Print and colour: Artwork to remember The 96

A beautiful way to remember the 96 on today’s 31st anniversary.

Liverpool supporter Lauren Deakin has created a poster to colour and display in windows on the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

Taking inspiration from the rainbows in support of the NHS that are in many windows around the country, the graphic designer has created artwork for people to print, colour and display in memory of the 96.

“I’ve created this poster for a cause which is close to my heart,” Deakin writes. “Richie Greaves, a close relative and survivor of Hillsborough, wanted something to remember the 96 who lost their lives on the 15th April 1989.

“This is something for both kids/adults to colour in and display in their windows to show that at this time they are not alone.”

Deakin asks that anyone who wishes makes a voluntary donation to the NHS if they can.

For a full A4 PDF of Lauren’s design, click here (version 1) and here (version 2).

Here are some examples of the artwork being coloured and printed:

Similarly, supporter Carrie Cavanagh has suggested placing the Hillsborough eternal flame in their window.

She writes: “This year will be harder for a lot of people, my dad included, who cannot make their annual pilgrimage to Anfield, or another memorial service. The only thing that brings them a small amount of solace on April 15th.

“We’ve seen the joy that the rainbows have spread, tomorrow I urge you to put a flame in the window as a sign of remembrance. Print one out, paint one, or put your scarf on display.
Stay home, stay safe, never forget.”

Plans for a final Anfield memorial service were, of course, postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

* For a full A4 PDF of Lauren’s design, click here (version 1) and here (version 2).

* To print the eternal flame, click here.