From 1892 to 2023 – 26 incredible Liverpool FC squad photos

Over the course of 131 years, Liverpool Football Club has evolved beyond recognition and a look back on squads throughout the decades shows just that. Here’s a snapshot of Liverpool’s history.

There’s something unique and satisfying about vintage photographs, a snapshot in time preserved for future generations.

For football clubs, squad photos offer the perfect opportunity to enshrine a moment into history.

As you’ll see from the images below, there is some room for artistic direction.

You’ll also find there’s an apparent time for when arms crossed transitioned to hands behind the back or on the knees, a pose we’ll all remember from our school days.

From Tom Watson, Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley, to Billy Liddell, Ron Yeats, Steven Gerrard and Virgil van Dijk, these squad photos over the decades are simply incredible to look at…



Liverpool team group, 1892: (back row of directors, l-r) J Dermott, B Bailey, S Cooper, FC Howarth, A Nisbet, H Cooper, C Gibson, HP Ellis, L Crosthwaite (middle row of players, l-r) John McCartney, Matt McQueen, captain Andrew Hannah, goalkeeper Billy McOwen, Duncan McLean, Douglas Dick, David Henderson, trainer F Whiteway (front row, l-r) Patrick Gordon, Malcolm McVean, Joe McQue, Jim McBride, John McKenna, President John Houlding, J Ramsay, Harry Bradshaw, Jimmy Stott, Hugh McQueen - EMPICS/EMPICS Sport

Back row (directors) l-r: John Dermott, Benjamin Bailey, Sidney Cooper, Thomas C Howarth, Alexander Nisbet, H Cooper, C Gibson, HP Ellis, L Crosthwaite.

Middle row (players): John McCartney, Matt McQueen, Andrew Hannah, Billy McOwen, Duncan McLean, Douglas Dick, David Henderson, trainer F Whiteway.

Front row: Gordon, McVean, McQue, McBride, John McKenna, John Houlding (president), J Ramsay, Bradshaw, Stott, McQueen.



Liverpool FC squad photo season 1900/01 - 1900s

Back row: Ottey, Glover, McGuigan, Foster, John. Hunter, T. Hunter, Howell.

Middle row: Soulsby, Wilson, Raybould, Robertson, Perkins, Goldie, Parry, J Chapman (Trainer).

Front row: Walker, Morris, Raisbeck, Cox, Dunlop



Liverpool FC squad photo season 1904/05 - 1900s]

Back row: W. Connell (Trainer), Parry, Murray, Platt, Doig, Dunlop, Wilson, C. Evans.

Middle row: Fleming, Lathom, Raisbeck, Hughes, Chorlton, Cox, Watson (Manager).

Front row: Carlin, Raybould, Parkinson.

On the ground: Goddard, Robinson, Morris, Hewitt, Garside



BH54WY Liverpool 1905, team photo of the Football League Champions at the start of the following season. Image shot 1905. Exact date unknown. Liverpool FC squad photo season 1905/06 - 1900s

Back row: W. Connell (Trainer), Hewitt, Wilson, Hardy, Parry, Doig, Dunlop, Hardy.

Middle row: Robinson, Gorman, Murray, Hughes, Raisbeck, Cox, Fleming, Raybould, West

On the ground: Goddard, Latham, Carlin



Back row: Hardy, Griffiths, Parry, Blanthorne, Wilson, Saul, Bradley.

Middle row: W. Connell (Trainer), Raybould, Raisbeck, Hewitt, Hughes, Gorman, Robinson, Dunlop, ?, Doig.

Front row: Lathom, Chorlton, Carlin, Parkinson.



K07W72 Liverpool FC football team 1908-1909. Liverpool FC squad photo season 1908/09 - 1900s

Back row: Goddard, Grantham, Bradley, Hewitt, E. Hughes, Lathom, Harrop.

Middle row: W. Connell (Trainer), Hardy, Robinson, Saul, Parry, Sloan, Parkinson, Rogers, Fleming (Trainer).

