2GE9PH9 Artist Paul Curtis paints a mural of Anne Williams, the mother of Hillsborough victim Kevin Williams, on a building in the Anfield area of Liverpool. Picture date: Wednesday August 18, 2021.

Liverpool fans back call for ‘Hillsborough Law Now’ – “Everyone should support this”

Liverpool fans have backed calls for the introduction of a Hillsborough Law, led by Labour MPs and officials, that would rebalance the scales of justice in the UK.

Friday afternoon saw Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, and Steve Rotherham, Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, lead a live event in support of the ‘Hillsborough Law Now’ campaign.

This comes in the aftermath of the recent ITV documentary Anne, which brought the wider impact of the Hillsborough tragedy back to the fore.

The Hillsborough Law would see the following written into UK law:

  • A requirement that the evidence and findings of major inquests must be taken fully into account at any subsequent criminal trials
  • Clarification in law that major inquiries commissioned by government or other official bodies constitute “courses of public justice”
  • A requirement that any criminal trials following a major inquest take place in a court with relevant expertise and status rather than a crown court

Speakers at the event on Friday included Hillsborough campaigner Margaret Aspinall, whose son James lost his life in the disaster in 1989, and Bishop James Jones.

It was Bishop Jones who published a report, ‘The Patronising Disposition of Unaccountable Power’, in 2017, reviewing the experiences of Hillsborough families at the hands of the justice system, which has fuelled calls for reform.

And while the event took place, many football fans took to social media in support of the Hillsborough Law Now movement:



Justice for the 97. Hillsborough Law Now.