The reason behind Harvey Elliott’s unique new Liverpool goal celebration

You may have wondered what Harvey Elliott‘s celebration after his goal at Crystal Palace was all about, and Ibrahima Konate could shed a little light for us all.

The 20-year-old scored his first legitimate goal of the season at Palace, securing another valuable comeback win – and his passion for superbly putting his team ahead was there for all to see.

Elliott wasted no time in making his way over to the away supporters after finding the net in the 91st minute, with a knee slide and then an embrace by his team-mates.

But when the dust settled and he had space to himself, he unleashed another celebration in a nod to Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z.

Ibrahima Konate kindly depicted the scene for us, showing the Kamehameha move from the TV series, which Elliott used as inspiration for his celebration.

The Kamehameha move is the most widely used finishing attack in the anime series and is the signature technique of Goku, one of the main characters.

It is formed when cupped hands are drawn and concentrated into a single point, as you can see Elliott doing, and then the hands are thrust forward to shoot out a powerful beam of energy.

There are many variations of the move and we certainly enjoyed Elliott’s at Selhurst Park and, clearly, so did Konate.

Liverpool’s No. 5 is a big anime fan and has celebrated with moves on the pitch himself, and he regularly posts moves from various series on social media after a Liverpool win.

The two have clearly bonded over it and we will hope to see more throughout the season from both Konate and Elliott – the former has yet to open his account this campaign.