Front row: Allman, F. Smith, Griffin, Dunlop, Raisbeck, Goode, Hughes, Orr, West.

On the ground: Chorlton, Peake, Bowyer.



Liverpool FC squad photo, 1913 - 1910s (Image: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo)

Back row: Speakman, ?, Pursell, Peake, Miller, Crawford, Ferguson

Middle row: George Patterson (Manager), Lowe, MacKinlay, J. Scott, E. Scott, Campbell, Longworth, Wadsworth, ?, W. Connell (Trainer).

Front row: Fairfoul, Goddard, Metcalf, Parkinson, Gracie, Stewart, Lacey, Bovill

On the ground: ?, ?, Dawson



Liverpool team group: (back row, l-r) Dick Johnson, Tom Miller, Willie Cunningham, Jim Penman, Peter McKinney, Billy Lacey  (third row, l-r) Trainer W Connell, Dick Forshaw, Harry Chambers, Elisha Scott, Harold McNaughton, Jock McNab, Billy Matthews, George Patterson  (second row, l-r) Manager David Ashworth, Jackie Sheldon, Jack Bamber, Tommy Lucas, Ephraim Longworth, Donald McKinlay, Tom Bromilow, Bert Pearson, Secretary  (front row, l-r) Jones, Bill Jenkinson, Lancashire Cup, Liverpool Cup, Harry Lewis, Walter Wadsworth. Liverpool FC squad photo season 1921 - 1920s. ( EMPICS/EMPICS Sport)

Back row: Johnson, Miller, Cunningham, Penman, McKinney, Lacey.

Middle row: W. Connell (Trainer), Forshaw, Chambers, Scott, McNaughton, McNab, Matthews, George Patterson (Secretary).

Front row: David Ashworth (Manager), Sheldon, Bamber, Lucas, Longworth, MacKinlay, Bromilow, Pearson.

On the ground: Jones, Jenkinson, Lewis, Wadsworth.



Liverpool FC squad photo 1922/23 - 1920s



K07W70 Liverpool FC football team 1924-1925. Liverpool FC squad photo season 1924/25 - 1920s

Back row: Lawson, Rogers, Pratt, Chambers, Longworth.

Second row: Joe Hewitt (Trainer), Gilhespy, McDevitt, Shears, Scott, ?, Shone, Walsh, W. Connell (Trainer).

Third row: Patterson (Secretary), Chalmers, Findlay, Keetley, T. Malone, Cockburn, Johnson, Wadsworth, Forshaw, McQueen (Manager).

Front row: Brown, Parry, Rawlings, McKinlay, Hopkin, McNab, Lucas, Bromilow.



(Please credit within piece: The Bromilow family) Gordon Hodgson, Elisha Scott and Tom Bromilow, Liverpool squad photo 1928/29

*Image courtesy of the Bromilow family

Back row: Board member, Fred Hopkin, Whitehurst, Hodgson, Wilson (Trainer), Scott, McDougall, Millar, board member.

Front row: Davidson, Edmed, Jackson, MacKinlay, Morrison



Liverpool FC squad photo 1929/30 - 1920s

Back row: Done, Bromilow, ?, ?, Scott, Norman Leslie James, McDougall.

Second row: ?, Lucas, Murray, ?, Barton, ?, Gardner, Thompson, ?.

Third row: Wilson (Trainer), ?, Scott, Riley, Aitken, ?, Hewitt (Trainer), Longworth (Trainer).

Front row: Edmed, Hodgson, ?, Jackson, ?, Hopkin, Morrison.



Liverpool team group: (back row, l-r) Gordon Hodgson, Tom Morrison, Willie Steel, Elisha Scott, Arthur Riley, Archie McPherson, Dave Wright, Gordon Gunson (front row, l-r) Manager George Patterson, Harold Barton, James Jackson, Tom Bradshaw, Jimmy McDougal, Ted Crawford, trainer C Wilson Liverpool FC squad photo season 1931/32 - 1930s

Back row: Hodgson, Morrison, Steel, Scott, Riley, McPherson, Wright, Gunson.

