‘I LOVE playing at 12.30’ – Jurgen Klopp offers brilliant sarcasm on early kickoff question

Jurgen Klopp is not a fan of an early kick-off – and the manager had some brilliant sarcasm for us after he was again asked about the early start.

Yes, Klopp really did say, “I love playing at 12.30,” and yes, it was certainly dripping in sarcasm. In fact, it was bathing in it.

The Liverpool manager has consistently spoken out against the early start when it is scheduled for a week like this, when his squad were reunited less than two days before kick-off.

Klopp is not naive to the headlines that his answers will create, and knowing a solution is not on the agenda, irrespective of his sensible arguments, he resisted the trap this time around.

And by the end of his answer, he had a new-found love for a 12.30pm kick-off (read: sarcasm).

“My English isn’t good enough to make sure you all understand it, so why should I waste my time? Or your time?” Klopp quipped back when asked for more thoughts on the early Saturday start.

“Not 12.30, but the general schedule.

“Thomas Tuchel had an interesting [comment]. He explained completely calm why it’s difficult to be a high quality footballer with the national team and stuff like this.

“And the German newspaper made [a headline], ‘Tuchel had a rant’. I watched it and thought, ‘that’s a rant’? That’s a difficult world, he was completely calm.

“So try to get a translation of that, then you know about the schedule, and they have less games than we have in England!

“Nobody wants to hear it. You don’t want to hear it, nobody wants to hear it or my explanation. I tried a couple of times, whatever I say, you always say ‘but is that much difference’?

“I’m a bit tired of that.”

And then comes his parting gift, declaring: “I love playing at 12.30, that’s my new attitude!”

A bit of sarcasm never hurt, and Klopp nailed his delivery with this one!

Liverpool’s game at Man City on Saturday kicks off at 12.30pm due to police concerns enforcing the earlier kick off time.