Explained: The real reason why Jurgen Klopp was spotted alone at Anfield

Jurgen Klopp was spotted taking in the sights of Anfield by himself on Tuesday, but the real reason for his visit has now been explained.

We’re into the final week of Klopp’s tenure at Liverpool – it is hard to believe we’re at this point already!

The tribute and farewells are well and truly in motion, and that was the case late on Tuesday.

The manager was spotted standing in the centre circle at Anfield and on the Kop by himself, leaving many on social media to speculate he was saying a private goodbye.

In actual fact, Klopp was at the ground for an event with the club’s staff as they looked to thank him for all he has done after spending close to nine years on Merseyside.

His full collection of trophies were proudly put on display, all six of them, and a Q&A also took place as Klopp and the club’s staff mutually thanked one another for the journey they’ve been on.

The event was described as “emotional” and “an absolute privilege” on social media by some of those who attended – it will be a memory that stays with them, and they’ll have plenty of group photos to look back on too.

Liverpool’s VP of communications, Craig Evans, penned on X: “Emotional afternoon at Anfield today. Jurgen doing what Jurgen does.

“A staff event for us to thank him with a team photo and Q&A – and Jurgen somehow turns it into an event to thank all club staff from him. What an amazing human being.”

It will be one of many touching goodbyes for Klopp, who is anticipating a very emotional weekend when he says goodbye to a full-capacity Anfield after the final game against Wolves.

He spoke to the BBC about the fans after the draw at Villa: “I have no doubt about our relationship. I appreciate that a lot.

“I can’t yet put it really into words because I have to protect myself a little bit. The emotions will come out.”

You won’t be the only one in tears, Jurgen!