Henderson, Sturridge to miss Stoke City clash as Klopp struggles for numbers

on 04.01.2016

Jurgen Klopp has ruled both Jordan Henderson and Daniel Sturridge out of contention for Tuesday night’s League Cup clash with Stoke City.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Sunday, November 29, 2015: Liverpool's substitutes Daniel Sturridge and captain Jordan Henderson in action against Swansea City during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Klopp is in the middle of preparation for his first semi-final as Liverpool manager, taking on Mark Hughes’ impressive Stoke outfit at the Britannia Stadium on Tuesday night.

Speaking to reporters on Monday afternoon to preview this first-leg clash, Klopp revealed that neither Henderson or Sturridge would be fit to feature.

“We don’t really know, we have to wait each day, hour, minute,” he explained in relation to the heel injury Henderson suffered in December’s 1-0 win over Sunderland.

“[Henderson’s] foot is good. It’s painful but it’s good.

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“In this moment there is blood around the heel, so at this moment it’s impossible to train and to play.”

Klopp fielded Lucas Leiva in place of Henderson in Saturday’s trip to the Boleyn Ground to take on West Ham United.

With their captain absent, however, Liverpool’s midfield suffered.

The Reds have experienced similar problems in attack following injuries to Sturridge, Divock Origi and Danny Ings, and it is likely that Christian Benteke will continue to lead the line on Tuesday.

Sturridge has missed most of the season with various injuries, and is currently undergoing intensive training before Klopp risks him in a first-team outing.

“Daniel had some problems, not serious, but he couldn’t make the next session,” Klopp continued.

“It’s how a pre-season can be!

“I won’t hold him back, but in this moment, because he hasn’t had one session with the team, he’s not available.

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“What Daniel has to do in this moment is to be prepared for the things we make in a football game.

“Had his last pre-season in [2013], and during that period we load bodies with strength.

“What we have to do now is to try and fill his body with energy. It would be easy for me to say ‘come on, let’s try.’

“We have to be patient, we have to wait.”

SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND - Wednesday, December 30, 2015: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp during the Premier League match against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Injuries to Henderson, Sturridge, Origi, Ings, Martin Skrtel, James Milner, Jordan Rossiter, Jon Flanagan and Joe Gomez leave Klopp with few options for Tuesday night’s cup tie.

But, despite this, the German reiterated how seriously he was taking the League Cup.

“We don’t have six, seven, eight players to change,” he admitted.

“We have to react on the impact of the last game, then decide. We want to win it.

“I cannot ignore the situation in the team after a number of games, we have to use each hour.”

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  1. Klopp on Sturridge: “Daniel had some problems, not serious, but he couldn’t make the next session. It’s how a pre-season can be!”

    Oh for pity’s sake!
    Tampons are more robust and suck it up!

  2. Showing the [email protected] that not many managers would and keeping Studge in his pre-season despite him being relatively fit and probably able to do a job.

    Kloppo isn’t prepared to sacrifice short term success for long term gain – the guy has more self confidence than our entire team put together and sadly for us the highlight of the season remains our manager. It’d be great if we could put that right with this cup.

    • Fill him with energy,( Studge ) , great talk.
      Klopp will use him when he really needs him, he has already said he is not a gambler.
      I agree with the manager, I’d rather have him full of energy and chomping on the bit than , take a risk.

  3. “I cannot ignore the situation in the team after a number of games, we have to use each hour.”

    Well Jurgen, dip into the market maybe?

  4. so Klopp has only the availability of the same players as last Saturday. Just thinking about that hurts.

    • You’d never know – we might have a new Serbian as well. There’s rumours coming from the east that Grujic is coming this window. Probably too late for this match though…

        • I saw what was reported earlier about him joining next Summer but since then I saw it’s being reported by Blic and Alo newspapers in Serbia this morning that he would join sooner. There’s an article on mozzartsport and TIA tweeted it.

  5. we have what we have and we are where we are so let’s just get on with it and support the team, if Benteke wakens up there’s no reason why we shouldn’t beat Stoke, it is disheartening to see chance after chance wasted, so lets hope the whole team play as though they give a fukc, I,m looking forward to the future now for the first time in years with Klopp as manager, but the man need’s time, at least as much as Bodgers got and half the money will do.

  6. Benteke upfront, Lucas in the middle? Even if we gonna lose, try and reduce the margin by scoring an away goal guys. Maybe return of Sturridge can win us the second leg. As much as I wish we could win this game, not sure we can get a draw. I’m a realist, apologies to the other fans and TIA.

