Video: Howard Webb admits he got it wrong on Luis Suarez penalty vs. Arsenal

Remember this? Howard Webb got a few decisions badly wrong against Liverpool and Luis Suarez in the 2013/14 season and the former referee admits he should have awarded a penalty against Arsenal.

The incident happened in the FA Cup fifth round match at the Emirates in February 2014, with the score at 2-1.

“I made a poor decision in an FA Cup game between Arsenal and Liverpool,” said Webb on BT Sport. “[I] should’ve given Suarez a penalty, [Alex] Oxlade-Chamberlain came together, I just totally mis-read it.”

Watching the replay back, Webb says:”It just looked like they came together… It’s just a penalty isn’t it.”

“How can you not give that,” asks Robbie Savage.

“I’ve got a feeling quite quickly that I’ve got that wrong,” admits Webb.

Arsenal won the game 2-1, going on to win the FA Cup.

Two months earlier, Webb had failed to give an equally obvious penalty for Suarez, this time at Stamford Bridge when Samuel Eto’o blatantly barged him inside the box.

Webb went on to represent England at the World Cup that summer before retiring from the game, thankfully.

Former Liverpool forward Ryan Babel was once fined by the FA for posting an image on Twitter of Webb wearing a Man United jersey.