“The Culling of 5000 Badgers”


Somewhere in West Gloucestershire and Sumerset a pilot program has been authorized to kill 70% of the badgers in each area.
“Environment Secretary Owen Paterson told farmers at the National Farmers’ Union conference in Birmingham that he was committed to making sure the pilots went ahead.
He said tackling bovine TB had cost the taxpayer £500 million in the past 10 years, and costs could reach £1 billion over the next decade if the disease was left unchecked.
He said that research in the UK had shown that culling badgers, which can transmit TB to cattle, could reduce the levels of the disease in herds, and that Britain had to learn from experience elsewhere that the tuberculosis could not effectively be curbed without tackling the problem in wildlife.”

So what the fuck does that have to do with LFC??? …I hear you ask.
The Culling of 5000 Badgers would have been a great Album Title for an 80s Heavy Metal Band… but for an LFC Blog?
Maybe I just wanted an excuse to use the word “badgers” in a title?
Maybe “The Culling of 5000 Badgers” was just more interesting than any of the alternative titles I’d thought up?
Maybe… there is actually a parallel for LFC in there somewhere?

If it please the jury, your lordship, I would contend that we’ve been seeing a bit of the old Badger culling going on at Anfield over the last few years…

For “bovine TB” read “lack of success” and it has become a worrisome disease that LFC has responded to by culling: first owners, then executives, then managers and about 5000 players by last count…
… but in the case of LFC… I’d suggest it is the actual culling, rather than the perceived “lack of success” that has been the self-inflicted disease which has “cost the taxpayer (LFC) £500 million in the past 10 years”

Warning! History Lesson Alert!
One of the proposed titles for this blog (prior to stumbling across an excuse to use the word “badger” in a footy blog) was…
“The first rule of Italian Race Car Driving: What’s behind you does not matter.”
(anyone who can name that movie gets a cookie)

Some of you have taken umbridge to my “constantly staring into our past while ignoring the present” and probably quite like the first rule of Italian Race Driving.
…but as a part-time dabbler in History… and while that was one of my fave movies and sayings back when I was the teenage owner of a muscle car, (cookie hint) …I also know that the saying “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is so very, very often true.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…
David Moores owned an LFC that carried a perfectly acceptable and manageable £70 million in debt…
… He sold LFC to A Pair of Cowboys…
…The sale price: £270million
Within 12 months… LFC was £350 million in debt.

… now if Moores had taken out a loan for £270…
… not only could he have paid for the construction of a new stadium…
… but that loan would be mostly paid off now…
… and with Rafa still at the helm, I’d argue we’d be considerably better off on the field as well. (certainly no worse off than Arsenal… the trophyless, Top 4 Benchmark?)

Instead… Moores culled himself. Then G&H culled Parry. Then Purslow culled Rafa. Then the Banks culled G&H. Then FSG culled Purslow… then Hodgson… then Kenny…
…and a list of players that ranged from world class to wide-arsed along the way.
…all to the tune of countless millions in defaults, in Architectural drawings, in severance packages, down the drain.
Thus endeth today’s history lesson.

We have a worldwide fanbase and that makes it diverse…
…and as such, the opinions of fans, on any number of LFC topics, are equally diverse.
There used to be a standard though… a benchmark if you will… that established what was acceptable discussion and what was simply “crazy bastard on a sopbox”.
I no longer see that “standard”.
Take offense at that if you will… some will feel compelled to, some will leap to it just to disagree with me.
… but at the very least, that “standard” has been lowered.

When G&H flirted with Klinsman and the news leaked… fans marched on Anfield.
When their financial shenanigans were laid bare, it prompted a fan-based, multi-fronted campaign to oust them that was unprecedented in football.
I doubt that Would have happened at any other club…
I doubt it Could ever happen again at “ours”.

