Suarez talks Real Madrid – “It is complicated”

After all the controversies surrounding him of late, you’d think Luis Suarez would keep a low profile and refrain from discussing any potential transfer. Instead he’s gone and reiterated his desire to play alongside Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Luis Suarez

The Uruguayan is quoted in The Mirror, speaking on national television in Uruguay, expressing his desire to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo:

“Of course I would like to play with Cristiano Ronaldo – he is a great player. You never know, but it is complicated.”

“At the moment he is in Madrid and I am in Liverpool and I do not know what is going to happen.”

Seemingly, Suarez is happy to sour his relationship with Liverpool supporters by speaking so openly about his desire to join Real.

Edit: In response to those who have responded on twitter to say Suarez was simply ‘answering a question’ – ask yourself why the need to say “at the moment” and “it is complicated”. He is openly saying he wants to leave.

Speaking of the incident which led to him receiving a 10 match ban, when he bit Branislav Ivanovic, Suarez admitted his mistake:

“The incident with Ivanovic – I know I made a mistake, it was me, my fault, and he did not do anything to me.

“I was angry because I had given away a penalty for hand ball. I was the cause of the penalty against my team – I saw red and completely lost it. I can’t really explain it and I am so sorry.”

Of the reaction to the incident, Suarez said:

“But still people can be very cruel, and the reaction was amazing.”

Again, attempting to shift the blame, similar to his previous quotes where the media were cited as his reason for seeking a “change of environment“.

Perhaps the most incredible thing during this saga is that nobody is advising Suarez on what to say, or not say more to the point.

Watch The Redmen TV discuss the pros and cons of selling Suarez:

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  • liverpool4life565

    If he wants to go then let him, but at a price 50-60 million :-) could get a few good players with that amount :)

  • imoff

    He may be a genius on the field but he should really learn to shut up period.

  • samnexus

    Michael Owen was desperate to join Real and it proved to be a failure; Fernando Torres was eager to join Chelsea and he regrets it today. hope Suarez stays, but if he goes, good luck and best wishes.

  • Haq

    OMG. Does this boy not know when to shut up. He is showing lack of class now. The quicker he leaves, the better. It’s always someone else fault. He forgets Liverpool stood by him & supported him after his mistakes. If he’s desperate to leave, he could have communicated this privately & not through media. Liverpool fans would have been disappointed but I feel most would have understood.

  • Rederik

    All he has to do is put his leaving request in writing, then he will get his wish, no one is bigger than the club, Luis it is up to you, stay and help put the greatest football team in the world back were it belongs or go and play for one of them clubs that envy the great Liverpool F.C

  • Gray

    Does anybody know if Real have even said they want him? Seems to me Cavani and Bale are more on their radar. Only option that I see at the moment is Bayern Munich and I doubt they will pay over 50 million for him, so if the owners stick to their guns like they did with Torres
    a) He will leave but only at the correct valuation which is +£50 million
    b) Serves his punishment like a man, shuts his trap and gets on with playing for the Reds. Liverpool hold all the aces Luis not you.

  • ajr37

    Well said Shacat.
    The press seem delighted to use misquotes and misinterpretation to force Suarez to go rather than convincing him to stay. TIA is just cutting and passing those wrong comments, and stoking up the flames.