Fans laugh off Alan Shearer’s “salty” commentary as “4 or 5 up” claim backfires

Liverpool fans had a theory as to why Alan Shearer seemed to favour Arsenal in his commentary during Sunday’s win, claiming they should be “four or five up.”

It was an admittedly poor start from Liverpool, but Arsenal were the masters of their own undoing as they missed chance after chance – or failed to find the last pass altogether.

With the likes of Bukayo Saka and Kai Havertz misfiring, the two sides went in at the break at 0-0, allowing Jurgen Klopp the time to change the game.

But according to Shearer, in his role as commentator for BBC Sport, Arsenal “should have been four or five up” at half-time, with a strange bias coming through.

This was picked up on by a number of Liverpool supporters on social media, with many pointing out Shearer’s reaction to the penalty won by Diogo Jota in Monday’s 4-2 win over Newcastle.

The Newcastle legend labelled Jota “fucking embarrassing” for going down under contact from Martin Dubravka, and there was a sense he was still reeling almost a week later.

Such is the partisan, reactionary nature of mainstream football analysis, it is rare that a game goes by without a pundit or commentator being called out for bias.

A measured take would have been that Liverpool were fortunate to go into half-time without conceding, but that Arsenal themselves were wasteful in both their finishing and chance creation too.

Still, the Reds had the last laugh – just like they did at Anfield on New Year’s Day!