The story of viral new Luis Diaz song – which made it to Colombian TV!

Liverpool musician Andy Hodgson has released LUCHO, a tribute to Luis Diaz, and even Colombian television has picked it up.

The Kop has had some great songs for Liverpool players in recent years, but Hodgson thinks it is time for a new one.

The Anfield-raised singer has been playing his tribute to Diaz, to the tune of Bella Ciao, for months now and, thanks to the help of The Ragamuffins, the song is out on Spotify and all streaming platforms for you to play.

The tune is a passionate salute to Liverpool’s Colombian, paying homage to his home town of Barrancas, something that has taken on extra significance since the kidnapping and subsequent release of his father.

Hodgson explained to This Is Anfield how the song came about. Unlike Allez Allez Allez, made viral by Jamie Webster, or Si Senor from The Ragamuffins, LUCHO is a song Hodgson can call his own.

“I play at Taggy’s every home matchday now,” the singer began.

“There’s these group of guys who I got talking to, and they come and see me every home game. One of the lads came up to me and said he had this Luis Diaz song to the tune of Bella Ciao.

“I was writing a Luis Diaz song in the tune of Bella Ciao as well, so I already had stuff down.”

The song quickly took off with the regulars and has since been heard at the back of The Kop, though is yet to ring around the whole stadium yet.

Hodgson continued: “I got a video of it and I just put it up. I’d only really just started TikTok and all that, I didn’t really know.

“I just put it up there as like a little thing that I did and the thing just went viral. Everyone just sort of jumped on it and started sharing it and yeah, me head was just battered after that!”

Even stadium announcer George Sephton has played the song, shortly before kick-off against Everton in October.

Hodgson described how that felt, saying: “I was working, I couldn’t make that game.

“So, I played Taggy’s and I went home to watch it before I had to go back out again. And I was just sitting there talking and they were just doing interviews on the tele by the pitch.

“And I just picked it up, I heard the song playing in the ground on the tele and I was just like, I was gonna say f*******ll!”

As well as Liverpool supporters, Colombian outlet Red+Noticias noticed the song and shared This Is Anfield’s viral video of the tune on their broadcast.

LUCHO was produced by David John Jaggs of The Ragamuffins and was released by Andy Hodgson on Friday, November 24, 2023.

You can listen to LUCHO on Spotify here or follow Andy Hodgson for alternative links here.