“Unraveling Unrivaled Rivalries.”


So a brace from Sturridge and one from Henderson, finally a goal from a defender at a set piece, even if it was in “the 2nd phase of play” (whatever that fuckin means) and a “classic toe-nog” from SuperSub Fabio Borini (you’re cursed now lad :) ) was just what the doctor ordered.

Our season was in slight jeopardy of petering out like a 50 year old without his Viagra.
Two somewhat dull 0-0 draws, were followed by “that incident” in what ended with a 96th minute 2-2 draw.
Predictions of 3 draws from our final run of games fulfilled.
… then we went to Newcastle… and prison-raped them.

For all the plaudits they received last season, I felt it was inevitable that Newcastle would fall away this season. The extent to which they did so though, has shocked me.
They’ve had to contend with a lot of injuries to key players. And they lost Demba Ba, which was always gonna hurt them.
But the fact they are in a relegation battle is as surprising as last season’s “challenge for 4th” to me.
I watched Papas Cisse chasing down every lump “towards” him, with an energy that was matched only by the frustration that seemed to build with every goal we scored, and every minute that passed by, as his teammates seemed to just capitulate to the circumstance…
… and I thought… “If he were Uruguayan, Jamie and Danny would be on the menu here.”
(What? too soon?)

I think Newcastle will survive the drop. We seriously screwed their goal-difference, with OUR 6-1 THRASHING OF THEM, which has added to their woes, but with trips to West Brom & QPR, I’d expect them to get 3 points from one of those games, (and that should be enough, if only just, to see them safe,) before they have to host Arsenal at home.
And as much as they’ve struggled this season, provided they don’t lose their nut over the summer, (keep their best, add a few,) I’d expect them to get right back among the 2nd tier bracket (fighting for 6th to 10th) of teams next season.

But who cares about Newcastle (other than the notion that if they did go back down, there’s a few players there that could possibly be pilfered)?
I only mention them because WE BEAT THEM SIX-NIL! :)
Positive enough for youz?
Then let me rinse and repeat… we BEAT THEM SIX-NIL??? :)

It was like an 80’s flashback… I was tempted to root out my old leather kecks and rising sun t-shirt… :)

…And BEATING THEM SIX-NIL (ahh… it never gets old does it?) was important!
You could say crucial (go on I dare you) for more glaringly obvious reasons than that we host our cross-town neighbors this weekend.

I know there are those among our fanbase that no longer see the fixture against Everton as “the biggest game of the season”.
…To some extent it isn’t.
Games against the Mancs… and even to some, the games against Chelsea have a much bigger bite! (oh no you di’n’t)

Our rivalry with Everton was unrivaled through the 80s… but through the 90s, as the Mancs morphed like the alien in “The Thing” into the Leviathan Juggernaut they now are… our rivalry with them grew to rival our rivalry with Everton.
Jose Maurinho and a couple of CL semi-finals saw to it that the Chavs grew close to that level of rivalry also.

… and as Everton fell from their heights of the 80s, to the Dogs of War relegation scrappers they became for much of the 90s and into the 00s… the game became less significant for some.

Not for me… I have relatives that are Blues.
Thank God, Yahwey, Allah, Buddah, Krishna, or even Jupitor’s cock… my Mum married a Red… coz her whole family are Bitters.
(I’m not sure a sentence containing the words “my mum” should have a “Spartacus” reference to the word “cock” in it… in fact I’m sure it shouldn’t, but I’m on a roll…)
(wait… roll… that’s just so wrong :) )
So for me, the game against Everton is still a BIG one.

…and to that end, (wait… cock, big one… that end??? Hmmm?)
… to that end this particular season, the game has some of the added spice it once held in the past… with Everton sitting unusually, 5 points above us in 6th.

As though any game isn’t a “must win game” … this is a quintessentially pundit’s “must win game” … for all the clichés… setting down a marker, showing intent, blah, blah,
… but simply for the old cross-town rivalry that still burns as brightly in EVERY Everton Heart, even if that flame dimmed some in Red Ones.
(I was going to make a reference to our season being like a visit to a dim-sum restaurant, but I’ll forgo it)

Win at the weekend and we close the gap to 2 points. (and we’ll have a better than +11 goal difference, which may come into play?)

Everton have put a good season in. They are capable of putting together some fast, free flowing, passing football.
But they’ve stumbled a bit too and have weaknesses to exploit.

