Report: Liverpool agree £16m deal with AC Milan for Mario Balotelli

on 21.08.2014

Liverpool have reached an agreement “in principle” with AC Milan to sign striker Mario Balotelli, it is being reported in Italy on Thursday.

CHARLOTTE, USA - Saturday, August 2, 2014: AC Milan's Mario Balotelli and Liverpool's Martin Skrtel during the International Champions Cup Group B match at the Bank of America Stadium on day thirteen of the club's USA Tour. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The 24-year-old has been the focus of intense speculation over the last 24 hours since Italian media reported Liverpool’s interest on Wednesday morning.

The negotiations between the Liverpool and Milan were later confirmed by English reporters.

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Now esteemed Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio says a deal has been agreed for the sale of Balotelli:

“From Rossoneri to the Reds, Balotelli is close to Anfield.

“An agreement has been reached in principle between the two clubs after talks gathered pace overnight.

“The deal should be an outright transfer, assumed to be around €20 million (£16 million) with no bonus.

“Balotelli start packing, Liverpool awaits!”

17.11.2010, Worthersee-Arena, Klagenfurt, AUT, Freundschaftliches Landerspiel, Italien vs Rumanien, im Bild Barwuah Mario Balotelli, ITA, #10 // during international frindly footballmatch, Italy vs Romania at Worthersee-Arena Klagenfurt on 17/11/2010. EXPA Pictures (C) 2010, PhotoCredit: EXPA/ E. Scheriau

The Italian international striker has scored 30 goals in 54 games for Milan after switching from Manchester City last year for £19 million.

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Liverpool have been on the look out for a new striker this summer following Luis Suarez‘s departure to Barcelona.

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Following the Reds’ 2-1 victory over Southampton on Sunday, Brendan Rodgers confirmed the club were still in the market for a striker.

“I do still think we need another striker,” he said.

“It is something that we will look at, but it will depend on the availability of one.

“We will search through to the end of the transfer window.”

The collapse of a move for Queen’s Park Rangers forward Loic Remy forced Rodgers to look elsewhere and if these reports are to be believed, Liverpool look to have found their man in Balotelli.

What will Balotelli bring to Liverpool if he signs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, or on our Liverpool FC Forums.


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  1. how long before we sell him i will give him two seasons at most
    a message to the lfc transfer committee

      • and he might turn out like suarez but with none of the brilliance were it matters most on the pitch
        and do you think sturridge will be happy seeing him come to the club
        i doubt it they both want to be the main man get ready for the clash of egos

        • You could be right mate. Where there’s money and fame mixed in with sport , along come big egos. Its how it is. Sturridge needs a big player to keep him on his toes.

        • It was the same with Suarez and Studge, both fought to be the main man!! It will be good for Dan to have competition! No point writing this signing off until if has had a chance to prove itself!! It COULD be excellent, and at 16 mil, not too much to lose if it isn’t, especially if we sell Borini for 14!!

          • the difference is sturridge knew were he stood with suarez ,now they will be fighting it out to be number one ,and i can see it spilling onto the training ground and pitch
            sturridge as been quick to give out the mucky looks since suarez left balotelli will be having none of it

          • Balloted like wins at fisticuffs ; he’s harder than studge. Hopefully they will both keep it on the pitch

          • It will end in tears. The only question is how long before It does. Hopefully more than one season.

        • The potential clash of egos is my only real concern. Bad boys can change and mature and maybe Liverpool is the environment that Balotelli needs. Liverpool fan support for its players is beyond that of any other team. Maybe this support will mature Balotelli.

    • well, lets all hope it’ll be to barca again for 3 times the price and a truckload of goals in the bag until then…

  2. Hands up who wanted a ‘marquee signing’? well here you go!
    I’m still trying to talk myself into this transfer, but will wait until he’s holding our number 7 shirt!

      • Reality is we are desparate as we can’t convince top quality players without baggage to join us. Great gamble in my book but swapping him in for Borini out us a no – brainer on a pure footballing level. Things may just have got exciting again. Now, where is the deal for song to make this a really good day?

