Video: Jordan Henderson’s priceless reaction to Jamie Carragher impressionist

on 27.03.2012

This is the moment Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson is joined by impressionist Darren Farley whilst filming a post-match interview for social football game, I AM PLAYR.

Henderson, who appears in the game from 18th April in which the England Under-21 international aims to hits targets, bursts out laughing when the interview moves to ‘Carragher’. His reaction is simply priceless.

Henderson has made 38 appearances for Liverpool since joining last summer from Sunderland, scoring one goal.

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  1. ooooo look at the pwettyboy laugh, if there’s one thing he should be laughing bout, it oughta be his own embarrassing liverpool career, even lucas was tons better 4-5 years ago than what he is.

    • Go support another team. He has done okay and will be a star of the future. People like you aren’t making it any easier for our team. Maybe you should try to give them your support.

  2. People seem to forget he’s still young got to be given a fair crack some of you lot slagging him off are disgusting get behind him

  3. posted this on another article – but it also applys here – 

     LFC will be better without fans like you, fans that slate the players and then wonder why they struggle to find form and confidence. GET BEHIND THE TEAM FOR A CHANGE!  ENCOURAGE!  I hate keyboard LFC fans who are ruining what LFC stands for, what differentiates us between other teams…  it breaks my heart to say – but our fans just arent what they used to be… and currently is the biggest problem with the LFC family.  YNWA (to those of you who get behind the team)

  4. Give the lad a break will ya.

    OK – he’s not the finished article yet. But:-

    1) It’s his first full season        
    2) Had to play out of his natural position ( not going to replace Gerrard is he )        
    3) Still young      
    4) Never goes missing in a game      
    6 ) Remember how a lot of ‘fans’ slagged off Lucas/Kuyt, now they’re first choice ( Lucas especially )      
    7) Slagging him off won’t make him play any better will it. Instead of slagging him, why not cheer him on ( get a chant going for him )         
    8) Was bought for the future ( as in next few seasons time )      

    I whole heartedly agree with PaulLittleJohns. Too many moaners and not enough supporters in the fans. The crowd over the years have been noticeably quieter than in years gone by. This was not and never should be the ‘Liverpool Way’.                                 Shankly would be turning in grave. And I quote:- “The word ‘fantastic’ has been used many times, so I would have to invent another word to fully describe the Anfield spectators. It is more than fanaticism, it’s a religion. To the many thousands who come here to worship, Anfield isn’t a football ground, i’s a sort of shrine. These people are not simply fans, they’re more like members of one extended family.”

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