We’ve displayed our weaknesses to anyone who fancied exploiting them this season.
… they were there for all to see (even if they weren’t taken advantage of by West Ham and Reading)…
… but the games against Chelsea and Newcastle showed what we are capable of.

With Everton to host West Ham, before ending their season at Chelsea…
…Liverpool will visit Fulham, before hosting QPR…
… if I was a betting man, (I’m actually expecting us to bag all 9 points in style,) I’d bet on us breaking those Everton Hearts.
I fancy a “classic” THREE – NIL!

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  • LondonBarnes

    Can’t really judge the ins and outs yet Gaz. All I’m sure of is that there will be a lot of players leaving and a lot coming in. I’ve heard the following could leave: Suarez, Pepe, Johnson, Skrtle, Shelvey, Downing, Carroll, Spearing, Coates, Enrique. And that we’ll be bringing in 8 or so new players.

    I think our players are too familiar with failure/mediocrity so I don’t mind a clear out as long as we bring in quality. Then again it coild be yet another transitional season which would drive us into despair.

    I see that Valdes has told Barca he is happy to see out the last season of his contract. If he stays I don’t think Reina will go there to sit on the bench.

    I don’t agree with selling Johnson. Unless they bring in somone who is better of course (how likely is that?).

    On the Suarez issue: have a read of this by Paul Tomkins. It’s a superb piece. http://tomkinstimes.com/2013/05/the-pros-and-cons-of-selling-suarez/

    Kolo Toure as a squad player is a decent signing. He’s been good enough as a back up centre half for the team that finished 1st and 2nd the last 2 years. He’s signed a 2 year contract and is on less money than Carra. It’s not the type of signing that can hurt the club (Joe Cole/Jovanovic) so I’ll be giving the benefit of the doubt and not worry about the validity of his age (its only brought up because he’s African).

  • YNWAlancey

    I’m liking the link to Popavich fella, really think we could do with abeast of a CB, Toure for me is great business…

    I don’t think Suarez is leaving this season though, maybe in another year or two, but by then we may very well be back in the Champions League…

  • gazmaninaus

    I’m actually liking the link to the Ukrainian lad, (Mhadabapdefqlifditbid), I’m just not sure how you pronounce it. He looks like a genuine Gerrard replacement, all heart and effort apparently.
    I hope Suarez stays, afterall he’s a winner with a winning mentality, just no brains in between, as BR said, he wants to sign winners.
    Anyway apparently Andy Carroll has left, so good luck to the lad, hope things work out well for him, hope he gets fit enough to actually have a dig at the English team, afterall, striker wise, there screwed. Pity about Sturidge, however he is prone to injury so its a good thing we have a few extra striking options. Can’t wait for the trails to start, I guess it won’t be long.
    Also on the trails news, apparently you Irish lads may get to see LFC v Celtic in Dublin, that would be a big game. Here, I’m still hoping to get dodgy tickets to LFC v Melbourne Victory, will probably be a shit game anyway.
    What do we think about the transfer season lads, lets get some discussion going.

  • YNWAlancey

    That Tomkins article makes an aweful lot of sense doesn’t it? We could buy 3x 15-20 mill players for suarez alone… Considering Luis usual suspensions the 3 players could easily provide more assists, goals and reliability provided we buy right…

    For me our best line up for this season is:

    ???(Hendo) – Coutinho – Suarez (?)
    ???(Enrique)- Agger- ???(Skrtyl/Toure)-Johnson

    For me we need a quality LW, perhaps why this Mkhitaryan fella maybe brought in?

    Left back is a 50-50 position for me, Jose reminds me of Riise, not bad, but no worldie LB…

    A CB is also a no brainer need, sounds awsome that Popa fella from Greece, but it’s early days, I’ve a feeling that a new CB will be reliant on Skrtyl being offloaded or not…

    Finally RW will need addressing (IF) Suarez gets sold… Funnily enough if we sell Suarez we could easily get major upgrades for both the left and right wings and a star CB with the proceeds…

    Interesting days ahead as we watch the transfers happen around the league…

    Looking forward to off loading Caoll, even though I;m sure he’ll be the bees knees for someone like West Ham…

  • London Red

    Interesting read
    Are Lucas and Gerrard the right combination?