      • This one is such a double edged sword that I can’t make up my mind.At the price and the potential he has (he is better player then Suarez was when he came, although because of LS workrate I dont think he will reach LS level) its a great buy. The other side the one you mention his disruptive influence could totally derail us. Friend of mine is Italian Milan based AC fan and he said that he changed for the better in the Milan shirt but he credited that to him being Milan fan since childhood.I am hoping that he accepts the secondary option role but I just don’t see it. This transfer window will shape the rest of BR’s LFC regime, after this it will either be short or a very long one.

        • i doubt he will get much money to spend on transfers again if it goes pete tong thants for sure
          he his just not the kind of player you want around the likes of stirling and ibe and a few of the other youngsters

          • Players used to go to the pub and bet on the horses all afternoon leading to alcohol and gambling problems. Now to kill time they get silly haircuts and tattoos. I think now is better.

          • Didn’t know you had 2 profiles? And I am sorry to have irritated your ego. It is something known as a doubletap, and I merely mentioned your wrongspellig of *Sterling, the rest I give a damn about. To me, it is important knowing the names of our stars.

          • I’m merely pointing out he’s no angel, I love the kid. At least you didn’t try to defend his silly haircuts ;)

          • Can’t defend the indefensible.

            Mate who is an angel? I certainly wasn’t at his age and I didn’t have his daily wage a year. I just don’t think he is all that bad. Not seen any evidence to the contrary either.

            The Balo bad influence is something that worries me though. He got fined for throwing a dart at a youth team lad at city apparently. Fined a weeks wage. No injuries to the kid like but still bad.

            Anyway once the madman is here I will give support. If he scores goals like that one against Bologne then he will win a lot of people over.

          • You sound like my mother!!! So now Mario is gonna corrupt the youth of Liverpool? Please, focus your criticism on footballing issues and don’t speculate on gossip and tripe.

      • Show any kid in the world a picture of him and they will know who he is. Isn’t that what classes as a marquee signing? We all know he’s going to be trouble and hasn’t he been sent off in the only 2 games he’s played at Anfield?

    • 16M?! What a bargain. To think we might sell Borini for 14M! He may have his problems but he’ll bring some entertainment to the league!

      • he may bring some entertainment to the league ,were you not calling for the most entertaining player in the league to be sold not so long back

        • With Suarez it’s different. He was banned for many months, in which we would need him most and people say he’s one bite away from being banned forever from football. Suarez is one of the greatest players I’ve seen. It just made sense to sell him this summer after all he’s put the club through.

          • Also allowed the club to build out quality depth to be prepared for the season and being in Europe. Suarez is also older, Balo is the age Suarez was when bought by Liverpool.

          • Yup! And when we signed Suarez he had his problems as well at Ajax. Nobody complained then. Decent business overall. Signing Falcao for 12M on loan seemed ridiculous.


    I’ve always loved this guy…. he’s coming of age now as well, he’s 24, his firework histerics are probably behind him now. Add in Brendan’s knack for handling players, and the banter he’ll have with studge sterling hendo – all of similar age to Ballo – will create such a strong group. He will mature into a fantastic player I am so sure of this! 16m pounds – joke price considering city bought him for 30odd!!!

    Welcome home , Ballo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #45 :)

    • Ikr :D if we just consider his ability and potential..he’s one of the best strikers around…his attitude is a little bit f-ed up but that’s fine

    • or he could have the opposite affect on the players you mention and make them all go of the rails
      and welcome home its not robbie fowler comiung back it some ex city player
      and if rumour are to be true milan refused to have a good behaviour clause put into the contract
      i wonder why

      • Ok, welcome to your “new” home….. nitpicking.

        You have a point but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for now. No point on getting on his back, support him and he will repay the club, for sure. Think about it, if he wouldn’t be up for the move BR would not sign him? He must’ve impressed BR in their meeting that he will knuckle down and work hard. Brendan’s not a stupid guy he knows what he wants

      • Do you rate him as a player? Just curious. I remember you were very upset we sold Suarez and were willing to keep him despite all his personal short comings. Despite all his on and off the field issues, Super Mario managed to score 30 goals in 54 matches for a mediocre AC Milan side. He was also the one who set up Aguero’s goal that won them the tittle 3 seasons ago. He has bags of experience playing in hostile situations. Can you imagine if he gets to play in the Etiad stadium next Monday? Lets face it Mancini wasn’t exactly the best man manager, look how he handled Tevez too? If anyone can get the best out of Mario, BR can. Plus Mario, Sturridge and Sterling up front would be a scary proposition for any back for in the EPL. I can almost hear you salivating at that imagery, Carr. :) We should take a page out of Barca’s book and focus on getting the best out of another flawed genius.

