Paying Homage: How to Save Money on Kit


With the recent unveiling of the new kit, it appears Liverpool FC are already gearing up for the year ahead. But although they are undoubtedly feeling positive about the 2013/14 season, they are also using the past as inspiration: basing the new strip on the one worn during the triumphant European cup final of 1984.

Although the kit doesn’t actually look all that similar – a thin white trim and stripey style being the only real giveaway – harking back to the glory days is always an effective tactic when it comes to motivating players.

For fans, looking back to previous years can also be a good thing. We’re all well aware of how expensive sports gear can be nowadays – if you’ve got a footie fanatic in the family you might already be under constant bombardment for the brand spanking new shirt – so what about a compromise?

If you’re thinking of splashing out on the 2013/14 apparel, try showing your support with one of the following moneys saving strategies instead…

Buy last year’s kit

This season might not have even ended yet, but stores are already reducing prices on the current strip. Although it might seem a bit late in the day to be buying it now (especially with all the aforementioned hoopla) if you took this perspective every year you’d probably end up spending rather a lot of money on slight variations. With clearance on all 2012/13 kits at Liverpool’s online store at the moment, it’d be well worth investing in a cheaper shirt while the sales last.

Look on trading websites

Whatever kind of gear you’re looking for, a great way to save money is to forgo the high street for online trading websites. Whether it’s Amazon or eBay, you’re likely to find an array of football themed clothing for a lot less than you’d pay from a regular store – in fact, an even better way to fund your fan ship is to sell your old ones too! That way, you’ll be able to afford the latest releases by using the money you’ve just earned from the sale.

Buy nostalgic kits

If you’re looking for a stylish and money saving way of supporting your team, take heed from the reds themselves and get your hands on the iconic kit from the 1984 cup final. Not only will it remind you of one of the club’s best ever successes, but with its retro appeal and eighties style, it will evoke real nostalgia. There are many online websites which sell old shirts, so just shop around and you’re bound to come across it for a reasonable price.

You might be inclined to shell out for the latest kit, but being a true supporter doesn’t necessarily mean spending over the odds. There are loads of ways you can save money on Liverpool FC clothing – start by shopping around!

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