    01/06/2013 – 11:02
    Delving into the topic of Liverpool and their formations.

    A lot has been made of Lucas’ performances of late. After reaching some incredible highs with Liverpool, the Brazilian had to build himself back up for Brendan Rodgers first season after a serious injury, which saw him out for months. Many fans have been quick to jump on Lucas’ case this season. But with so many fans disappointed with his displays, it’s partly down to the high standards set by the midfielder from his previous seasons. With change of manager, came change of tactics, and formation. And with Rodgers philosophy built around the midfield, it would be easy to spot why players like Adam didn’t suit his thoughts. Liverpools preferred formation this season has been a 4-2-3-1.

    With Lucas acting as holding midfielder in a double pivot with Gerrard. We also used the double pivot under Benitez when we had Alonso and Mascherano used as the ‘2’. This season, Lucas’ problem hasn’t been his distribution. In actual fact his passing has only been second to Steven Gerrard. He can quite quickly play balls from deep out to the wingers or the overlapping full backs. Something all deep lying midfielders should do, but Lucas has done it brilliantly. Lucas plays a similar role to Carrick. Although I think Carrick is a far superior player, they both posses similar qualities. I’ve analysed Lucas’ performances of late. It’s clear to me, and to others, that Lucas closes down too much. He quickly runs up to the opposition midfielder who has the ball. Pressuring him, he plays a simple pass and away they go. There’s a gap in front of the back four, where any of there attackers can roam into untouched with the ball. In other words. Lucas is out of position. I initially thought it was something quite simple. Tell Lucas to refrain himself to pressing. Let Rodgers have a ‘wee’ word with him to tell him to just sit and not get pulled put of position. Lucas is a clever footballer, he has the brains. Not every footballer has the right footballing head (Skrtel), but Lucas does. He’ll be able to adapt to any critiques Rodgers makes to his game.

    Now from my analysis, I found the problem that has led to Lucas getting dragged out of position. You may not like it, but here it is. Steven Gerrard. He doesn’t have the legs. In a 4-2-3-1, the central players roles are:

    1. The deep-lying play maker (Lucas)

    2. The shuttler (Steven Gerrard)

    3. The ’10’ (Luis Suarez)

    Lucas has the difficult, but simple job of playing as the holding midfielder, in other words, the Makélélé role. He must sit just in front of the defence. Take the ball out the defence and quickly commence attacks, preferably down the flanks. The shuttler is Gerrard.

    Because Lucas has to refrain himself to press and try to win the ball from high up the pitch, it’s the shuttler’s job to do the donkey work. He has to be fit. Press up high, win the ball back, be a quick passer. He has to have the legs to quickly burst out of the midfield to support attacks. Does Gerrard really have the fitness levels? If you watch closely, it’s always Lucas who has to apply the pressure on the midfield, meaning he gets caught out of position, and Gerrard’s doing neither job. So Gerrard’s caught in limbo, and we’re not getting the best out of him. How do we stop the rot? Well, while throwing up different options in my analysis, it hit me. Jordan Henderson. He’s by far the fittest player on the pitch, he loves to press on the opposition, not allowing them have any time on the ball, and he often makes a break from midfield. What a perfect combination: Lucas and Henderson acting as a double pivot in the midfield. Lucas acts as the destroyer and the go to man for defenders (someone to pass to short) and Henderson, someone to do the donkey work, something I’m sure he’s more than happy to do, to help the cause.

    Now, I’m not for one second saying we should drop Gerrard. He is the heart and sole of this team. What I am suggesting is that we push him higher up the pitch. Playing Gerrard as a ’10’. Out of the 3 midfield position in a ‘Rodgers’ team, playing as the ’10’ is the least demanding position physically. Which suits Gerrard. In all seriousness, lets not romanticise this, Gerrard not getting any younger.

    Back when Rafa was the manager, he was asked if Gerrard would drop back deeper when he was older. A sensible question, considering the same has happened to Scholes. Rafa response was not in favor of that though. He felt that as time went on, we’d see Stevie moving further up the pitch, in complete support for the front man. Can Gerrard play Lucas’ role? I hear you ask. He could, but he’d do a woeful job. It’s like when Scholes plays for United. He sits deep, same positioning as Carrick, he distributes the ball excellently, but he doesn’t do the defensive work like Carrick does. Any United fan would tell you, that they concede more goals whiles Scholes is playing instead of Carrick. And even more so, they’ll tell you that the two of them can’t play together.