Now that’s not to say “all is lost”… on the contrary… its just to ask the question…
Who and/or what is Liverpool Football Club?
It’s a complex question… that elicits a different response among those who’ve followed the club for 3-5 decades, let alone between those fans and those newer to the club.
(For those who’ve been around a good long while… do you still recognize your club?)

I read a lot of comments around the web about Brendan Rodgers and his “new system of possession football”.
There are those who pointed to the Zenit game and said, “there it is, that’s what we’re building towards”.
… but that wasn’t “death by football”.
What we’ve been playing for about 2 months now, bares little resemblance to the footy we were playing in September and October.
StevieG is launching more Hollywood Balls in any given game lately, than Charlie Adam in a wet dream.

That’s not a slam on Rodgers… just a call for those who feel the need to vehemently support him to do so honestly and fairly. (and likewise for his critics.)

Too many fans have already made up their minds about our current Manager.
I’m at a loss to understand fully where the evidence is to support such a decision…
… on either side of the fence.
We’ve seen his team against Zenit and Swansea, and even both games versus the current Champions, but we’ve also seen them against Aston Villa. We saw them at the start of the season, and we’ve seen them since the New Year.

It has been suggested that Brendan Rodgers is the New Shankly.
I don’t think he is. I think Rafa was that…
…and given all that has occurred between his departure and Brendan’s arrival…
I would suggest that “the next Shankly” is not even remotely what we need right now… …what we need right now… is the next Gerrard Houllier.
…and maybe Brendan Rodgers is (or can be) that?

“We are in a season of transition,” we have been told.
That is what Houllier gave us… (although it was actually several seasons rather than one for the transition to take hold)
We have been a “team in transition” for a long time…
..from Evans team that won a Cup, to Houllier’s team that won a Treble, to Rafa’s team that went to 2 CL Finals, winning one, 2 CL Semi-Finals, a League Cup Final, an FA Cup Final…all in just 6 years…
…and since Rafa left… for 3 seasons we’ve been transitioning…
(maybe its been even longer than that?)
…It was clear to see what we were transitioning from and to between 2000 and 2008…
…so we didn’t have to ask…
…But for a while now, when anyone has suggested a “season in transition” we should all have been immediately asking, “transition FROM WHAT… TO WHAT”?

The more recent culling of the squad to “balance the books” might very well have been necessary… but was the way we did it necessary?
And if it was necessary, one has to ask oneself if what the owners were looking to achieve with it in that time, is the same thing we fans were looking to achieve?

We’ve absolutely rid ourselves of high salary/low return players like Jovanovic and Cole and mediocre players like Poulsen and Konchesky…
… but we’ve also shed promising players like Meireles and Insua. (and that’s without the experienced/and/or/class players we’ve lost recently)

We challenged for the title in 08/09 and by all rights we should have won it…
…even falling short, it should have been the stepping stone to the title…
… instead, since then, we have floundered in the league… finishing outside the “venerated Top 4” spots 3 years running… with a 4th most likely.
That seems weird when you stop to think about it. So much has happened since Rafa left, that it can’t be only 4 years ago we had THAT team???

Archaeologists search for fossils and artifacts.
“Fossils” are the mineralized remains of plants and animals, whereas “artifacts” are man-made objects, such as stone tools, or pots.
BUT… the environmental setting in which these archaeological materials are found is called a “context”.

The things we all find argument with… Downing is shit. Stevie is a legend. Jovanovic was a waste of space. Cole was a waste of money. Hodgson was an idiot. Rafa was a genius…
…these things are the “fossils” and “artifacts” of LFC discussion.
All that bollox that happened between Moores selling the club and now, (and yes… certainly there is plenty of context prior to that time also, like Parry’s lack of marketing savvy.)… that was the “context”.

… and its important to remember, or at the very least give fleeting thought to the context at play when forming any judgment of Brendan Rodgers, or where LFC currently is.

