Kelleher’s saving grace & ANOTHER counter wasted! – 4 things fans spotted

Sunday is not a day we can look back at too fondly, but there was a saving grace at Old Trafford and plenty of lessons to learn for the second time!

Asking for a friend, is there any way we can never play this fixture again?

In two visits to Man United in the space of three weeks, Jurgen Klopp‘s side managed a combined 53 shots and yet scored only five times and left with a defeat and a draw.

Liverpool are their own worst enemy, and Old Trafford continues to be a place of trauma despite the obvious gap between the two teams.

And after the draw, which feels like a defeat, a number of crucial moments came to the fore across social media…


At least Kelleher didn’t touch it…

It was a bad mistake from Jarell Quansah – but he is not to blame as Bruno Fernandes’ goal ought to have merely been a consolation by that stage and not an equaliser.

Nevertheless, we can be thankful that Caoimhin Kelleher‘s desperate attempts to redirect the ball came to nothing as he would have been shown a red card for handling outside his penalty area.

That would have seen Adrian come on and the Irishman miss the visit of Crystal Palace – one saving grace from this match!


Can’t finish a 5-v-2…again!

You could be fooled into thinking this screenshot was from the FA Cup meeting, unfortunately, that is not the case.

At least we got closer to a shot this time, but Liverpool’s ruthlessness on the counter-attack is nothing like it used to be, and we’ve paid the price more times than we would like to count this season.

Diogo Jota is a player who is being held in higher regard with every passing game and he’s not played in the last 11!


Record shots, 4 points dropped

The graphic speaks for itself. Sixty-two, yes 62!, shots across two league games against Man United and yet Liverpool only have two goals and two points to show for it.

You don’t take your chances and this is what happens. One can only hope the lesson finally sinks in for the remaining games!


Some positivity…

Behind Arsenal only on goal difference and a point ahead of Man City is a position many would have agreed to with seven games left at the start of the campaign.

Liverpool have been their own worst enemy and could have distanced themselves from the other two, but there are still plenty of twists and turns to be had – we’re still in this race.

Let’s not forget we’re in contention for the title despite an absurd number of injuries and the biggest VAR controversy. It’s far from over.