Chatting with… Jack Robinson

by Maria Xing, in Boston

Jack Robinson

On Monday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jack Robinson, Liverpool’s promising young left-back. When he was just 16 years and 250 days old, he became the youngest ever player to have debuted for the club. He played a role in last year’s road to winning the League Cup, featuring against Exeter City and Brighton. Most recently, he played the entire second half against Toronto in Liverpool’s first friendly of the summer.

Hello, Jack! It’s a pleasure to meet you. Are you enjoying the city of Boston so far?

JR: I love it. It’s the first time I’ve been to America and I fell in love with it. It’s been enjoyable. The heat’s my favourite moment. I’ve never seen so much sun because we don’t get it that much anymore. It’s really nice, it’s really good.

How are you finding Harvard’s training facilities? How do they compare to Melwood’s?

JR: They’re good, they pitches are nice. The facilities are good, there are three pitches we can play on as well so it’s been great. I think they are quite similar to Melwood’s. Melwood’s got a lot of pitches and a lot of facilities. The changing rooms are nice and beautiful when we get inside.

You set a record in becoming the youngest player to ever feature for Liverpool. Could you describe how your journey began, how you got scouted?

JR: I think I was nine years old playing for a league team. My manager knew one of the scouts at Liverpool and told him to come down so he could have a look at me, and he gave me a chance. So we went to Liverpool and I had a trial there for about six weeks, and he signed me.

Your manager must have been a huge inspiration, then. Currently, who would you say has been your biggest inspiration so far?

JR: Yeah, he did a lot for me. Gave me chances and I knew I had to start proving myself in front of Liverpool scouts. It’s gotta be Jamie Carragher and Steven. Both of them, really. Steven Gerrard. Both of them great mentors. As soon as you come in, they help you along the way.

So what’s it like working under Brendan Rodgers? What’s your relationship with him like?

JR: He’s a good manager. He knows what he’s doing about the football. So we, he’s going to teach us now how he wants us to play, and we’ve got to figure out how to fit his style. He wants the defenders to push-up more and I think I can do that.

That’s excellent! Glad to hear it. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

JR: Hopefully still playing for Liverpool! (laughs)

Thanks to Jack and the Liverpool FC press team for allowing this opportunity.

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