It is a context that must include the dire decisions of summer 2010… to fire Rafa, to hire Hodgson, to buy the likes of Konchesky and Cole.
…A stable and football-knowledgeable Anfield hierarchy would never have even remotely considered any one of those decisions… let alone all 4… at once!

We were sold Hodgson as the safe pair of hands that would stop the freefall.
Problem was… we weren’t in anything even remotely like a freefall.
We’d stumbled slightly as a result of lack of investment to “take the next step”.
Under Hodgson though, we immediately went into what was almost a catastrophic freefall, and it was in fact Kenny Dalglish that proved the “safe pair of hands” that not only arrested that freefall, but restored us to the “minus one” mark that we’d stumbled to in the final year of Rafa’s tenure.

But the context for all of that was absolutely the boardroom farce that saw an all-in cage-match Battle Royale between G&H, their own MD, the Royal Bank of Scotland, John Henry …and some Chinese bloke who owned a pizza chain.

And it is for all those reasons, that I find it hard to compare LFC to Man United, Citeh, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, or even Everton… let alone teams in other countries.
I understand why people want to, I just don’t see the comparisons as legit…
Those used to be the teams that compared themselves to LFC, but they aren’t the teams we can compare ourselves to right now… maybe some day soon we can again, but not now or in most recent times…

We have always considered ourselves to be the most “unique” of clubs… but to a very large extent since 2005 for all we’ve done right, we made ourselves “unique” for All The Wrong Reasons.
… and our travails of the last 3-7 years more closely compare us to the likes of Portsmouth and Rangers, rather than any Top, or even Middle Prem Club.

So here we stand at yet another Crossroads.
Another season without silverware (coz you know, last season’s silverware was only pewter ;) )
Likely to finish yet another season outside the top 4

We are Bill Murry in Japan, Lost in Transition, hoping that Brendan Rodgers looks good in pink knickers.
(you’re never gonna get that image out of your heads, no matter how hard you try. Your welcome. :) )

But that’s the thing about the “context” and where we’ve been…
The “transition” back into the Top 4 isn’t going to take 1 season. It can’t when we are constantly selling to buy.
Our squad just isn’t big enough or strong enough… and the competition have a headstart.
We desperately need a quality left back.
We desperately need a big, strong midfielder (in spite of having about 97 midfielders)
We need another striker.
We need a quality center back.
We need… We need… We need…
We need a quality left-winger, and a quality right-winger.
We need… We need…
…We need to ADD all of those to what we currently have, and not bring them in as replacements for the selling of Skrtel, or Agger, or Pepe, or the retiring Carragher, or ….. heaven forbid the Beyern rumors are true…

… that is the “transition” we are in.
And before we start contemplating replacing Brendan Rodgers “coz 8th isn’t good enough” we better spare a thought for the “context” of such a decision…
… that FSG will not bring in a manager of the sort of steel and nerve the position requires, a Special One, a Rafa, a “insert your fave name here”…
… the “context” of firing Brendan Rodgers one year into his contract is that in all likelihood his replacement would be “a 2nd tier” Manager…

We know what Brendan Rodgers HAS been capable of.
We do not yet “know” what he IS capable of.
Not yet.
But I’d suggest we give him time to show us…
…and that the Owners provide the proper context” for him to “achieve” it…
… or the alternative won’t be another “season in transition”, it will be a BADGER…
…err… no it won’t be a badger of course, that’s just silly :) and an obviously shameless and blatant attempt to use the word “badger” one more time before signing off…

…it might be yet another “season in the wilderness” though…

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  • kopcolly

    Red Sox just stuffed the Yankees on opening day ,
    Henry must be loaded:-)

  • Sambo

    very happy to have come back from a goal down to win. how many times has that happened in recent seasons? not flippin many.

    agree with what most are saying… some disappointing moments mixed with some quality. we finished the first half really well, and then to come out and get the goals in the first 15 mins of the second half was very pleasing.

