Hillsborough Justice Campaign refuse Alan Davies’ grovelling money

The Hillsborough Justice Campaign have announced that they have declined to accept a £1000 donation from ‘comedian’ Alan Davies, after the Arsenal fan tried to make amends for insensitive comments on Liverpool not playing games on April 15th.

The Reds will play Everton in the FA Cup Semi-Final at Wembley on April 14th.

Davies, who played Jonathan Creek in the BBC drama and is a regular panelist on QI, said on an Arsenal fans’ podcast last week, “Liverpool and the 15th – that gets on my tits that s***. What are you talking about “We won’t play on the day”? Why can’t they?

“Do they play on the date of the Heysel Stadium disaster? How many dates do they not play on?

“Do Man United play on the date of Munich? Do Rangers play on the date when all their fans died in that disaster whatever year that was – 1971?”

Davies suggested that Liverpool not playing on April 15th was an inconvenience to Chelsea, who will play their FA Cup Semi-Final against Tottenham on Sunday, April 15th, just a few days before their Champions League semi-final against Barcelona.

On the anniversary, 15th April each year, the players, staff and fans of Liverpool Football Club congregate at Anfield to remember the 96 victims of the disaster. The service is far more important than any football match.

The Hillsborough Justice Campaign issued a statement this evening regarding Davies’ attempt at an apology and the £1000 donation he had made.

The HJC has not accepted the £1000 paid into it’s paypal account by Alan Davies. Whilst we accept his apology, we would prefer that he genuinely tried to understand why the decision never to play on the anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster is so important.

Davies is due to play a stand-up comedy gig at the Liverpool Empire on Sunday, 23rd September with many fans urging those that have purchased tickets to return them and boycott the gig.

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