Front row: Patterson (Secretary/Manager), Barton, Jackson, Bradshaw, McDougal, Crawford, Wilson (Trainer).



K07W1M Liverpool FC squad photo season 1935/36 - 1930s



(top row l-r) John Molyneaux, John Wheeler, Tom Younger, Laurie Hughes, John Moran and DOn Campbell. (front row l-r) Brian Jackson, Tony Rowley, Billy Liddell, John Evans and Alan A'Court.

Back row: Molyneux, Wheeler, Younger, Hughes, Moran, Campbell.

Front row: Jackson, Rowley, Liddell, Evans, A’Court.



Liverpool FC squad photo season 1962/63 - 1960s: (back row, l-r) Phil Ferns, Gordon Milne, Wilf Stevenson, Tommy Lawrence, Ronnie Moran, Jim Furnell, Alan A'Court, Chris Lawler, Gerry Byrne; (front row, l-r) Alf Arrowsmith, Gordon Wallace, Ian Callaghan, Roger Hunt, Ron Yeats, Ian St John, Jimmy Melia, ?



League champions Liverpool pose with the trophy: (back row, l-r) Gordon Milne, Gerry Byrne, Tommy Lawrence, Ronnie Moran, Wilf Stevenson, trainer Bob Paisley; (front row, l-r) trainer Reuben Bennett, Ian Callaghan, Roger Hunt, Ian St John, ?, Ron Yeats, Alf Arrowsmith, Peter Thompson, manager Bill Shankly. 12 August 1964.  Liverpool FC squad photo season 1964/65 - 1960s ( PA Photos/PA Archive/PA Images)

Back row: Milne, Byrne, Lawrence, Moran, Stevenson, Paisley

Front row: Bennett (Trainer), Callaghan, Hunt, St John, T.V. Williams (Chairman), Yeats, Arrowsmith, Thompson, Shankly (Manager)



Liverpool FC squad photo 1965 - 1960s: (back row, l-r) Gordon Milne, Gerry Byrne, Tommy Lawrence, Ron Yeats, Chris Lawler, Wilf Stevenson; (front row, l-r) Ian Callaghan, Roger Hunt, Ian St John, Tommy Smith, Peter Thompson (PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo)

Back row: Milne, Byrne, Lawrence, Yeats, Lawler, Stevenson.

Front row: Callaghan, Hunt, St John, Smith, Thompson.



Liverpool FC squad photo season 1969/70 - 1960s: (back row, l-r) Geoff Strong, Gerry Byrne, Chris Lawler, Tommy Lawrence, Ray Clemence, Larry Lloyd, Ian Ross, Alec Lindsay; (front row, l-r) Ian Callaghan, Alun Evans, Roger Hunt, Tommy Smith, Ron Yeats, Emlyn Hughes, Ian St John, Peter Thompson, Bobby Graham (Picture by PA Photos PA Archive/PA Images)



2BAEKY8 Liverpool first team squad: (back row, l-r) Peter Thompson, Alec Lindsay, Ray Clemence, Tommy Lawrence, Chris Lawler, Ian Ross; (middle row, l-r) Alun Evans, John McLaughlin, Larry Lloyd, John Toshack, Steve Heighway, Phil Boersma, Brian Hall; (front row, l-r) Bobby Graham, Emlyn Hughes, Ron Yeats, manager Bill Shankly, Tommy Smith, Ian Callaghan, coach Bob Paisley. Liverpool FC squad photo season 1970/71 - 1970s

Back row: Thompson, Lindsay, Clemence, Lawrence, Lawler, Ross.

Middle row: Evans, Mclaughlin, Lloyd, Toshack, Heighway, Boersma, Hall.

Front row: Graham, Hughes, Yeats, Shankly (Manager), Smith, Callaghan, Paisley



2BKG5EY Liverpool FC Team Photo Season 1973-1974. Liverpool FC squad photo season 1973/74 - 1970s

Back row: Toshack, Clemence, Lane, Lindsay, Keegan.

