Luis Suarez explains his goal celebration


“I always kiss my right wrist for my daughter (her name, Delfina, is tattooed on it) and I kiss my finger for my wife.”

— Luis Suarez explains his goal celebration to the official Liverpool magazine in July last year.

Luis Suarez has celebrated each and every one of his 19 goals this season in the exact same manner.

Luis Suarez looked like he expected the referee to disallow the goal. The referee didn’t. Not Luis’ fault.

Thankfully, amidst the pathetic media driven witch-hunt, there has been some sense shown, with former players defending Suarez.

Former Arsenal forward Ian Wright wrote on twitter:

Suarez was not intentional, the way he finished made me think he thought it would be disallowed. But the officials missed it !

Saw a Brighton player get foul, roll over twice, look up at the ref, then roll again! Gets a player sent off, then gets up. Not a word said.

But because it’s Suarez ,and yes there is previous, but on this occasion , it was not intentional! #Suarezveryeasytarget

Former Newcastle forward Mick Quinn wrote on his twitter:

Quick one on the Suarez goal yesterday,I would have pushed my Granny out the way to score a goal,and would not have owned up

Meanwhile, some journalists have shown their incompetence with the way they have reported the goal. With one even claiming there was intent from Suarez prior to him even entering the field of play!

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