Selling Suarez, sensible?

Nobody wants Luis to leave, but what if the club accepted a mega millions bid from a team on the continent? Amit discusses the possibility…

Luis Suarez

Whisper it quietly when thinking about Luis Suarez ever leaving Liverpool, but King Kenny’s words that ‘The club is more important than any one individual, it doesn’t matter who it is…the club is the club’ should be a welcome solace.

Before we get started, let me make my stance clear, I do NOT want Liverpool to sell Suarez, what fan would ever want their star player to be sold?! This is merely a look at what the club could do IF Suarez was ever sold (let us all hope that day never arrives).

A few days ago when back in South America on international duty Suarez reportedly said if a team in the Champions League came knocking on his and Liverpool’s door for his services, he would seriously have to consider a move away from Anfield. Isn’t it funny how these stories always surface when a player is back home on international duty?!

Suarez, speaking to Radio Sport 890 in Uruguay on Wednesday cleared up the rumours claiming his words were twisted, defence which was reaffirmed by managing director Ian Ayre. A welcome relief to red fans everywhere, but what if the unimaginable happened and Suarez does leave?

First off, Liverpool should ensure he is only sold to a team outside of England and his transfer fee is a large one. Brought in for £22 million, his value now is surely double that, perhaps even more.

Life without Luis

If he were to be sold Liverpool would have a hefty amount of money as a war chest to help them charge an assault on the Premiership in the hope to lift them to the top spots in the league. Newcastle are the prime example of a team losing their star man (Carroll) but turning that from tragedy to triumph. Rather than dwelling on the transfer and crying into their mothers arms about their star leaving, they turned the deal around to their benefits, a move which saw them rise from relegation threatened to mid table comfort. The £35 million sitting in their bank has been used wisely and very effectively. The most notable big money deals they have made have been signing Cisse for £10 million and Cabaye for £4 million as well as bringing in various other players, all of whom have helped them reach the level they currently are at.

If Liverpool invest the money they would make from Suarez’s sale and invest wisely on quality players then the pain of losing our star may not be as hard to swallow. Losing a star player is always difficult, but that can easily be in the back of a fans mind after a few good results and seeing a new player on the rise to stardom.

A team of goals

Looking at the statistics for the past and current season it is clear Suarez has been the one shouldering the burden of scoring. With Daniel Sturridge’s arrival this January some of that burden has been lifted, but still rather than being a team who rely solely on their strikers to score, would it not be better for us as a team if we have players from all over the park who can score a goal for us and look for a more even distribution of goals from the team? Does it not give us a better chance in games if we have players from midfield and defence who can score too? Simple equations say yes.


If we have more than 2 players who we rely on to get a goal, we are more likely to score, thus win more games. Liverpool are by no means a one man team but it seems the team is built around Suarez and play to let Suarez get the goals, if he was not there perhaps more players would step up and look to score rather than look to get the Uruguayan hit man in on goal.

With money for reinvestment in the team, we could bring in two new strikers, as we are woefully short of numbers up top at the moment and also bring in some attacking midfielders who are not shy of scoring from the middle of the park. Also it is obvious that a new defender is needed and perhaps another goalkeeper.

World class players, the answer or easy way out?

With a large amount ready to be spent from selling Suarez, Liverpool would be more than able to bring in new players in these positions but would they be world class players? Probably not, but that does not mean we will not be able to bring in quality players. One world class player leaving could mean 3 or 4 great players arriving, which would help the team improve all over the pitch. We as fans are always wishing our team sign this player or that player, but we know the club is not filled with cash ready to spend on players, yet by selling Suarez we would have the money to spend on players, what we as fans always want to see.

No longer can we look to bring in the biggest names in Europe as for one we are not in the Champions League and do not currently have the financial cloud of a Manchester City or Chelsea. Any players we would be looking to bring in would not be world class player, but that is not a bad thing, as there are no guarantees a world class player will be a success (a la Torres at Chelsea) and there is also no guarantee a relatively unknown player cannot develop into a world class player (a la Ronaldo at United) or even that a good player will not overturn his clubs fortunes and develop into a star player (a la Suarez at Liverpool).

A successful team is never just about one star man, it is a collective effort and a team built on great players with maybe one or two genuine world class players. If Liverpool can bring in a few great players who will improve the side then there is hope for the future and Suarez will have helped the club even in his departure.

If we cannot attract the biggest names in football then I feel we should be looking at proven Premier League players. Players who we see week in week out and players we KNOW can cut it in the league and have experience of playing in England. There are some wonderful players in the league who would definitely add something to the Liverpool side if they can be signed. Who would YOU like to see don the red shirt if Suarez was to leave? Would you be happy to let Suarez leave if it meant bringing in 3/4 new players?

The club will survive

Nobody ever wants to see their star player leave, remember when Torres left? Everybody assumed that would be the end of Liverpool, yet a new star came through the door, Suarez. Players come and players go, it is about appreciating them while they are at the club and hoping the team continue to improve and provide the platform these stars crave and if ultimately they feel they have done it all and are in search of a new challenge, then wave them goodbye hoping they leave with their head held high knowing they put their heart and soul into the club and leave in a respectable and class manner. We thank them for the memories and await the arrival of the next star.

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