      • Agreed mate 100% red flags all over this one makes you wonder how all other clubs are wrong yet we are right mmm I guess time will tell but hey on his day he is unplayable and he is not malicious just stupid Suarez is a con artist and robbed us of his full value by biting he was always ever about himself and would do anything no matter how sly to get away from us. Mario has a good heart but a crazy head. we need both work the same sadly I see him as a ticking time bomb . I dont think of games when we are smashing teams when he is scoring and happy I think of trips to Burnley and Palace where things arent going so well will he sulk around and drag everyone down with him.

      • haha I think I mentioned it yes….. but I was only hoping it because he is one of my fav players, not sure why. I just love controversial players…. I lived in manchester for a while and saw him a few times doing his stupid stuff on the street… giving a homeless guy money when he came out of a casino haha :D

        Top top lad by the way, watch his interview with noel gallagher.
        I also think he has that Xfaktor which we are missing after suarez that will get us more fans from around the world, shirt sales , revenue etc etc etc…

        • Totally agree. He’s exciting and therefore a revenue earner for the club (big name Italian player, a market we’re not really in, big world name so lots of interest.) My guess is short dales to outstrip signing fee in the first month. Just hope he stays the right side I’d contraversial so the big sponsors are happy.

    • And if he can sell Borini for 14 million, that is a net spend of 2 million.

      We all know this lad is barking mad, but on his worst day, Mario is better than Borini on his best day.

      And add to that, Mario scores goals in a league focused on defense. That means we could have a guy that can crack the “park the bus” teams open as Mario plays against that every week.

      Add to this, CL experience and an Italy International.

      Then he has pace and power and skill.

      So worth the risk, but I would sign Falco as well.

    • Brendan handled saurez well he would be able to handle mario too.. and brendan is not like mancini bossy type he deals issues calmly .. we have Lovren and gerrard too who can guide mario

  4. Super Mario could be our Cantona. I prefer to look at the glass half full. He just needs love (and therapy) and at some point he has to mature. lets hope he makes anfield his home. Forza! Mario

    • christ lets hope not. don’t need him kicking fans in the chest. Cantona is a disgrace to humanity. Complete insult to say Balotelli could be him.

      • For goodness sake chill out! And read in context. So you wouldn’t take Mario inspiring us to our first title in decades?? Because that’s all I was referring to.

    • BR wanted that as well but it came out last night that Milan said no to the loan , they wanted cash only because not having CL left a big hole in their budget.

  5. Bendan will sort him out. A young player who hasn’t even reached his prime with world class potential. He will be loved and he will deliver. Make it happen.

  6. Not too excited, he has the talent but is inconsistent, has temper issues and could disrupt a team in motion like LFC.

    This signing will come down to Man management skills of BR. If he pulls it off, i would say he is up there with the very best.

  7. I am still a bit sceptical about the move..but love him or hate him,he brings unpredictability.. that li’l some thing extra when u need it..lad’s a character alright.. but he’s got it. Plus he knows English conditions… if this goes through,this just might be the crucial move we needed for putting the bookies scratching their heads this season..

    • that mean nothing he could be going on strike he could be going to live in tibet nothing would surprise me with this loon

      • haha. I had to laugh as this is so true.

        If there is one thing we should all know about Mario, its that you can not predict what he will do, what he means or when it will happen.

        I am happy to sign him, but I am not stupid enough to think he will change.

        • Well you better make sure that you move your table before you start watching the games. I’m sure GJ hasn’t reimburse you for the one you broke last season. Oh this is going to be a fun season.

          I really hope TIA’s server can handle the extra traffic after each match.

          • Or I could wear a foot brace! Haha!!!
            We should expect a sizeable donation from Mario soon for TIA…

            Because he’s rich!