    They both sit deep. Scholes has to act as the shuttler. As he doesn’t have the legs for it, he can’t act as the shuttler in the double pivot. I read an article recently by Steve Hoare of the Bib Theorists, on how we play a very deep back four. This topic in some ways coincides with the topic of the double pivot. I won’t go into the details of how and why we play a deep line, but what I will say is that I think playing Gerrard and Lucas together as the double pivot is making us play that deep line. At first I just thought, again, it was something simple. Let Rodgers have a word. ‘Push up a wee bit lads’. Then I questioned: Was it Carragher’s presence? Was he afraid that the ball would go over his head, and he wouldn’t be able to get back and cover? Maybe. But all in all, I think it’s down to Gerrard and his positioning. If you have your midfield three, and you want there to be three lines of midfielder players, then have Lucas the deepest, with Gerrard in front of him (going back and forth).

    However, because Gerrard can’t be going back and forth, he spends most of his game doing one or the other. Either in the same line of Lucas or the same line as Suarez. In my opinion, he spends 80% of his game in Lucas’ line. This means we have two players playing deep, which can only mean the defence have to drop a bit deeper.

    I’ll finish on a high note. Picture this midfield and attack:




  • LondonBarnes

    Great post there. In my opinion we don’t press as a side because of Gerrard – the reasons for this is explained above. We also find it difficult to play the way the manager wants us to play because of Suarez. He’s a maverick. These are our best 2 players so we have a problem. BR doesn’t have the onions to drop either or play either out of their favoured position. So as long as they are both at the club, BR’s preferred way of playing is compromised.

    I think its a waste of time talking about playing Gerrard as the number 10 or on the right. It’s not going to happen.

    So what does the manager do? Replace our best 2 players with others who make the team play better? As I said I don’t think BR has the onions to do that. A more established manager like Rafa, Mourinho, Wenger, Ferguson would without hesitation I think. Even Houllier had the balls to get rid of Fowler because he didn’t suit his counter attacking style of play. We were all pissed off but we did get our highest points haul in 20 years finishing above United.

  • blud red

    Onions…hmm, sounds like common sense to me. i certainly wouldn’t start my first year in charge of LFC by dropping Gerrard. in the first instance, as BR arriving from Swansea, my mandate would be to work alongside players of Gerrards quality, to see what I could gain from their experience.

    secondly, i wouldn’t want to lose the dressing room. at the tender age of 39, it would take a messiah to get it back. AVB at chelski springs to mind. he cut a very isolated figure towards the end of his tenure with few mates in the duggout behind him.

    dropping Gerrard and Suarez in your first year as LFC manager is not a risk I would consider, especially without adequate back-up. both AVB and BR have learned the hard way from Reading and Chavs, once bitten twice shy, maybe.

    however, i’m in agreement. i’m not sure gerrard in his pomp at 25 would fit into BR’s system. Gerrard was no less a maverick then, taking matters into his own hands, pinging balls left right centre, cutting edge tackles. he was a relative soloist. either that or he was the conductor, but in BR’s system i’d argue the orchestra conducts itself. anyway, enough of the analogies.

    suarez doesn’t fit easily into any system that doesn’t employ him as the focal point because he’s loathe to pass at the best of times. it has been pointed out on countless occasions that the distance between messi and suarez has been created by messi’s ability to pass the ball. not forgetting Messi is a better finisher, but his ability to bring in the team is leagues ahead. yes suarez is a maverick.

    but picking up on what LB said about replacing our 2 best players, there is a ray of hope. on current form, Gerrard and Suarez are no longer our 2 best players; sturridge and coutinho take that glory. before they came along and had such an impact suarez and gerrard basically picked themselves, and who would argue.

    now LB, in my second year as LFC manager, having worked alongside the club greats, Gerrard, Carra, Suarez, and given them their due, now i’d be prepared to play games without them, decreasing their influence, withdrawing their sting, raising the status of players like hendo, who need to know their value, while sending a clear message to suarez, fergusson-like, that you even the best players are replaceable.

    correct me if i’m wrong but DS’s goal ratio for LFC currently stands at 1 goal every 1.4 games. so liverpool finally found a diamond in the rough and while much of the talk has surrounded coutinho, his impact would not be as great without an outlet to his obvious talents. coutinho is a playmaker, not a goalscorer and to some extent he knows his place. there lies the ray of hope, the spark. sturridge makes scoring look simple, again.

    good posts above. while this blog was prepared to go into hibernation, its wise to remember there are thousands, millions of reds gagging to read well informed articles about their team. the off season is not turned off as far as i’m concerned.

