKE US DREAM’ – simple but effective!

As for future flags we have one in the pipeline for the F.A Cup Semi Final to be flown alongside this one. The flag aims to pay tribute to Gary Ablett.

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