Press Reaction to Hillsborough Independent Panel

on 13.09.2012

The first editions of today’s newspapers following yesterday’s revelations from the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

All major newspapers in Britain lead with the news of what is reported as the biggest smear campaign and cover up this country has ever seen. All except, bizarrely, The Daily Telegraph.

There is even a full apology from The Sun, although too late too late is the response for that.

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  1. The saddest thing about that day his, so many lives could have been saved, but the authorities didn`t give a damn about us. Justice for the 96 may they RIP. All who lied about us, should be brought to court and sentenced accordingly, The people of Liverpool and our supporters world wide, and mostly the Familys and friends of the deceased, after 23 heartbreaking years that they had too suffer, and fight for what we all know was Lies, they deserve too see, these Lieing Scumbags, brought too Justice. My thoughts our with the familys and friends, of our brothers and sisters that perrished on that tragic and horrific day, may there souls RIP.

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