  8. If ever there was a player who needs a fatherly arm to bring out the best in him it’s Balo, if ever there was a club that’s proved it will go the extra mile to do that it is us. Let’s just hope he appreciates it and repays with interest if this goes through.

    • Nah not anymore. He needs someone to tell him to wake up and take advantage of his last chance to be a world class player, and to not tolerate his cutting corners in training and being lazy on the pitch.

  9. Reports in Italy claim Mario Balotelli has told his AC Milan team-mates he is leaving for Liverpool.

    Looks like he is accepting or already accepted what paper they throw in front of him.

    Betta get the hookers ready!

  10. this literally is a gamble 50/50 know one knows how it will turn out,he could be one of our best striker’s ever or he could f’up everything good at the club and fight on the pitch over freekicks and pen’s. either way ultimately it’s the price and £16m is not much for a 24 year old.imagine sturridge,remy and balo all for £35-£40m and we spent £35m on andy carrol

  11. If BR can get him focussed hes a top top player for us. Now lets get Falcau as well and make a statement to the rest of the prem. We are title contenders again.

  12. If BR can get him focussed hes a top top player for us. Now lets get Falcau as well and make a statement to the rest of the prem. We are title contenders again.

  13. Details on his wages now coming through.

    £92k p/w

    That’s lower than what he demanded (£150k p/w), but probably relented since poontang in Liverpool is cheaper.

    • Mind you mate Falcao would have cost nearly 20mill for a year and then we’d have to give him back. Balotelli seems like a smarter move and personally when on his game Balo can be as dangerous as anyone.

    • haha, I reckon your right, he has prob put that into his calc and worked out even on half his wages he will be quids in.

  14. We’ve just sold the Mr unpredictable and should now have Dr unpredictable MSc Ph.D
    I’m all for this, unpredictability isn’t a problem when you have a snake charmer in Brendon.

    You can put a lid on a box of frogs and with time, they will suffocate.

    A romance will blossom and goals shall be scored!!

  15. May I remind everyone that Mario already had pre-season and could possibly be available against City (though I doubt it).

    If he debuts there, I hope he brings his, “Why Always Me” t-shirt.

    • hes also against the sun newspaper ( refused to answer questions from their journalist). Finally he told borini before he joined liverpool that they have the most exciting fans to play in front of in the league ( and that was while he was at City!)

  16. All you need is love…

    … As far as im aware he hasnt done anything crazy since being at AC milan. He’s clearly demotivated playing for a team not even close to champions league football and by the racism he gets in italy. City fans absolutely adored him and no one will show him the love that we will. Brenden will sort him out dont you worry!

  17. A couple of seasons ago..sturridge’s acquisition also caused a stir..he’s selfish,can’t play no. 9 and other various crap..lets give him a chance first shall we?

      • agreed. But did have major question marks about his attitude. Ballotelli on a whole new level though. I trust brendan to sort him out!

      • Idont see how balotelli off field antics be called baggage..yes the guy does stupid things so what? He has a superb goal scoring record, has a bag of tricks and has played in pl before…and I don’t recall you calling for Suarez head when he was diving,biting?

  18. First & foremost , Ballotelli is a big powerful guy , quick & a very talented player . So let us just concentrate on that . Now we have Sturridge up front , Marko , Llallana & Sterling behind . I would like Brendan to sign Alex Song now to go a/s Stevie . Mankillo , Skrtel, Lovren & Moreno . that is a very balanced first 11 .Really good bench as well : Ballotelli , Hendo . Chan , Sakho , Coutinho , Johnno .

    • Sorry but Henderson should be starting as many games as possible. Also not sure if we need Song as I’d rather give Can the chance of taking that spot his own. My team would be: Mignolet, Manquillo/Flano (rotating), Skrtel, Lovren, Moreno, Gerrard, Henderson, Lallana, Coutinho, Sterling, Studge. Subs: Jones, Sakho, Flano/Manq, Can, Allen, Markovic, Ballotelli. Squad depth is really strong, as that still leaves Johnson, Enrique, Toure, Agger, Coates, Lucas, Assaidi, Suso, Ibe, Borini and Lambert to fight for a place in the squad! Hopefully we can get some money for Johnson, Agger, Lucas, Assaidi and Borini while Ibe and Suso could go out on loan, hopefully to a premier league team. Suso needs a new contract too.

