Video: Jurgen Klopp’s post-match press conference – Arsenal 3-4 Liverpool

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Watch Jurgen Klopp reflect on Liverpool’s opening league match victory at Arsenal on Sunday.

“Scoring four goals is wonderful, conceding three is the opposite of emotions,” said Klopp.

“We didn’t start well in the game. We were not really good, asked for the goal and we got it.

“A genius shot of Phil. I was really happy about having half-time because we could speak about everything. Our mistakes were so big it was so easy to talk about so we changed our way of defending and showed them where the spaces are.

“We came out and scored wonderful goals and then I made the big mistake and got involved in the celebrations.

“That will happen hopefully one or two times in my life but not so early in the game because it was the wrong sign for all of us, it felt for everyone in this moment like ‘that is it’.

“Then you look on the watch and see there is still half an hour to go and that is not too good. The crowd was a bit angry obviously and Arsenal fought back and showed character and scored the goals.”

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