  7. Meanwhile we have about a dozen decent players out on loan. Markovich, Mario, Yesil, Ojo, Alberto, Canos, Wisdom, Ilori, Mcglauglin, Brannigan, Dunne, Harry Wilson could help thicken the squad for the next 2 games.

    • Indeed. Oft ignored point, this. The question is to what extent some of that imbalance can be redressed this (transfer) window. The injury rate is literally crippling.

  8. What’s the point of this article?

    We know Miss Sturridge isn’t available, just look out your window and see how cold it is.

    Benteke does not lead the line, the gutless wimp never will.

  9. If we play the same system as the last game, we’ll get beat. Benteke is no Lukaku and needs a livewire along side him, theres no Ings or Origi so id play Ibe further up. I don’t think Firms has the physical attributes for this position, nor the pace or drive. We have to take control of that midfield, the pressing must be aggressive. Allen is much suited to this. We can all go guns-ho after the last drab game but we need to be smart. This is a 2-leg affair, we must not play an open game affair against the form Stoke are in atm.

  10. The current available players screams “4-4-2 diamond please!”. With Can, Lucas and Allen in the middle and Coutinho at the tip. Lallana and Firmino up front. Sit deep, crowd them out in the middle and hit them on the counter.

    We can worry about playing nice later on.

    • This means we can’t score a goal except Coutinho pulls out a spectacular which I doubt in his current form.

      • Wouldn’t mind having him on the bench if we need to force something. Lallana and Firmino got the pace. Remember city away?

        • Yeah, I just worry about Lallana. Which one of him will turn up? He’s also quite lightweight, Stoke are a very strong team.

          • I’m not that worried about Lallana. Got rated an 8,5 in that City game, playing similar to this.

            We need to create room, stretch their defense. That’s something Lallana can do.

    • Hows about
      Clyne Lovren Toure Smith
      Allen Lucas Can
      Lallana Moreno

      Toure in for Stoke and Exeter if necessary, we CANNOT lose Sakho to injury.If Clyne is seriousley in need of a break perhaps Can right back and Brannagan or Texeira in the midfield somewhere

  11. ……………Mignolet……………
    Clyne Lovren Sakho Smith
    ……. Can Lucas Coutinho….

    • Yup…Lucas isn’t athletic enough for a 2 man midfield but I might swop Can and Couts because an academy player and Couts who will probably drift forward mightn’t be enough to keep Shaqiri under wraps on that side. Bojan is having a good season too though. Maybe swop Moreno and Couts.

    • Oh no. Moreno n ibe to cross for benteke. Man, they can’t cross, they don’t know what it is.
      Everyone is talking about Carroll, at least westham hv a game plan for his strikers n westham players knows crossing. Here klopp doent have an idea or game plan to suit his attacker’s forte.

    • i would get rid of benteke. he makes the entire team worse.

      i would play Firmino up top. with Coutinho and Lallana either side of him, and add Texiera into the mid Trio w/ Lucas and Can for some invention. He can’t do any worse creatively than what we’ve been seeing.

      giving moreno a break is needed. and then the next match i wld add moreno back to the fold and put smith on the right to give clyne a break.

    • Put Smith up front and Moreno back, that way he gets more opportunity to cross, and even considering Moreno to be Moreno, his defensive attributes would be more reliable. I know he floats away during big games, but we don’t ask him to perform big games he won’t ever.

    • Oooft no, we are crying for 3 in the midfield and sitting further back, while maintaining the pressing to some extent.

      • I can’t see any decent midfield backup to play in a 3. Milner and Hendo out. Allen is well Allen. I would rather just go for it and play Moreno who is actually a winger further forward.

        • I would also like to play moreno, see my line up somewhere on this discussion. The 231 has not been working at all, for me its the reason for our lack of goals, pointless to try it again

          • The 2-3-1 isn’t working when we don’t have 2 out of Hendo/Can/Milner and, especially, when the 3 have no intention to stretch the defense but bring everybody, their fullbacks and defensive midfielders, into the middle. Crowding the central area.

            Moreno and Ibe would provide the width in the front 3 behind a striker.

            But this game should be about stopping shop, not concede and nick a goal.

  12. No news on Milly then?

    He is someone we are missing, gives us legs and physicality in midfield.

    No more 2 men midfields with lucas plz. Reminds me of the lucas-gerrard midfields which got destroyed at Soton and Palace and (INSERT PERFORMANCE HERE)

    • I don’t think its that they don’t care but as soon as something goes wrong their heads drop quicker than a club banger.

      Thats not much better though.

  13. Great news on Hendo with Klopp revealing that the tendon problem has ‘popped’, I don’t know the correct medical term but apparently that was always going to happen eventually and will lead to a full recovery with no recurrence..