    as LB says, it doesn’t paper over the cracks of some inconsistent performances and some tactical worries. it still gives me a heart attack every time we concede possession in the middle third. we just don’t seem capable of stemming that attack effectively and preventing the ball being put into dangerous places. we, on the other hand, seem far less capable of exploiting transitions of possession into goal threats.

    the reason for this (as i see it) is that we think we’re better than we are, trying to play cute little passes that aren’t really on, losing possession and then “suddenly realising” (time and time again), that the full backs are out of position and the centre backs are spread too wide with a strong target man between them waiting for a cross. other teams rarely lose possession in this way because they’re more aware of their limitations and don’t fuck around with the ball in dangerous places with defenders pushing on.

    don’t get me wrong, we do need to be brave, we do need to work the ball skilfully out of tight spaces, we do need to control possession and not just boot it away every time we get pressed…. but the problem is that half the time we do play the long ball anyway…. even with no pressure on us.

    what i liked about some of our better performances this season was the way we controlled possession and tempo, then when the right ball was on, spayed accurate passes forward after drawing out their midfield. it’s the slow, slow, quick quick, slow that i’ve talked about before. yesterday, especially in the first half hour, there didn’t seem to be the same logic to our long balls or attempts to retain possession under pressure. everything was happening at inappropriate times.

    on another note, Downing is too predictable. holds a good position and plays a useful role, but way too predictable to scare a fullback. i assume this is the ‘attacking midfielder’ that BR has supposedly targeted. personally i’m happy to see Suarez operating in the number 10 role behind Studge. i like it when those 2 play together (although i think BR got it right to change his shape after fucking up so royally against saints, so i think a world class wide man is more crucial than a world class number 10 if we’re talking attacking mids. Coutinho can play there as well if need be.

    can Johnson defend? we’ve been asking that question for years and we’re still no closer to an answer. i’d hate to be a centre back and know that i’ve got him behind me responsible for the far post. that ball is generally going to come straight back across the box. he stands with his feet planted and watches the ball get headed. when the ball’s played wide along the ground, he gives the man too much space to play. maybe he just needs a strong CB to marshal him / yell at him. maybe we need a new defensive coach. we’re not strong at the back. we’re vulnerable. and that means i can’t relax and enjoy games! then again, we’re blessed to have Johnson in the side because, as we’ve said before, he’s the player with the most swagger.

    Coutinho…. what a signing that is. another one of them this summer please! if he improves as you’d expect with time and experience in the PL, he’s going to be right up there. he’s probably made a bigger impression in his first few PL games that Ronaldo did. hopefully that’s what’s in store.

    Gerrard… still has the best vision in the league. he doesn’t need to look up before he passes the ball 40 yards straight to feet… and he’s big an fuckin hard… he’s Steve Gerrard.

    positives and negatives ay lads. hope and fear. that’s out lot as LFC supporters. in the words of droney warblers coldplay, “nobody said it was easy…. but no one ever said it would be this long without winning the league”

  • gazmaninaus

    I was happy the lads lifted and came back from 1 down, I thought overall we played some pretty stuff, I’ll use the word pretty rather than tough, because we certainly get muscled off the ball easily.
    Personally though Agger was awful, we might be blaming Skrtle for our defensive woe’s but Agger is no better at defending than Johnson. His ball distribution is nice to look at, but his defending is second rate.
    SG and Hendo had great games, Stevie came into the game, Hendo worked all day. I still think it will be a big mistake to move him on, he is a more dynamic player than Allen, Allen should fight for a spot with Lucas, however if we could invest in a Masch type defensive midfielder, we should.
    Personally, I think the score should have been 4-4, but a wins a win.
    What has happened to Enrique, is the left back spot cursed.
    Lastly in regard to Henry’s tweet, he’ll deny it, don’t trust him, if we spend 50 million, 40 of that will come from player sales (Suarez). He really is a dickhead of an owner. When’s the stadium up and running.

