20 years of Premier League: Liverpool’s Best Eleven


The Premier League announced their 20 Years award nominations this week, with Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard bizarrely omitted from the best player vote.

Here we bring your our Liverpool FC Team of the Premier League (so far).

Our LFC Team of the Premier League

A few factors have been taken into account when selecting this team; number of appearances, trophies won at LFC, contribution to the club’s success and whether they hit their ‘prime’ for LFC during the Premier League era. For instance, John Barnes and Ian Rush played in the Premier League for Liverpool but their best years were pre-Premier League.

Goalkeeper – Pepe Reina

Probably the easiest choice; let’s be honest, we’d hardly been blessed with keepers before Pepe arrived in 2005. The Spaniard became the quickest goalkeeper in Liverpool history to keep a half century of clean sheets and won three golden glove awards in succession from 2006 to 2008.

Right back – Steve Finnan

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A close call between the Irishman and Markus Babbel. The fact Finnan was such an integral – and reliable – part of the resurgent Reds under Rafa Benitez gives him the nod. A steady, solid defender who could also get forward and supply good crosses. Did you know, Finnan is the only player to have played in the World Cup, Champions League, UEFA Cup, Intertoto Cup, all four levels of the English league football and the Football Conference.

Centre backs – Sami Hyypia and Jamie Carragher

These two together could stake a claim for Liverpool’s greatest player of the past 20 years (had it not been for that pesky Gerrard and his superman skills). Think back to 2005 when these two were both in their prime, the performances en-route to Istanbul were worthy of their inclusion here alone. The only player who may have given Carra a run for his money here is Danny Agger, had injuries not stolen him of consistency until more recently.

Left back – Rob Jones

Ah, the problematic left back area. John Arne Riise is the only other contender really, but had Jones not suffered from ultimately career-ending injury, he would have gone on to become England’s first-choice right back and one of Liverpool’s great defenders. He still served seven seasons in the Premier League, and switched to left-back after we signed Jason McAteer in 1995.

Right midfield – Steven Gerrard

We’ve hardly been blessed with wingers and in all honesty, Gerrard has never really been a consistent centre midfielder, so we’ll play him on the right – where he had his best season in terms of goals scored in 2006.

Centre midfield – Didi Hamann and Xabi Alonso

This is a midfield partnership described by one word; solid. Any team looking to carve their way past these two would have their work cut out. Hamann working laterally to break up play, Alonso pinging passes and getting forward. The two of them both scored a few decent goals themselves in their years at Anfield; Didi’s volley against Portsmouth and Xabi’s half-way line lobs will live long in the memory!

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Left midfield – Steve McManaman

Another problematic position over the past two decades. Perhaps a controversial decision to put McManaman in after many supporters still feel aggrieved by the way he left under a Bosman deal, but the truth is – the club turned down £12m from Barcelona the previous summer, knowing he wasn’t going to sign a new deal. We were victims of the first big name Bosman deal and no club will let that happen again – well, until we did similar with Owen. Macca would add some flair to the team, pulling defenders out of position for the likes of Gerrard, Fowler and Torres to profit.

Forwards – Robbie Fowler and Fernando Torres

One word; goals. These two hardly need explaining their inclusions. Forget the circumstances Torres left under, remember his goals in 2008, 2009 – an absolutely stunning footballer who scored, similarly to Fowler in the mid-nineties – all types of goals; tap-ins, volleys, headers, stunners from the edge of the box. Both these had everything in them and their work-rate was also top class.

Manager – Rafa Benitez

Rafa managing this side would be immense. Giving Gerrard license to roam inside, McManaman likewise from the left, knowing that Alonso and Hamann would keep it tidy in the middle.

Subs – Sander Westerveld, Daniel Agger, John Arne Riise, Danny Murphy, Luis Garcia, Dirk Kuyt, Michael Owen.

Notable mentions – Jerzy Dudek, Markus Babbel, Stephane Henchoz, Lucas Leiva, Patrik Berger, John Barnes, Luis Suarez.

Agree? Disagree? Post your team of the past 20 years in the comments below…

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      • I think the mantle of “most left footed player of the past 20 years” has been passed to Enrique. His right foot is just for decoration. Otherwise, good team – not quite what I would have gone with but we have had some excellent players during the PL era. Would love to have seen what we could have done during Torres’ form years if we also had a 1995 vintage Fowler alongside him. *frightening*

      • Keep at it… Barnes would be a great addition IF he qualified. Some of us do understand that!

        Why was Rushie left out though? 

        Good team, I’d give Masch at least a sub-spot, minimum. Would probably put Riise as 1st choice but maybe I’m probably too young to appreciate great defenders of old!

    • Never fails to amaze how the internet has fostered morons who don’t read:

      “For instance, John Barnes and Ian Rush played in the Premier League for Liverpool but their best years were pre-Premier League.”

      • barnes was still class and he schooled mcmanaman and redknapp up until he moved. rush was really good to but he faded out and fowler and torres did make more of a mark, but barnes should still be in our team

  1. What on earth are these comments. 

    Only one I’d change is taking Danny Murphy out, other than that, pretty good team.

  2. Where are Poulsen and Konchesky :)) ? Great eleven but I would choose Mascherano over Hamann and play 4-2-3-1 with Fowler upfront and Garcia on the right side :D




    Manager : Rafa

  3. Mostly good selections but no Michael Owen up front with Fower not Torres –  Robbie was one of the greatest natural goalscorers of all time and Owen – well great goal scorer for Reds as well as England- if we all remember when he was only 18 scored a superb goal against the old enemy Argentina!! 

