“Money can’t buy class” – Fans react as video emerges showing Man City players singing controversial song

A video has emerged of Man City players appearing to sing the controversial version that mocks Liverpool’s ‘Allez Allez Allez’ song.

Liverpool lost out to City in the Premier League title race on Sunday, as a 4-1 win at Brighton earned Pep Guardiola’s side back-to-back titles.

The Reds were magnanimous in ‘defeat’, with both Jurgen Klopp and captain Jordan Henderson sending their congratulations to City.

The mutual respect doesn’t appear to have been reciprocated, however, as a video of the champions’ players has surfaced online.

The song, which refers to stricken Liverpool supporter Sean Cox with a line about fans being “battered in the streets”, appears to be being sung on a plane back from Brighton to Manchester on Sunday.

The song also references Mohamed Salah being injured by City captain Vincent Kompany, and a line on ‘victims of it all’ – which many deem to be a Hillsborough reference.

Here’s how Liverpool supporters reacted to the video online.




Perhaps City, who released a statement earlier on Tuesday denying FFP violations after it was claimed UEFA could ban them from European football, will provide an explanation in due course.

UPDATE: City have issues a statement, and gone full Donald Trump:

“The song in question, which has been a regular chant during the 2018-19 season, refers to the 2018 UEFA Champions League final in Kiev. Any suggestion that the lyrics relate to Sean Cox or the Hillsborough tragedy is entirely without foundation.”