  • LondonBarnes

    Gaz, we spent £48.8m this season. £8m of that from player sales. Last season we spent £56.4m. £21m of that from sales.
    So £105.2m spend gross over 2 seasons under FSG. £76.2m net.

    We have the highest spend of a non Champions League club in Europe. By a fucking distance. Yet people moan that we’ve made losses when the accounts came out.

    Fans want the club to pay big money on transfers and wages yet moan when the ticket prices increase.

    Fans want a new stadium or rebuild of Anfield but want ticket and food prices to remain the same or decrease.

    JWH is a dickhead but we think the likes of Roman Abramovic is bad for the game.

  • kopcolly

    I don’t do twitter myself LB but I follow all the lfc fan pages on FB & seen it yday after noon , was it a hack job? Maybe ! But it was very fucking convincing , me myself I don’t get it & think its darn right fucking stupid but hey that ain’t anything out of the ordinary from our owners is it ?

  • blud red

    dickhead. John Henry?

    can’t really see why you might say that. we seem quite embittered towards the boardroom, particularly after the G&H fiasco, so that’s hardly surprising.

    JH has made a number of key decisions since coming in. some he got right and some he got wrong. he seems pretty stable. he doesn’t splash the cash – but neither can you say he is stingy, in fact i’d suggest the opposite.

    for me, the fortunes of liverpool, aside from stadium regeneration and business opportunities, seem to be within the realms of BR and the playing/coaching staff.

    if JH walked away from LFC tomorrow, i’m not sure i’d have a bad word to say for him. just a club owner that’s all, and when have they ever been bessie mates with the supporters?

    i’m just saying it’s a shame that owners do not get respect from the fans (some for very good reasons) particularly at anfield. mind you, players and managers don’t get any respect either, so why should owners.

    i have, however, always been a fan of BR, but i guess i never thought out the reasons why too much.

    towards the latter end of the season i’m beginning to understand. I think i fall into the pragmatic camp for supporters who are not happy with results but are happy with the direction the club is taking.

    yet while there are two teams that play for LFC this season (the good and the not so fucking good) i’m confident that if we keep suarez next season we might be able to iron out at least one of our problems in the summer window.

    looking at Cautinho when he first stepped on, i thought that he was the last thing we needed, another pint-sized player, all skills and tricks and chocolate teapots, but where the brazilians mentality differs from young (and he is very young) sterling, is that Cautinho, from what i can see, likes to pass the ball. simple stuff, i know, but i don’t think any of our existing players bar gerrard would have attempted to make that pass to hendo.

    a while back, there were a fair few voices saying that BR did not instigate change at Swansea, that Martinez did, and BR was merely steward. but several months on in his LFC career i’m beginning to see that he probably had a very direct effect on the boyos.

    he talks a lot…yeah, so would i if i landed the LFC job aged 39. i’d fucking talk the hind legs off a donkey. he’s got a very large picture of himself on his wall in the hallway. i’d probably have one, but ‘d stick it in the en-suite upstairs.

    one of his first decisions, and a massive one at that, was to offload Andy Carroll, in the face of criticism, when we had no recognisable replacement. rodgers seems to understand exactly what he wants and then makes a bee-line for it. he doesn’t do compromise. which suits me fine.

    we haven’t seen consistent results, but we remain competitive. we will continue to show impressive results and it seems we will continue to slip up on banana skins.

    ah…progress…aitch, but is that fucking progress??

    is appreciating ‘the direction of the club’ proper progress???

    after all, i see no progress in the goalkeeping, or the defensive or midfield department. the real progress has all been made in attack.

    we have changed our style to a team attempting to play possession, which is a neat idea, but we are still not comfortable holding the ball. not yet.

    yet we have as a club stated our desire to be different. as fans we seem to be placated by BR’s intention to play the beautiful game, but it’s still a pipe dream. we are not happy to be in seventh position, but we are happy to be laying foundations.

    in short, you could not successfully argue there has been progress for LFC. what i could say is that our brand of football is in danger of metamorphosing into something worth watching.

