Martinez talks continue – appointment imminent


Liverpool will hold further talks with Wigan boss Roberto Martinez over becoming the new gaffer at Anfield on Tuesday, Sky Sports report.

Martinez is understood to be the only candidate in the running for the job after Swansea’s Brendan Rodgers and Borussia Dortmund’s Jurgen Klopp both ruled themselves out of a switch to Merseyside.

Martinez spent last week talking with Liverpool’s owners Fenway Sports Group in Miami over the deal and has been set a deadline by Latics chairman Dave Whelan to decide his future. Martinez will return from holiday in the Caribbean to discuss his future.

Martinez is current favourite for the role, edging Rodgers with the bookies.

Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins told press earlier today that the Reds had not made a move for their manager, despite a recent burst of speculation.

“We would like to clarify the speculation in the press surrounding our manager Brendan Rodgers,” he said.

“We would like to confirm that there has been no contact from Liverpool and nothing has changed since our previous statement on the issue.”


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  • Peter

    You can have any management, the match are playing players and our players – midfield – are not good enough. Everything started Kennys mistakes last summer. Prefering always Hendo, benching Maxi, sellig Raul, loaning Aquaman….Spearing, Adam ??? Jokes

  • Tim Jones

    ‘We are lucky to have FSG…these guys know how to make a success of things as they are winners.’

    a week or so ago I would have agreed with you but if Martinez is the best they can come up with then it shows that they don’t really have a clue about football and how to make a success of it

    I thought they were right to sack Kenny after our horrendius league campaign – but that was under the provisio that they would be getting in some big-time manager with a proven track record and player contacts from other countries.

    Martinez has neither and despite interest from a host of big names who do tick these boxes – Van Gaal, Capello, Rafa, even ABV to an extent – FSG has still decided to appoint someone well acquitted to helping small clubs avoid relegation

    Of couyrse we won’t have any choice but to get behind Martinez if, as expected, he gets the job but personally I would have rather stick with Daglish – something i never thought I’d heasr myself say after all the mistakes he made last season

    • Ross

      Could not agree more.

  • Abdul Wadud Yussop

    Maybe Martinez is not the right choice for us. Maybe he is. As a supporter, we should supports the owner decision. This will boost the manager confidence. I knw im still naive about being a supporter for this team but the main reason why I still love this team because, we have the greatest fan in this world. Hope for the best next season. YNWA

  • Peterthepiper

    Kenny was given enough time, FSG want to focus on our youth which is why Van Gaal will be brought in. Everyone slated Kenny for not playing our exciting youngsters and called for Kenny to get sacked. Some of those very people on this forum have since done a U turn, it strikes me that like ‘Intelligent man’ they have not got a clue. FSG stopped our club from going into administration let’s not forget that, they have made no promises FACT.. Despite what some people are saying on this site. The reason why Kenny did not get a bigger pot of money is purely because he was shopping like posh spice on coke .. Buying any old rubbish for inflated prices.. Goes back to when he last managed Liverpool and signed Jimmy Carter etc.

  • saraceninc

    Whether Martinez or someone else, the first stop is to clear the mess left by KD and camolli. What to do with the losers of last year such as Downing, Adam etc? How much can they be written down without bankrupting the club? If Kuyt Maxi,Aurelio leave what next?

  • mario

    Lads – I reckon Louis Van Gaal will get the job for a certain number of years. BR or RM will be his assistant and then take over when LVG moves upstairs as sporting director or until he return to Ajax. Personally don’t mind LVG tactics

  • gersh

    Please dont! Capello…

  • Catch-22

    I have decided to back Martinez come hell or high water, even if he finally succumbed to his nemesis this time around! Sound ominous?

  • You’re still a King, Kenny

    @0b013041c4a60fa22275cb336777331b:disqus you can’t make sarcastic comments about what Butragenio said about being to Anfield several times. Here’s some reasons why: He could have been supporting them before he was 18 and so he would only be able to go there if someone over that age took him, his family may not have had enough money when he was a child and when he movd on he still might not have enough money. Also you don’t know where he lives. He could be many long hour train rides away from Liverpool. You could be a Liverpool fan that has never visited Anfield but they could have more faith and common sense than some fans out there. But let’s not get too carried away, so here’s my views on Liverpool’s vacant managerical position. At first, I wanted Rafa back but then I reviewed the reasons why he left and realised Henderson, Adam, Spearing, Sterling and Downing would be at more risk with their Liverpool position. Brendan Rodgers never really interested me, end of. Fabio Capello I surprisingly liked the sound of despite his bad few years with England but he should never have been chosen for thatjob anyway. Then Martinez and Andre Vilas Boas came along and I like them both but AVB had the edge with more big team experience but Martinez was likely to make a great relationship with the players. In the end I would totally back Martinez and would like him and if not him then AVB, then Louis Van Gaal but it’s likely to be Martinez. Though what I thought of was to have Martinez as manager but for Ayre or FSG to say he was signed more for the coaching of the players (like a first team coach) with Van Gaal and Ayre helping out with transfers, contracts and so on. So technically this would be 3 leaders with Martinez having the most authority (as manager), the Van Gaal and then Ayre. Though having Martinez as manager with Sami Hyypia as first team coach helping him out would also be good but he’s likely to stay with Leverkusen for as long as he can.