Do your lockdown home workout with Liverpool’s head of fitness

Andreas Kornmayer has been busy devising fitness programmes for the players during the extended break but this time he has one for everyone to follow from home.

Kornmayer, the Reds’ head of fitness and conditioning, joined from Bayern Munich in 2016 and has been key in making Liverpool an unrelenting physical machine.

But with the Premier League suspended until further notice and access to training grounds restricted, players have been provided individual training programmes to keep them ticking over.

He has been ever-present throughout Liverpool’s break as we have seen in the Zoom updates provided by the club, however, this time the German has led a session for the fans.

In the first episode of what Liverpool have coined ‘Home Workouts’, Kornmayer leads a short, sharp and easy to follow routine and it accounts for the fact that access to equipment at home limited, as all that is required is a ball.

The home workout focuses on your mobility and core, with clear demonstrations and instructions provided every step of the way.

The reps for any one exercise sits between 12 and 15, where each one can be done with “three to four sets in a row,” and Kornmayer’s advice was to “make sure you breathe properly and…that you have fun, that’s the most important thing.”

With many people stuck at home for the majority of the day, workouts like these could be the perfect way to exercise in short, sharp bursts and are ideal for the entire family.

With constant access to the cupboards and fridge, not to mention the copious amount of Easter eggs, this series is one which ideal to not only keep everyone moving but also offers the club and various staff members the perfect way to interact with fans worldwide.