“These things aren’t trivial” – Fans back Liverpool’s stand against “critical” referee failures

Liverpool asking for simple integrity, transparency and positive change for the game has resulted in some utterly bizarre tribal responses, but Reds continue to speak sense.

The roadblock to change is always fighting amongst ourselves and allowing the governing body to sit back and deflect, slipping out the side door as others point the finger in the wrong direction.

Liverpool’s statement in response to the “significant human error” that occurred when VAR failed to intervene to award Luis Diaz‘s goal was strong, to the point and made everyone take notice.

But in response we have seen some bizarre replies from fans of other clubs and journalists alike that fail to acknowledge this is not a Liverpool whinge, it is a Premier League-wide issue.

We are all sick of refereeing failures and change will only occur if fought for, if the PGMOL are held to higher standards than what is currently deemed acceptable.

Some appear to accept a statement of fault as the end of the story, but these fans were glad to see the club make a strong stance and made plenty of brilliant points in response…


This is about more than incompetency…


And there are changes that can and should be made…

“This is pretty significant. Basically, the club do not accept that this was human error, but more importantly are not prepared to tolerate this being brushed under the carpet and demand that any review is fully transparent.

However, the comment that “given the clear need for escalation and resolution” is something all premier league clubs need to get behind and demand changes, we cannot continue like this.” – Dale in TIA comments.

‘In the meantime, we will explore the range of options available, given the clear need for escalation and resolution.’

“Pleased to see this, last year when the locals received an apology they accepted it with good grace and tried to be diplomatic, all they got were two more apologies, for me it’s about time the clubs told Webb and the PGMOL where to go. Everyone can make mistakes but when someone (the linesman) makes a mistake and then the bloke who is there to spot that mistake doesn’t, and neither does his assistant, then I think THREE people can’t all make the same mistake without some sort of comeback.” – Brighton Red in TIA comments