    I like this LFC team. they are not the most talented i have ever watched, but they are easy on the eye. we’re not boring. we’re not predictable, sadly.

    like many of you i look forward to watching us play and i think our stock has risen marginally. we have an edge. that’s the best i can say, but actually, that’s quite a compliment, because i also think the edge we have is razor sharp.

    • Dubrogue

      John Aldridge has today said that he thinks this team plays the best football at Anfield since the team he was in in the 80s. High praise.
      On the portrait thing, I believe that portrait was a gift to Brendan from some disabled supporters at Swansea. It was a gift for his personal help for them. Hence the reason he hangs it in a position that is on show.

  • blud red

    cheers dubrogue

    in fact i have no problem with a bit of ego, so long as it isn’t all consuming.

    with SG fast approaching retirement (god forbid) and JC ready to hang up his boots, if these guys are willing to stick around anfield, having attained their coaching badges, is there not hope we can create a second boot room?

    of course i’m talking ten years time when they mature as managers.

  • guinnessdrinker

    Like the second boot room Idea, JC is only 6 years younger then BR Im sure they could both learn a lot off each other.

  • theredman

    a blog writer (experience not necessary) about all thing’s concerning Liverpool football club, a sense of humor is essential also PUNCTUALITY .

  • theredman

    ” Apply within”.

  • theredman

    They never fail to leave us deflate,
    fuckin wet spam at home, i mean what is the use of beating a struggling Villa at their ground only to draw with that shite, i think if we win 4 in a row (as if) premiership officials will demand a drug test.
    And Downing ! well enough said.

  • theredman

    Well i’m stunned,
    i know there is nothing to be enthusiastic about a home draw with old fuckin telly head and his team but i thought it may have acquired some comments even vitriolic one’s like mine, but i don’t think i have come across a situation where our game finished 6 odd hour’s ago and only moi having a go at a little keyboard activity, come on guy’s tell me what you think or am i on the Marie Celeste again, even you’ll do burgerbrain (christ i must be desperate).

  • gazmaninaus

    Ok, might have some time to comment.
    Lets start with the game, if you can’t win at home with 40,000 unbiased scousers, on a Hillborough memorial day, then you are not good enough. By the 60th minute even the crowd had given up.
    Tika taka football looks great dominates possession and allows you to pin teams back. Oops part of the ethos of tika taka is passing, something we are very loose at. The other principal is committing players, we do not have players who do that. Suare, Coutinho and Gerrard are it.
    Johnson has skinned or committed a player in months, Enrique is barge and hope, Lucas is all shuffle and free kicks, Henderson was our most penetrating midfielder and he got subbed for Aisaidi. (who hasn’t hardly played all season).
    BR, I understand your trying to implement your playing style on the team, well done. You also have to have some tactical nous, non of which you displayed yesterday, with your pray and hope attempt with substitutions. Why Aisaidi, whats he got in his weaponary, you haven’t ever used him before.
    Why didn’t we change the position of Suarez, bring him from deeper, push him out wide, ect, no leave it the same and bring on a player who clearly isn’t LFC standard, and take of one of the best players on the park, lucky we had Gerrard to battle on from that point. (Lucas in fact was awful yesterday).
    For all those people professing the loss of Suarez would no no problems, yesterday highlighted the issue, When Suarez doesn’t score we look second rate. As we did at times yesterday. He is our only real world class player besides an aging Gerrard.
    Before anyone jumps on this blog, with the but we battered them, they only parked the bus, ect. Pepe Reina made a world class save and Lucas saved one off the line, they should have possibly won that game two nil, because really we didn’t actually force their keeper into a real save. We had about 20 shots but nothing of note. Stats are deceiving.
    To me it is looking like the team are ending the season just like last season. However that look got Kenny sacked, so really I fear for BR, I understand he needs time but it time available.

