Liverpool FC have replaced the lactate fitness test – here’s why

We have grown accustomed to seeing the players put through the torture that is the lactate test in pre-season, but it has been replaced this summer in favour of another fitness test.

It became a tradition on the first day of pre-season to see the players put through the lactate test, a dreaded fitness test that James Milner was the king of while at the club.

It is used to “learn the highest intensity at which a footballer can train or compete before hitting the wall from high levels of blood lactate.”

But with Jurgen Klopp, or his head of fitness Andreas Kornmayer, no longer at the helm, it was clear after day one of pre-season that it had been replaced by the six-minute race test (6MRT).

What is the 6MRT?

The test asks players to run as fast as possible for six minutes around, what is usually, a 400-metre track to cover the maximum distance possible.

It evaluates maximal aerobic speed, and the performance staff can use the data to plan accordingly based on each player’s results.

In simpler terms, it assesses aerobic endurance fitness, which is the ability of the body to use oxygen as an energy source.

The test asks for those participating to push themselves as hard as they can, which is why Slot could be heard saying “go all in” to his players before they got started.

It is very similar to the lactate test in the results it gives the fitness staff, but it appears to be a preference for Slot.


Why has it changed?

New staff, new practices and preferences would be the simple answer as the data it returns is akin to that of the lactate test.

Ruben Peeters, the new lead physical performance coach who followed Slot from Feyenoord, was heard saying before the second group of Reds took the test: “This is a really important test for the manager.

“It will show your fitness levels so try to go as fast as possible.”

It also keeps things fresh for the players, who will not have enjoyed a single minute of it, but it at least adds variety to their pre-season and gives them a different challenge.

We’re just glad it’s them that has to do it, not us!