  19. Yes, I will wait till the medical is done before I comment. I was so excited for Remy only for the medical being failed.

    Moreno had the longest medical ever and so too did Markovic.

    So let’s wait and see if the medical s passed.

    I am ok with Balo as a player, he has more talent than Borini and he is proven goal scorer.

    I hope the Antfield crowd will make him feel loved.

    But, I first wait for the medical 16 million is a steal for a player of this quality, but then we did get Moreno for 12 million.

  20. Welcome home to England Mario, the country where you are appreciated rather than racially abused. Personally I hope you still get up to a bit of crazy off pitch antics as they make for far better between game entertainment than the “ITK” BS we get most of the time. You are nigh on unplayable when on song and Brendan won’t sign you if he doesn’t think he will be able to make those performances a regular occurrence.

  21. And in addition, Not even Mancini who Balotelli considered as his fatherly figure could save him. Brendan Rodgers has a mammoth task on hand. I hope the move is a success but realistically it could wreck the regime of BR too. Thats what happened to Mancini at Man city.

  22. What will Balotelli bring to Liverpool? There’s no telling. He could have a Faberge egg in his luggage and it wouldn’t shock.

  23. If the fee is true, then this is worth giving it a shot. £16M is essentially nothing in the big money prem. There is a ton of risk involved with this move but if it ultimately fails, then you’re not our a massive transfer fee if you move him on or sit him out.

    Beyond the player, I appreciate the aggressiveness of this move on a few fronts. If Falcao was the primary target and this was a move to either to pressure Falcao into making a decision or as a backup to get out of the vicious circle of waiting for the shoe to drop at Real Madrid before scrambling to find plan B then I truly appreciate the club not waiting around and doing something desperate at the last minute that ultimately underwhelms.

    I’m scared to death and excited as hell for this move at the same time. I love football!

  24. sunderland offered 14 mil for borini, 16 for ballo is nothing. still on the fence though, if rodgers can keep his head straight i’ll be excited

    • i doubt it how many sturridge shirts do you see at anfield only suarez as come close to getting the same mout of shirt sales as gerrard in recent years
      and before him torres

      • I think people will get more excited about this one, I know my little lad will be. Think the kids would love him to come, used to see loads of young lads with Citeh Ballotelli kits when he played there….

        Oh and for anyone about to correct me, I have realized the game is on Monday not sunday… dohh

        • like i say he was well liked by the city ,yet some are trying to say it did not work out there because he was not loved
          it did not work out because he would not buckle under
          and concentrate on what he was there for in the first place

          • got to say though if borini is worth 14m ballotelli gotta be worth 16m of someones money… just not mine . Surley you must agree on that. I think he could add 20 goals!. Better than Bony would be for us I think, just another Dstudge but with attitude.

  25. Imagine, as an opposing player, you have the ball.
    Now imagine, both Mario and Sakho running at full speed towards you.


  26. Great if it’s true, also bring Falcao for a year and we have no excuses.. CL and PL, all possible for us.. And a few Cups.. Tell Mario not to forget his rifle..

  27. I wonder what Noel Gallagher is thinking about all this.
    Apparently Mario is better than all of his fans put together.

  28. Mmmmm not sure what to make of this (if true). On one hand he’s clearly a talent and his scoring record speaks for itself. But on the other, BR is getting himself a truckload of baggage and a potential ball-busting man-child. Individuals like Mario can win you games but can have the effect of destroying team cohesion and moral. Kevin Pieterson in the England cricket team comes to mind.

  29. Well if this goes through we will become dangerous from free kicks again and it was one of my worries for the begining of season. I remember watching a video of Mario(then 17-18) working on long range bombs with Sinisa Mihajlovic(then assistant coach at Inter, seria A record goalscorer from free kicks and yes he did score more then Maradona and Pirlo). Next game after watching the video I caught Inter game against some minnions and they were in trouble with 10 min to go losing and on came Mario. His first free kick was parried into path of Recoba who equilised and then in 92minute he scored 30yarder free kick to win the game.

