Fans react to “overpaid enigma” Comolli’s Liverpool FC departure


Fans have been having their say on the shock news that Liverpool have parted company with Director of Football Damien Comolli earlier today.

Comolli has left the club “by mutual consent” with fans trying to work out what this message means from the club’s owners, Fenway Sports Group.

Was Comolli pulling his weight at Liverpool? Was there a power struggle between him and Kenny Dalglish? Did he overpay on the signings Dalglish wanted him to make?

We’ve heard from a few fans from our Liverpool FC forums below. Let us know what you think in the comments below, on our forums, on Twitter @thisisanfield or on Facebook.

Don’t know what hes done at the club be it right or wrong. All i know is he was overpaid. supereddman98

A bit surprised its happened now but will show Fenway aren’t gonna piss about. Do I feel a bit sorry for the bloke? A little. I think he tried his best but was a bit out of his depth as a Director of Football. Was I comfortable with him being here? If I am honest, not really. Maybe a change in direction is on the way… RichLFC

Ridiculous timing two days before a big game. This should have been done at season end. wozza

Unexpected – I personally think Kenny is out as well. Xaenicael

I’m usually not a fan of these sporting roles at the club and I wasn’t convinced by Comolli. We can’t judge on Comolli’s work that much as we don’t see what’s happening behind the scenes. He’s had a responsibility for transfers of course, but who knows what really happened now. Can’t say how I feel right now – we’ll just have to wait and see what they intend to do. Zoky

It may show that some of Comolli’s decisions have been criticised internally since some time, maybe he’s paying for the big money signings not working out this season, or because of his lack of action in January, or also his lack of intelligence during the Suarez affair? Maybe also the working together with Kenny wasn’t too good lately, who knows? In any case, this is most probably an indication on how the owners see reponsabilty for the club’s current plight. It’s not the gaffer who gets the sack, but the DoF. Unusual, but in this case, a more sensible move than the opposite would have been. Hope in your heart

Quite bizarre that the Football Club which desperately needs long-term strategy and continuity, has removed the person appointed and promoted to implement such a strategy – all inside 18 months. The LFC soap opera continues. Matt

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  • Qjclarke

    He’s been sacked from Arsenal, Spurs and now LFC. Has to be a reason for this. Kenny very quick to respond in terms of support and signings. We’re never out of the news and it’s very sad this 2 days before the semi. Will there be another sacking on Sat afternoon as well. Hope not.


  • RedChica

    Some people here who suggest that Dalglish should be appointed as a Director of Football:

    Do you actually understand that the “Director of Football” is basically a very hard job that involves a lot of thorough paperwork, transfer activities, players’ contracts, job permits, other legal matters, etc., etc. ?

    Do you seriously see Dalglish sitting in the office dealing with the paperwork, or travelling around Europe having chats with greedy agents, etc.?

    Dalglish is a footballer, he’s not an office rat. He is most happy when he is on the training pitch, with players around, kicking the ball, jokes, banter…  

    • ahmad

      he should be moved upstairs to act as club ambassador again

  • RedChica

    Others suggest to bring Rafa back as a Director of Football…. now that is funny.

    Rafa is a brilliant coach, tactitian, manager. He has his backroom staff, who are still working with him. If you get Rafa, you get him + all his backroom staff. He’s NOT like a jobless saddo who is sitting there waiting to get just any job…

  • Viewpoint_X

    One has to laugh at all the sweeping one line statements on here. It’s as if every person commenting has some special insider information when in reality they haven’t a clue, but somehow manage to believe their own fantasy as fact.
    Very little has been given away on the truth of this!! 


    My opinion….i will leave KD one more season if we dont qwf foe CH.L. then sack him.Comoli gone and we will see what will be this summer.GOOD LUCK.Im from Montenegro.YNWA..

  • ahmad

    is commolli a victim? Both commolli and kenny played a very high risk strategy with the players they chose. They both knew the owners wanted players with good potential who  could be sold at a high price later on (eg torres, mascherano, alonso etc etc) but ended up paying a premium for average british players.

    • ahmad

      can kenny make his selected players better ones? Well thusfar he’s had er…limited success…

  • hakkebakken

    Hard to think of Comolli as the mastermind of the “Buy British” strategy…surely, Daglish had, just as he said, the final word. But Comolli couldn’t avert the disaster, so off he goes.

    What results from this, anyway, is a nice, Kenny Daglish-shaped hole in the Director of Football-position, to be filled circa 20th of June. It’s the classical sacking upwards.

    And for the record, I’ll take 1) Jürgen Klopp, 2) Unai Emery, 3) Rafa back.

  • Acs78

    Making space for kenny in my opinion. FSG can’t sack him, so needed to create a role for him with a new manager/coach incoming

  • LFC2Wembley

    Rafa as director of football strategy … :D 

  • J_B

    I don’t know what has happened behind the scenes, but I don’t get comments like his lack of intelligence during the Suarez affai. What fcuk has comolli got to do with this media disaster. Can only lay this at Kennys or Ian Ayre’s door, not Comoli for gods sake. Kenny sure does need a few lessons in PR. He now looks funny, but for the wrong reasons.

  • Shauncheck

    I don’t think his departure is surprising. His largesse proved his undoing, as the ROI just wasn’t adding up. In business terms, this means he’s failed to implement the club’s overall strategy.

  • Shauncheck

    I don’t think his departure is surprising. His largesse proved his undoing, as the ROI just wasn’t adding up. In business terms, this means he’s failed to implement the club’s overall strategy.

  • Joe-El

    To Mark Highdale… I have to admit I didn’t read all of what you wrote nut the line “… got Liverpool £50M for Torres…” was so daft I have to address it.

    Less that 8 months prior to that £50m move, Manchester City reportedly bid in the region of £65m for the same player… this prospective transfer was of course dismissed by Liverpool FC. Torres’ value in spite of his drop in form was always perceived to be in £55m-65m region. For nearly 3 seasons Torres was Liverpool FC’s star player alongside Steven Gerrard and due to his age and looks (marketing) was by far Liverpool FC’s most valuable player.

    To sell the lad for £50m was NOT a coup by any stretch of the imagination. It was the bare minimum. Had he moved to a team that played to his strengths he would have pushed his career into the stratosphere. Unfortunately Chelsea play total football in that every player must contribute more than  what their position dictates… especially the strikers.

    Had Comolli let Torres go for £50m and then invested that money wisely… he’d still have a job. To effectively let the following happen…

    Torres – Man City bid circa £65m less than a year prior… sold for £50m
    Babel – Brum City bid circa £9m less than a year prior… sold for £4.5m
    Carroll – valued at £1m at start of 2009-10 season… bought for £35m
    Henderson – offered to Coventry City for £1m less than 2 years ago… bought for £16m

    Its this sort of blatant stupidity that gets you fired. In my honest opinion Dalglish will find himself out of the hot-seat pretty soon to and the right choice… Martin O’Niell will become the new manager. A position he should have attained many many years ago.

  • Alanthered

    Camolli should have said no to KD and done what was best for the club as opposed to what KD wanted.