Jurgen Klopp has finally launched his own Instagram account!

Jurgen Klopp has (at least publicly) avoided social media throughout his eight-and-a-half years at Liverpool, but he has now launched his own Instagram.

Throughout his time at Liverpool, Klopp has made it clear he does not understand why players and fans use social media.

Ahead of his departure from the role of Liverpool manager, however, the 56-year-old has now confirmed he is on Instagram as @kloppo.

The account, launched on Saturday, had 40.1k followers at time of writing – but that number is rapidly rising and could break into eight figures before the end of the day.

In his first post on Instagram, Klopp explained his decision to join, saying “I want to stay in contact with you.”

“Dear Liverpudlians, we’re getting closer to the end,” he said, with his final game in charge on Sunday.

“On the 8th of October 2015, we met the first time properly. I would call it a love affair.

“From the first day, it was an absolutely incredible, incredible time.

“I enjoyed it so much, and I want to thank you so much, for all the support you gave us over the years. For all the power you gave us.

“I’ve wondered always that it feels like we write a story together, and that’s how it feels today. It’s a good book.

“And if we read it in the future, we will have a smile on our face.

“Leaving this incredible place is hard, but I want to stay in contact with you. And even when I’m not a social media guy, people told me social media helps with that.

“So, here we go. See you!”

Quite what to expect from Klopp’s account is unclear, with it unlikely he will be sharing holiday photos or much insight into his private life after Liverpool.

He is believed to be planning to divide his time between homes in Germany and the Spanish island of Majorca, with no immediate designs on returning to football.

Speaking to Sky Sports in 2020, Klopp said of social media: “I don’t understand it, or why you would do it.

“Maybe one day I will do it, but I don’t see that.

“I don’t understand why you would want to tell other people, people you don’t know, what is good or not so good in the moment.

“But that’s a problem probably of my generation. I’m too old for that already.”

Thankfully, he’s changed his mind!