Brendan Rodgers unhappy with Sakho/Eto’o half-time shirt swap

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Brendan Rodgers reacted in a jovial, but unimpressed mood to being told that Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho swapped shirts with Chelsea‘s Samuel Eto’o at half-time in Sunday’s 2-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge.

French international Sakho and Eto’o swapped shirts, as did Philippe Coutinho and Oscar, when the Reds were trailing 2-1 to the home side at the break.

An early goal from Martin Skrtel to give Liverpool the lead had been turned around with goals from Eden Hazard and Eto’o.

Rodgers seemed unaware that two of his players had swapped shirts with their rivals whilst walking off the pitch at half-time, and was surprised when a journalist told him of the incident in his post-match press conference.

Surprised, Rodgers told the reporter, “Well one, I didn’t know that, and two, thanks for telling me because I don’t like that.”

Rodgers then confirmed it is something he will raise with Sakho, before being told that Coutinho also swapped shirts half-way through the game.

The idea to swap shirts so early appeared to show a lack of focus on the game that Sakho and Coutinho had to play for a further 45 minutes, and premature respect to Liverpool’s rivals.

It also prompted a bemused and angry response on Twitter:

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