Trent & Robbo take ‘mini trophy parade’ in first episode of their new TV show

The first episode of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson‘s new show Wingmen has gone live, with the Liverpool full-back pair taking in a mini trophy parade.

Within the tight-knit squad Jurgen Klopp has built at Anfield, there are few relationships closer than that of Trent and Robbo, who bounce off each other perfectly on and off the pitch.

So much so that they have been given their own TV show on Instagram, with episode one of Wingmen premiering on Thursday afternoon.

The pair drive around the Anfield area in Trent’s 4×4, although not before stopping off at the petrol station to fill up, with the right-back insisting on a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine who pays.

“People want to see competition,” was his excuse, and Robbo ended up being forced to head to the till.

Their tour took in some familiar sights, along with Trent’s childhood home in West Derby – which he still owns but admitted he didn’t have the keys for to show Robbo around – with the right-back reliving the trophy parade of 2005.

“When I was six, seven, when they won the Champions League in 2005, this was the route that they took,” he recalled.

“So it came literally down here. All our mates and everyone came to ours, there were people all on these walls, all in front of here, we were obviously on the walls, people in the windows, everything.

“That whole park was just full, there was a little party day in there. I’ll never forget it.”

It is a shame that the Liverpool supporters have so far been unable to experience the first Premier League trophy parade, but the hope is that it comes in the future – perhaps even to celebrate back-to-back titles.

The full-backs then took a trip to the Jordan Henderson mural on Sybil Road, which just happens to be opposite Trent’s own mural, which they took a selfie in front of.

On their way around, Robbo was told to ask who had the most embarrassing dance moves at Liverpool’s title party, and there was clearly no need to even argue, as they both agreed it was Klopp himself.

Trent joked that there is still an “open investigation” over who leaked the footage of the manager, with Robbo labelling it “the ultimate dad dance.”

Put a camera in front of a lot of footballers and the results can be bland and formulaic, but the first episode of Wingmen set up the series as a highly watchable one from Trent and Robbo.