Kostas ‘lerns’ Scouse, Fowler’s singalong & Milner’s classic Christmas gift

Liverpool’s squad took to social media on Christmas day to wish fans and followers a happy time of year, with their pictures being a brilliant mix of the family and the funny!

While it’s usually all about training and preparing for a match the next day for Premier League players, there’s always a bit of time for celebrations and get-togethers too.

Especially for those with little ones or still living near enough to home!

It was great then to see the festive spirit in full force among the Reds, many of whom sent well-wishes to each other…or took the chance to have a sneaky dig in the comments!

Kicking things off was the king of Twitter himself, with a perfectly boring gift the highlight of James Milner‘s day!

Not a current player, but Robbie Fowler getting his singing voice in tune couldn’t be left out – not sure he’ll be on MTV any time soon though!


Plenty of the current squad joined their families and loved ones on the big day – we hope they all had a great time of course, even if they didn’t get to eat as many Christmas puddings/mince pies/26 different boxes of miniature chocolates as we did.

Maybe the best present of the day went to our Greek Scouser Kostas Tsimikas, who has clearly been handed one of the all-time greatest books in history: Lern Yerself Scouse!

For the uninitiated, this has been around for decades and is an invaluable addition to any bookshelf.

Big Virg is among those to already be back in action with the squad after a recent bout of Covid and judging by his video on Instagram, the best present he got this year was a negative test and getting to put his boots back on!

One or two of these at the King Power wouldn’t go amiss…

Hendo and Diogo were among those to get all festive with the decorations and dressing up – which Red had the most dodgy Christmas jumper this year, do we reckon?!

And finally, the award for the best message definitely goes to our No8, who got himself a personalised mash-up of his signature sign-off and lovely Spanish seasonal greeting: FELIZ NABY LAD!

This magic team have given us plenty of memories across 2021 and there are hopefully lots more to come in the year ahead.

There’s one more game left before the new year though, so let’s have the squad healthy and happy and smashing six past Leicester in a couple of days!