Middle row: Lawler, Heighway, Boersma, Lloyd, Thompson, Storton, Cormack.

Front row: Callaghan, Hughes, Shankly (Manager), Smith, Hall.



GAP72K Soccer - Football League Division One - Liverpool Photocall. Liverpool first team squad: (back row, l-r) Chris Lawler, Phil Boersma, Larry Lloyd, Ray Clemence, Frank Lane, John Toshack, Ray Kennedy, Phil Thompson; (front row, l-r) Brian Hall, Alec Lindsay, Ian Callaghan, Tommy Smith, manager Bill Shankly, Emlyn Hughes, Steve Heighway, Peter Cormack, Kevin Keegan. Liverpool FC squad photo season 1974/75 - 1970s

Back row: Lawler, Boersma, Lloyd, Clemence, Lane, Toshack, Kennedy, Thompson.

Front row: Hall, Lindsay, Callaghan, Smith, Shankly (Manager), Hughes, Heighway, Cormack, Keegan.



Liverpool FC squad photo season 1977/78 - 1970s

Back row: Jones, Thompson, Clemence, Hansen, Toshack.

Middle row: Fagan, Lindsay, Fairclough, Kennedy, Johnson, Neal, Moran.

Front row: Case, Callaghan, Smith, Paisley (Manager), Hughes, Heighway, McDermott.



Liverpool FC squad photo season 1990/91 - 1990s



2C4J3B9 Liverpool Football Club Team Photo 2007/08. Liverpool FC squad photo season 2007/08 - 2000s

Back row: McDonough (technical analyst), Carter (kit manager), Valero (goalkeeping coach), Leto, Agger, Itandje, Reina, Martin, Arbeloa, Babel, Price (senior physiotherapist), Salinas (Physiotherapist).

Middle row: Vales (reserve coach), Waller (doctor), Morgan (physio), Aurelio, Leiva, Kuyt, Torres, Voronin, Mascherano, Benayoun, Miller (First team coach), Waller (masseur), De Miguel (fitness coach).

Front row: Kewell, Pennant, Finnan, Alonso, Gerrard, Benitez (Manager), Carragher, Hyypia, Sissoko, Riise, Crouch.



The official Liverpool squad for the 23/24 season pose for the squad shot at AXA Training Centre on September 23, 2023 in Kirkby, England. Back Row: John Achterberg (Goalkeeping Coach), Ryan Gravenberch, Jarrell Quansah, Ibrahima Konate, Caoimhin Kelleher, Alisson Becker, Adrian, Joel Matip, Cody Gakpo, Joe Gomez, Claudio Taffarel (Goalkeeping Coach). Middle Row: Jonathan Power (Doctor), Jack Robinson (Assistant Goalkeeping Coach), Peter Krawietz (Assistant Manager), Alexis Mac Allister, Wataru Endo, Conor Bradley, Stefan Bajcetic, Dominik Szoboszlai, Curtis Jones, Ben Doak, Pepijn Lijnders (Assistant Manager), Vitor Matos (Elite Development Coach). Front Row: Harvey Elliott, Kostas Tsimikas, Darwin Nunez, Mohamed Salah,Virgil Van Dijk (Captain), Jurgen Klopp (Team Manager) Trent Alexander-Arnold (Vice Captain), Andy Robertson, Luis Diaz, Diogo Jota, Thiago Alcantara. (Photo by Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

Back row: Achterberg (goalkeeping coach), Gravenberch, Quansah, Konate, Kelleher, Alisson, Adrian, Matip, Gakpo, Gomez, Taffarel (goalkeeping coach).

Middle row: Power (doctor), Robinson (assistant goalkeeping coach), Krawietz (assistant manager), Mac Allister, Endo, Bradley, Bajcetic, Szoboszlai, Jones, Doak, Lijnders (assistant manager), Matos (elite development coach).

Front row: Elliott, Tsimikas, Nunez, Salah, Van Dijk, Klopp (Manager), Alexander-Arnold, Robertson, Diaz, Jota, Thiago.

Incredible, right?