  4. the best team we had should use a 352 formation


    hyypia carragher agger

    mcmanaman alonso hamann gerrard barnes

    fowler torres

    no doubt that would be the best in europe 

  5. I’d be tempted to go with the Masch over Hamann as we seen how well he worked with Alonso and Gerrard, plus Westerveld was rubbish David James done better than him. I’d rather Barnes on the bench than Murphy.
    Reina: best keeper by a mile
    Finnan, Jones, Johnson, Babbel: Finnan more consistant
    Riise, Bjornebye are probably the two best left backs but any of our right backs were better there.
    Hyypia, Carragher, Agger, Wright, Henchoz, Skrtel in that order
    Gerrard, Alonso, Mascherano, Hamann, Barnes, Ince, Lucas
    McManaman, Garcia, Kuyt, Berger, Benayoun, Murphy
    Fowler, Torres, Owen, Suarez, Collymore

    •  Nobody has mentioned Arbeloa. Left at the same time as Alonso (who everybody understandably focussed on) but Arbeloa was a very good defender for us and could attack as well. IMO he was almost as big a miss for us.

  6. One notable mention is Dudek simply because of his champions league heroics he deserves his place! Were it not for that awesome day we’d have very little to shout about.

    Barnes was class even though his best days were behind him id prefer him or Berger over mcmanaman.

    fowler and torres upfront – wow! 

  7. disagree with lucas even getting a mention. why is everyone jumping on the band wagon with him… he’s improved yes, but he is still an extremely average player.

      • I have a brain, which creates opinions, like yours, and thats my opinion. Your mentioning a player to be put into liverpools bust players in the premiership because he made the most tackles in the last 7 months….. good basis that.

        • sorry to contradict your opinion dude..but go n see since when id our form really strted to drop and you’ll realise how much this average player means to lfc nowadays! ;)

          •  Lucas was ruled out at for the rest of the season on 1st/2nd december, our form for the 6 games after that was 3 wins, 2 draws 1 loss = 11 points…..the 6 games before his injury was  3 wins, 3 draws = 12 points.

            doesnt seem like a hell of a form changer to me??

          • Right, picking on one word out of 30 to justify your selection, and then berating others who disagree with you. I thought you should be encouraging some form of debate judging from the way you post.

            Seriously, everyone has different opinions and criteria for judging the best team, so just respect each other’s views, post your own and justify it. If only it could happen though…

          • reina,

            finnan, carragher, hyppia, bjornebye

            mcmanaman, gerrard, hamann, berger

            fowler torres

            dudek, henchoz, alonso, owen, murphy, riise, saurez

          •  Why only 6 games before/after?? Lucas played 12 games so you can do a complete compare 12 games before his injury 6 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses (we also played Norwich which never played in. result draw) = 22 pts…. 12 games after 4 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses = 16pts… and this is before we get on to last 8 calamitous games in which we have only picked up 7pts #statsneverlie

          •  ‘Form’ is recent, thats why in newspapers and on skysports etc, they usually have a ‘form’ section consisting of the last 6 games. 12 games is not form… u can take your comment as far as u want and go on to talk about 20 or 25 games, thats not form is it? thats why i said 6 games.

            UNSUNG_HERO89 mentioned an instant change in ‘form’ (recent performances) once lucas was ruled out by injury, which is not the case.

            Listen, im not against the guy, i would have him in my starting 11 if fit at this present moment. but i just think all these fickle fans go by what they read and see other people writing and talking about and dont have there own opinion, you guys all loving him now are probably the same bunch that were booing him off the pitch when he was substituded against fulham that time. in my opinion, people are praising him up now as almost an apology for being so harsh on the young lad a few years ago.

          • Although Lucas has improved over the time that has been at the club, it’s clear that his importance to us, is largely due to declining standards at LFC and not because of his overal brilliance.

      • ha ha ha, blimey say what you mean chaps ! the empire strikes back ! excellent choices all round, what would we give for a few of them right now ? robbie fowler, its only now i look back and realize just how good he really was .

  8. Reina
    Agger.Hyppia,Finnan Rise

  9. Gerrard inconsistent in central midfield, he would need to play in this midfield as it’s got no pace although 2 decent players chosen and Rushie would still defo at least make the bench

  10. Sorry for spelling, here’s my LFC premiership squad. I feel Rush, Barnes, Whelan, Molby etc were legends in 1st division so are not included.


    babel (although only one season was succesful being box to box an unlike finnan contributed goals. Carragher and Hypia can’t be argued with. Riise (based on excellent first two seasons alone after which he slumped a little. Not spoilt for choice however in this position).

    Middle pairing of alonso and Hamann is sumptious combination. The tigerish Mascherrano couldnt pass as well as the German Ronnie Whelan. Agree Gerrard excelled on the right. Macca given a free role. Under Evans all play went through him.

    Fowler and Torres.

    Subs Dudek, Finnan, Agger, Mascherano, Macallister, Owen Garcia (for his unpredictability)

  11. Ray Clemence; Rob Jones, Henchouz, Sam Hyppia, Jamie Carragher; Stephen Gerrard, Javier Mascherano, Xabi Alonso, John Barnes; Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez.

    Subs: Fowler, Hughes, Grobbelar, Heighway, Keegan, Hamman, Smith and Molby.

    That’s my team. I dare anyone to put out a better Liverpool team than mine.

  12. Love the fact that they added Steve Finnan in this list. Very very underrated player. So understated that I recently forgot about him(granted he doesn’t play any longer but still).

    Huge fan of him.

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