    • Are you sure about this bro? Because Henderson has been sorely missed and we cannot afford to have sturridge 2.0 on our hands.

      • When the heel problem was first revealed and said to be ‘incurable’ the Echo ran an article on it and the medical opinion was that it would eventually heal naturally but that would only happen if it popped (they gave a much better medical explanation of ‘popped’ the details of which I can’t remember) apparently it’s quite painful when it happens and a lot of bleeding and swelling follows (JK refers to that around the 6 min 45 sec mark in his press conference, he says ‘it’s good, painful but good and the situation is solved’) Hendo will be out for a few weeeks while it mends but that should be the end of it, here’s hoping…

  14. Puh, it feels like Klopp is trying to make everyone happy while doing everything by himself.

    He’s like the shepperd, trying to show his scared to death sheep and sheepdogs that in fact there is no bad ugly wolf out there. Yet all the sheep are squatting in a corner, shaking out of fear.

    Please help and support him, and move out of the corner. He knows what he’s doing, even if it takes a while, but I’m afraid he can’t do everything by himself.

  15. I didn’t expect, or want, Sturridge or Henderson to feature in either of the upcoming cup games tbh. Actually I advocated sending a whole bunch of our ‘first team players’ off on holiday for a week or two.

    The Premier and Europa Leagues should be our top priorities, and behind that, investigating the quality of our squad players should be of greater priority than trying to win the FA and League Cup with the current first team.

    • No, winning trophies is always the first priority. That’s the way it was and that’s the way it should be. The league cup is the nearest trophy coming up. We should aim to win that.

      • That is such a short term approach. Liverpool should be focused on trophies, but the big picture is that developing the squad will lead to an increased chance of winning trophies in the future.

        The club would be FAR better off if we were knocked out of both cups but uncovered one or two players that we could then depend on through the rest of the season and beyond.

        Winning the League Cup would do little to help LFC in the wider scheme of things, especially if we’re draining our squad in the effort to try to win it.

        • Let me ask you. At the start of the 2012-13 season, when Rodgers talked about the future, etc, did that future include Suarez, Sterling and Gerrard all gone, and himself being jobless? For all that talk about the future this, the future that, we’ve won nothing, the best players constantly leaving, the ‘future’ getting pushed back further and further. If you don’t take care of yourself in the present, you won’t have a future. Look at Aston Villa, that’s what they get for putting their eggs in future baskets. If FSG and Klopp don’t smarten up, we’re next.

          • How are Aston Villa an example of a club that’s looking at the future??

            Dalglish WON the League Cup and got to the final of the FA Cup. Rodgers got to the final of the League Cup also. Those achievements were quickly forgotten and deemed irrelevant in the face of poor League (and European for Rodgers) performances however.

            Dalglish’s legacy this time around was Suarez, which was far more important than his League Cup victory.

    • Agree on that. The league cup first leg, the pressure is on Hughes, not us. Sit back, close up shop and play for the win at Anfield. Exeter should be a B team.

      Europa is a far more prestigious tournament and the reward is not Europa, it’s CL which I believe Klopp is targeting Sturridge for.

    • Randall is a risk for me. A bit of a high pressure game for him. Rather risk Clyne and he can rest vs exeter, or if Clyne must rest then Can at RB and Brannagan or Texeira into the midfield 3

  16. There’s certainly something amiss about the amount of time he’s had off and what comes from managers mouths, even Rodgers never gave us complete answers to why Danny couldn’t play.

    It leaves the fans wandering what’s really going on, making us suspicious of the whole thing

    • Not getting game time. I guess he ain’t gonna make it, if doesn’t impress pre season next season, that’s assuming he gets through the 5 strikers we have already

  17. It now looks like Daniel Sturridge will remain at the club, but never again play football. This seems to be the target now just so we don’t have to worry about his injuries… ?

    • Even Can should sit out for the next week and just return for the Arsenal & Man U games.

      Something like Allen + Lucas (or Chirivella) + Texeira would suffice for me. Win, lose, or draw, it’s of greater importance that we test out some of the kids to see whether they sink or swim now.

      There’s little guarantee that the senior players would do much better than the reserves atm anyways…

  18. Play the kids please. They should be firing now at 19 or never. we dont know what the adults will dish out – a watford surrender or a westbrom diabolic or a westham crap.
    All W teams. Stoke just as physical as W teams. A sure losing game if we stick with the seniors

    • Ibe, the guy who fans on here said was better than Sterling is 19 but he doesn’t fire does he! He’s a mediocre championship player.

      Playing the kids is always the solution to fans when the 1st team aren’t performing!

  19. Midfield should be Can, