5 Reasons to follow Man City vs Liverpool on FootyTwits


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1. Bored with traditional live score apps?

We’re bored of traditional live score apps and we know that you are too. It’s time we move on from boring “Yellow Card to Kolo Touré” comments to “Never a foul. The ref’s an idiot!”. It’s time we actually know what is going on in the match, as per the voice of the fan.


2. Forget stats. It’s about the (Yaya-Kolo) banter

Yes, there are heatmaps of everyone and their man about. And you’ll find them on FootyTwits too. But no-one cares about that during a match. It’s all about the banter – that’s what football is about!


3. Meet fellow Reds from around the world

Liverpool FC isn’t a big club. It is enormous. Millions of Liverpool fans from all over the world will be watching and commenting the match. Meet fellow Reds from the US, Australia, Malaysia, Uruguay, Indonesia or Nigeria. You name the country, Liverpool FC is everywhere.


4. Twitter access

FootyTwits integrates your Twitter timeline along with the Liverpool FC timeline. That means you can follow and reply to anyone you want, follow live scores, get easy access to past and future fixtures list and squad information. And never worry about switching apps. If you never got round to starting a Twitter account, this is the perfect excuse. Just sign in, select Liverpool FC and instantly read realtime tweets without even following anyone.


5. You’ll Never Watch Alone

With FootyTwits, you will never again watch a Liverpool match on your own. Watch fellow Reds cheer on Liverpool, cuss the referee and give their expert opinions on the match. Traditional live score apps are a thing of the past. FootyTwits is the next generation of live scores on your mobile!

Download FootyTwits: Twitter Meets Live Scores for Android

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