  • Diggerno.10

    *…..decides to check out Kopblog for first time in a couple of wks, promptly regrets it! :-D…..*

    Hope ye’re all having a great Summer lads, just chillin me. Coupla gigs, coupla pints, coupla smokes, not really missing the footie yet. But looking forward to the new season at the same time. Keep yer hand on er lads, shall drop in in another couple wks.

  • Yokohama Liverpool Fan

    Watching the Confederations Cup is a good distraction from the fabrications I have been reading in the gutterpress.

    All the things supposedly said by Suarez have been twisted and it is as if his departure to Real has been set in stone…

    Having said that I am liking our early movement in the market to chase Aspas, Luis Alberto and Mkhitaryan who is a gem of a player. If reports are to be believed it won’t be long before he flies in for a medical.

    Fingers crossed we keep our best players and add to the team early to give BR a good chance to work with the players during preseason and avoid the sobering kickstart we had last season.

  • LondonBarnes

    Yokohama, not wishing to pick a fight because we are all guilty of this – myself included – but it’s interesting we pick the good news in the press such as good players we are linked with and buy into it. Yet the stuff we don’t want to see, read or hear we regard as gutter press. Such as Suarez words being twisted etc. I don’t believe his words have been twisted. He want’s to go to Real Madrid and is engineering a move. There’s nothing wrong with him wanting to leave a club that has finished 6th, 8th, 7th to go to the biggest club in the world. It’s just the way he is going about it is very cynical. It’s so transparent. He’d be better off saying he wants to win trophies and doesn’t think we’re ready to challenge for the biggest prizes yet and at his age he can’t afford to hang around for 3,4,5 years hoping it happens. I think we’d all respect that.

  • gazmaninaus

    Well gutter press or not, I’m genuiely worried about Suarez, he had a massive year, even with the constant cards, nutter episodes and eventual 10 barring. We appear to be getting our work done early, but is it all really paper talk.
    Toure was a free, he’s also 30+, however he is experienced and that will count.
    Aspas appears signed but is he really an upgrade of anything we have. Is he an upgrade of Dowing, Borini or such, or in worse case scenario is he an equivolent of Saurez or even better. That will be the one to watch.
    The young lad from Barca’s B team, is he going to be better than Borini or in fact any of our front lads, will he actually come, afterall he was going to Barca for 3.2, now we’re haggling around 8 million, fuck off.
    Lastly M—————–H, the papers seem to love him but to me he’s about to become one of the most expensive players ever to come out of an obscure league. Lets hope the lad lives up to all the hype, afterall his team just about wins everything over there. Still its a big portion of our budget nabbing him.
    Lastly whats happening with the defensive line, afterall we lost our most consistant player to retirement, that area looks like a priority to me. Then of course there is the constant, goalkeeper rumour. It certainly is silly season, but at this stage most stuff is just ink on paper, with hardly any substance.

  • guinnessdrinker

    Alright Lads been keeping my beak out of footy news for as long as I could seems like we are really making a lot of moves for a lot of players very early which is a bit of sea change from the usual LFC transfer sagas that go on for weeks and weeks only for us to get rode like annabelle chong at a fat guy convention center.

    Cant say I know much about the players we are lining up but from past experiences that’s probably an excellent thing! The lad Mk-hit-a-ryan looks potential world class quality from what those in the know are saying. Watched some clips and he does look the real deal. I know we could make Jimmy Troare look stevie-esq with some cunning editing but why would you bother!

    Mkhitaryan-Luis-Coutiniho with Sturridge up top makes the mouth water..

    The dude Papa looks like a complete head-case which I like in a center half but Im not sure the club can hack two nutters in the first 11. Which is why I’d have to agree with those who think Mkhitaryan is a replacement for Luis it makes sense in the long run if not quiet for the season ahead.

    Starting to get excited about it now that we finally seem to be making our moves early and with some conviction. Onwards and Upwards boys.


