Jurgen Klopp hits back at journalist’s Mo Salah claim – ‘Ask themselves about loyalty’

Jurgen Klopp ensured there were no doubts about his feelings over the lingering talk of Mohamed Salah‘s commitment as he hit back at a journalist’s line of questioning.

Salah is back on Merseyside undergoing treatment for the hamstring injury sustained at the Africa Cup of Nations, a recovery plan agreed upon by Liverpool and Egypt.

It gives the 31-year-old the best opportunity to lead his country once more should they make it to the competition’s final – though, that has not stopped questions and scrutiny coming Salah and Klopp’s way.

Salah has seen his commitment questioned while Klopp was somewhat reprimanded by Egypt manager Rui Vitoria for discussing the winger’s treatment at what he felt was an inopportune moment.

When presented with both these ‘talking points’ by beINSPORTS journalist Ibrahim Khadra after the match at Fulham, Klopp was quick to come to Salah’s defence.

“I cannot be part of that discussion, Egypt and Liverpool have exactly the same interest, we want Mo Salah fit as quick as possible,” Klopp insisted.

“If he stays there and they can’t do the proper treatment, it will just delay everything, especially for Egypt if they go through the tournament.

“We bring him here, not because we want to take him away from Egypt [but] to offer the best medical treatment, it’s all we want.

“It’s all agreed. If Egypt goes to the final, it was always clear if he’s fit, Mo goes back, 100 percent. Mo wants that, we want that.

“We don’t plan with Mo and think we can do a little bit here or there, we are completely honest.

“If I said something too early, what I said, I didn’t announce it, I said ‘I think it’s agreed (that Salah returns to England). That’s what I heard.

“I have so many things to do and so many things going on around me. The rest some people make of it and if somebody questions the loyalty of Mo Salah, he should ask himself if his loyalty is right.

Mo Salah is the most loyal Egyptian I definitely ever met in my life.”

It all feels like a bit of a storm in a teacup, doesn’t it.