  • Diggerno.10

    Its not that we don’t care Redman, its just that we know what’s gonna happen. We’ve been watching this movie on a loop for 2 decades. It wears ya down man. I watched that game with me cousin today, and by the 60th minute we were just laughing at the depressing inevitablity of it all. What can we do? Piss and moan? Conjure some more platitudes, excuses and metaphors for our umpteenth season of transition? I honestly don’t know. I can’t find in myself to be angry anymore. I don’t ‘get up’ after a big win anymore because I know, oh boy do I know, what’s coming round the corner. I kinda just…..get on with it these days. A coupla wks back when we’d 8 games left I said we’d win 3, lose 3 and draw 2. Well, we lost at the dell, won at villa park and then drew at home. There’s money to be made on this team. Ya can call Liverpools results with ease when yer a longtime reds like us. The pattern is inexorable. Reading up next and that’ll be the 2nd of our final 3 wins of the season. I just hope our other one will be against them across the park. At least a crumb of comfort in the epitome of a ‘Meh’ season. But we are building I guess…..(I love them, can’t help myself)

    On the game itself I agree with much of that Gaz except Enrique. I thought he played well today. He was great going forward and always made himself and option. Fuck all went past him the other end either. Johnson on the other hand needs to sit a few. Either he’s mentally exhausted or he’s back on the weed. Eitherway, that sort of performance is just not acceptable. Really concerned about Lucas too at the moment. Goal line clearance aside he was shocking. I hope he gets a good rest in the Summer and a good pre-season. Has regressed a lot in recent months. But he’s proved me wrong before and he most certainly has the mental fortitude to come back stronger next year, but can his body? I hope so.
    Suarez…..sheesh, let’s just can this game luis and move on. Easily forgiven though considering the previous 31. Bad bad baaaaad day at the office dude!
    Sturridge, been hanging out a Glens.
    Coutinho, very bright early, faded in out there-after. Another who needs a good pre-season.
    Stevie, magnificent. Motm I thought.
    Hendo, not too far behind the Skipper. Why the fuck Rodgers took him off I have no clue. He was linking everything brilliantly and having him there was allowing Stevie to get forward and attack west ham. When he was hooked the immediate effect was Stevie had to drop deeper and do the job Hendo was doing to great effect and we lost Stevies influence and thus our way after that. A poor sub from Brendan I thought. We were really turning the srew at the time too I thought. Plus assaidi was fucking muck.
    Defence played well I thought, we look much stronger when Skrtl dosent play I’m afraid.
    All in all I think we deserved the win but in classic Liverpool style we got a draw and so it goes. Sigh…….

  • burgerman

    BR did yet another interview for talkshite on friday. The guy can’t keep his trap shut. KD was fired for finishing 37 points from the top, this season the gap will be 40 points ? A mediocre MU side have won 25 out of 30 games and could finish on 101 points. Players don’t want a EL spot and are already on a Florida beach. Finishing behind Everton is a sacking offence. No big euro club would tolerate a seventh place finish.

  • gazmaninaus

    I see BR said we were magnificent or something similar, isn’t that what Hodgeson said when we drew 0-0. Well really I should put money on the 3 wins, 3 loses and 3 draws, but then again what would be the odds.
    Looking forward to the Reading game, I think the lads need a lift, Louis needs some goals, just so he can win golden boot, he deserves that at the very least. I’d like to think we could finish on about 60 points, is that being a tad unrealistic or is it achievable.
    Apparently LFC are coming to Australia in July, then Indonesia and Thailand, wow thats going to be a daunting pre-season. Hope to see them play, however the ticket selling is starting with MCG member first, Australian LFC supporters club second, then general release. Its the same way the sold the Man U tickets, however they sold out in 8 hours.
    Well at least its on TV as well.

  • rome77

    What a great day… f*cking buzzing :)

  • Diggerno.10

    I’d say the partys in Liverpool and West Belfast will be immense tonight!