  • Yokohama Liverpool Fan

    Londonbarnes, I agree where there’s smoke there is fire but
    Madrid haven’t made a concrete offer yet as they seem more interested in Bale and possibly Cavani, and Suarez hasn’t handed in a transfer request “yet”. He has also denied that there has been any contact so here is me hoping that like with the Barca – Reina situation it is not set in stone.

    Having said that about Reina, it is interesting to see our supposed interest in Simon Mignolet but are we really going to spend 10m of our transfer budget on a keeper to add competition to Reina. The last I heard Barca’s keeper is hanging around for another year which will very much put Reina’s transfer on hold.

    With regards to our defence I think Schalke’s asking price of 16-20m has poured cold water on our link to Papadopolous and we are looking at other options although the prospect of him partnering Agger is mouthwatering. The Liverpool kit sales will have a field day if we sign both Papadopolous and Mkhitaryan with all the extra letters they need to iron on.

    Sporting’s Ilori looks very promising. No doubt we have had an eye on him since the next Gen series where they beat us 0-3. He is tall, very pacey and speaks fluent English because he was born in London. We had a 3m off supposedly as they are holding out for 5m which is expensive for a young, inexperienced DF.

    Another option is Alderweild from Ajax because his move to Levurkusen has fallen through although I think Ilori will be the better investment.

    Furthermore it looks like Skrtel will be staying unless Napoli fork out the money so much will be pending on this as well.

    I have also read some news about Cissokho again who won’t be a bad addition at LB to add competition to places.

    Wanyama I have been reading about as well and hope we do go in for him as one of our weaknesses was protecting the back 4 for much of last season. He only has 1 year left on his contract so Celtic don’t have a lot of choice but to sell and according to the Dailymail, Southampton have agreed a 10m deal for him in principle which I think will be a snip if we can get in at the last minute to scupper the deal. We already made a mistake not signing Diame for example with Lucas out injured for much of the season so hope we make a move.

    Even if Shelvey gets sold though with the competition of places fierce it would mean Joe Allen and Luca’s position will be under threat. Would you prefer if we sold Lucas to Napoli to reunite him with Rafa and sign Wanyama a more powerful, quick DMF? What are everyone’s thoughts on this? I do like Lucas as a player and as a person but he has become Brazil’s forgotten man. I hope he recovers the form he had before his injury. Hope Allen proves the Welsh Xavi tag but is only 21 and in my opinion has a long way to go.

    In terms of Mkhitaryan (took me a few goes b4 I could spell his name without a reference) he will absolutely be worth every penny. The only complication it seems besides the price is ownership rights of the player which like Aspas may drag on.

    “If” we do finally manage to get him he will take the burden off Gerrard to score goals and be the driving force from MF. I think he is a more complete player than Ericksen and outshone him in the Armenia-Denmark demolition where he scored and provided an assist. This might stall Hendo’s progress but I think if Gerrard is given a rest now and then the more MF dynamos we have the better. Mkhitaryan may be played in a Mata like role out wide anyway as he is versatile.

    If Suarez does end up leaving he will do much to soften the blow and together with Coutinho, Sturridge, Aspas, Luis Alberto, Borini, Downing, Assaid and Sterling we will have a wealth of options in attack. I do expect a couple of players to be sold or go away on loan though.

    Other links I have seen are Christian Atsu from Valencia who is only 21 but is a very quick player, Tom Ince is still doing the rounds (I think this is dead because of his father’s influence), Diego Capel and also Cardozo who will cost 14.5m are also options apparently.

    With the Confederations Cup on and being based in Japan Honda has gotten rave reviews. I hope he gets his dream move to one of the big leagues. I have always wanted him to come to Liverpool and thought there was a good chance with Standard Chartered wanting us to sign Asian players but there has been nothing to indicate we our interested.

    Anyway, I can’t wait until July as I think we will get our deals done as early as possible.

  • Yokohama Liverpool Fan

    Meant to write With the Confederations Cup on, the rave reviews and being based in Japan myself I hope we get Honda as he is a great player and his Super Start status in Japan will mean all the revenue streams he will create with his marketing value will be more than the value of his transfer which won’t be so high as his contract will run out next year.

    The guy is a “Winner”! Mentally & physically strong and has great vision, technique and freekick taking ability. He will prove just as good value as Kagawa if not more.

  • Yokohama Liverpool Fan

    Can we get an editing function in Kopblog?