  30. United fans are GOING ABSOLUTELY MENTAL that we’re signing Mario.

    Mental I tell you.

    Meanwhile, LVG has criticised his players for not being able to perform.

    Last weekend keeps on givin.

  31. we cant trust Rogers anymore, he assured us, Baloteli will not be a Liverpool player this summer, he went back on his words

    • no he didn’t, he misled everyone to make sure the price doesn’t go up… ferguson used to do this all the time, one of hte reasons he rarely got ripped off. Makes us look less silly if it doesn’t come off as well.

      It’s all tactics man, rodgers is learning…

      • I dont think he can play our high pressing game, he is one lazy dude, who gets angry at the slightest provocation

    • Sigurdsson, Dempsey, Willian, Salah..

      Look what happens when Rodgers plays ball with the media over transfer targets. He’s finally learning and Mario is a top striker.

      • I dont like him, his red card history, his laziness, bust up with team mates, everything about him is not good for the dressing room. I feel its a panic buy. Suarez never f’s up with his team mates or disrespects his manager only his opponents , thats the difference

    • He missed out on his first targets mate!! Its as simple as that!! Ben smith reported that we have tried for Cavani, Falcao and Benzema. But deal could not be done cause the clubs were not ready to sell and Falcao was too busy j*rking off thinking of Real!!

  32. thats fine mate say what you think
    but i maybe would have an once of respest for you if you used your own name
    do you realise what a cowardly d1ck you look like

  33. why is my comment waiting to be approved ,he can insult me yet i do not even get to reply ,what kind of site you running ,one rule for one one rule for all
    and i do not even know why you let people post who constantly change there names absolute joke

  34. Until its official anything could happen, but while I was a bit 50-50 on this when it first came up, having given it some thought I am pretty excited about it now.

    Lazy player, yep, but if he scores 15 plus goals, and gives us another edge to our attack then who cares.

  35. I don’t think he will fit in at anfield.
    He scores goals, but is blessed with one of the lousiest attitudes ever seen on a football pitch.

  36. This creates a real fierce contest between Mario and Dani which will only drive them both forward…. plus he has aerial ability to go along with his other attributes…. 16 million is a bargain… he younger and Better than remy with more quality experience…. and not too much more expensive….

    I think Rodgers and ayre played this one perfectly… quashing the notion and keeping the price down and waiting to get a good deal…

    Yes hes mad, but so was luis, and whilst he seems at times to be disinterested, I believe it to be more due to a lack of belief from the people at the clubs he was at….

    Rodgers is a brilliant man manager, and we all know what a driving force the kop can be… he will be a hit

  37. He is a proven goal-scorer. Sure, he only made 1 assist in his whole time at city, but it was the assist that put Aguero through to win the league, and he was on the ground surrounded by defenders at the time.
    Basically, he’ll pull through when we need him to (provided he hasnt been sent off first)

  38. …and had the WC handball…. LS had more baggage than Joan Collins when he came to us…

    Mario is a bit of a nutter off the field and LS a lot of a nutter on it…though I bet he’s more cuddly after this ban.

  39. Any chance he will be ready to play against City on Monday?!?!?! Would be epic if he scored against them for us.

  40. His goals statistics don’t lie. Case Closed. Welcome son, remember now, you no longer the “talented-youngest” of the team. Be a man and lead the fight because here, we will lead with you, YNWA !!!

  41. i’m just sitting here and laughing my ass off thinking about fowler. while he was on the world cup coverage show that was aired in India, fowler sounded like he absolutely despised balotelli. called him an “idiot”. wonder what he thinks of the move :P

  42. So…picture this. Brendan Rodgers is in the middle of a serious team conversation during training when Mario starts acting the fool.

    BR: “Say steady to me once again, you’ll be on the first plane back!”
    Mario: “Steady!”

  43. All geniuses are flawed to some degree. So long as he delivers on the pitch and doesn’t bite anyone, who cares?!

    I hear LFC has a top psychologist to handle such a player. 24 years of age, powerful, skillful, feeling unloved? Brendan’ll fix it! And if the reports are true, welcome to Liverpool..

    BTW, Liverpool needs such physically imposing players in the world’s most physically competitive league.

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