Liverpool fans explain “dangerous” policing at Benfica

Liverpool fans in Libson have documented the dangerous policing tactics at the Reds’ match against Benfica that led to many missing the kick-off at the Estadio da Luz.

After being aggressively searched by stewards outside, fans were then held back in small pens almost like cages before being able to enter the stadium.

The police held fans back from entering the stadium in sections before closing the walkway to crossing Benfica fans. Each time this was done, it created a dangerous build-up of Liverpool fans, especially near kick-off.

Indeed, many missed the start of the match and the away end was only around 60 per cent full at kick-off.

When fans did enter, this then created a build-up in the lower areas.

This kind of policing is sadly commonplace for supporters attending European fixtures, particularly in Spain, Italy and Portugal, yet little to nothing has been done by the authorities to change it.

The whole experience has been widely documented on social media, with some questioning whether such treatment makes it worthwhile:

Afterwards, there was the usual European lock-in, with fans kept in the stands for almost an hour, before being marched by riot police to the Metro then put onto trains heading in one direction and stopping at one station.

Some fans who had hotels near the stadium still had to take those trains away from the stadium, then find taxis back to where they started.

We have asked Liverpool FC for comment.