José Mourinho message for Brendan Rodgers

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Real Madrid boss and self-proclaimed “Special One”, José Mourinho has wished new Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers the best of luck as his career continues.

Rodgers and Mourinho worked together at Chelsea and many believe Rodgers learnt a lot from his Portuguese colleague.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live, in an interview with Liverpool fan DJ Spoony, “Brendan was a young guy when he started working at Chelsea. He had lots of energy, lots of enthusiasm, very good ideas.

“He was learning but also showing his ideas, sharing things.

“I enjoyed very much working with Brendan and we keep in touch. I am not saying every day or every week, but we keep in touch a lot because it’s the kind of feeling we want to keep forever.

“I want him to be a success, to keep doing things well.”

Mourinho kicked off the season at Real Madrid with a 1-1 draw away at Valencia at the weekend.

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