Man United issue ‘indefinite’ ban to fan who wore shirt mocking Hillsborough

Following his four-year ban from regulation football games in court, Man United have suspended James White from all club activities indefinitely.

White, 33, pleaded guilty in court on Monday following his arrest at the FA Cup final for wearing a vile Man United shirt mocking the Hillsborough tragedy.

The United supporter was pictured with the words ‘not enough’ and the number 97 printed on the back of his shirt at Wembley, which led to him being detained later that day.

According to reports, White – who has previous convictions but none relating to football – was seen smiling as he was sentenced to a four-year ban from football and fines amounting to £1,485.

It led to calls for further sanctions among supporters, and Man United issued a statement later on Monday, confirming an “indefinite” banning order.

The ban extends to “all club activities including all matches at Old Trafford,” with the club describing his actions as “despicable.”

Their statement reads: “Mockery of Hillsborough and other football tragedies is completely unacceptable and the club will continue to support firm action to eradicate it from the game.”

Liverpool responded on Twitter, writing that “the mocking of football tragedies has to stop” as the club “stands together” with Man United.

It comes after the FA labelled White’s actions “reprehensible,” adding that “abuse that references Hillsborough or any football tragedy will not be tolerated at Wembley Stadium.”

“We hope that today’s ruling sends a strong message that action will be taken against any perpetrators who behave in this way,” their statement continued.

The term “indefinite” is a decidedly vague one, with Man United stopping short of banning White from all club activities for life.

While the Manchester club should be applauded their stand against abuse of Hillsborough, there is a sense that if the ban were to eventually be lifted, it would not send the same message.