Steven Gerrard pays tribute to Dirk Kuyt

Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard has wished Dirk Kuyt the very best for the future after the Dutch international announced he is to leave Anfield for Turkish side Fenerbahce.

Kuyt ends a six-year stay at the club in which he has scored in a European Cup Final, seen four different managers, three different owners – and won the hearts of the Kop faithful.

31-year-old Kuyt has signed a three-year deal with Fenerbahce, just days after Liverpool revealed Brendan Rodgers as the new Reds boss.

Gerrard told the club’s official web site, “Dirk is a great player, a great person and was a great servant to Liverpool.

“From the first day he came to the club, he was someone you could trust and knew that he would never let you down on the pitch.

“I know how much scoring against Cardiff in the Carling Cup Final meant to him but he was already assured a part of the club’s history even before helping win that trophy.

“I will miss him around the place and I wish him and his family all the best in Turkey.”

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  • ChrisR1892

    Sorry to see Dirk go, was a great servant to the club. Any red who scores a hat trick against the scum is a hero! All the best for the future!

  • Mac

    A lfc legend and always will all the best in the new part of life

  • Akash

    Dirk Kuyt Is Liverpool Legend. He always score when ever liverpool need goal.
    Very sad to lose him but i wish him best for his future. GOOD LUCK DIRK KUYT. WE always LOVE YOU. Ummaaahhh! You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  • ponders

    Best wishes Dirk, a true gent who never gave less than 100% for Liverpool. Good luck pal.

  • DerekW

    A great shame, particularly to leave in such circumstances. It is a further demonstration the LFC has lost its ‘soul’, now it a case of do what’s convenient rather than what’s right

    • Scott Brown

      Mate, I love Kuyt as much as the next Red, but we have to be realistic here. He still has great heart, passion, and love for the team but his touch was severely lacking this season. Now of course this was due to the inconsistency of KD starting and/or playing him altogether, but the hard cold truth is that he is getting older and doesn’t have the same pace or touch that he used to. This will ultimately lead to him not being played as much by any Premiership club and if he cannot stay in form when he is not being played consistently, the smartest move for him was to leave and go somewhere that would play him. As hard as it is for me say it, as he is one of my favourite players, it might be in the best interest for us as well. He is not a squad player at the end of the day, but a starting 11 player and that is what he deserves.

      Please leave the dribble of us “losing our soul” somewhere else. Change is inevitable and it is obvious that the same old ethos (paired with bad ownership) has led us to a recession. Lets get behind BR and the lads and stop all the wingeing.

    • index1000

      Don’t be bloody silly. Change is inevitable and all players eventually leave or retire.

  • LFC4lifer

    He’s a legend and should stay.. Under used by KK.
    Mr dependable!

    Gd luck and hopefully will you back at Anfield as a fitness coach! YNWA

  • Peter

    He worked fantastic with Raul as passer and Luis…till dalglish did not destroyed this participation. He can be great anywhere yet.. The game with his fantastic hat trick against scums I have recorded. Good luck Dirk !

  • williams s. etete

    Kuyt departure is one of the disaster that kenny dalglish has done to our club and am so bitterly about when iread these heath failing news that Dirk has left us and also hearing that Skirtel is also about to leave this is a big blow for our dear club Lfc, some one should tell where are we heading to.

  • Martin Otto

    good words mister scott colour….sas sad day but as always…ynwa

  • Saito

    Your services to this club will forever be remembered. i think we should have fought for him to stay. Yes Yes we will go out to buy new players but look at the manure team that dominated the league for 10 years and what did they have? an excellent blend of experience (keane, scholes, sheringham) with their young players. Kuyt’s experience and attitude is what this team will miss. nobody is able to give more than kuyt in a match.

  • fahrenheit

    If ever there was a player who earned the right to wear a liverpool shirt with the word warrior on it, it was Dirk Kuyt. YNWA

  • index1000

    Good luck Dirk, thanks for the memory’s and the service. Great player and a great guy.

  • URN

    Gerrard: Kuyt has done extremely well as a footballer for the limited technical ability that he possessed.

  • mick the kidder

    Dirk Kuyt will always be a true red he loved LFC as much as we loved him. Its a sad day for all. Goodluck Dirk in everything you do, you will never walk alone.

  • Littleboyred

    Thanks Dirk for all you have done for the club, never gave less than 100%. To all those detractors who say he is getting old, lost his touch etc., may I remind you that he is a current Holland internationalist, they dont seem to have those ideas in their head, just watch him in the Euros, we’ll see if he is passed it!!

  • Khalid gerrard

    Good luck Dirk I wish all the best for yu and yur family in turkey.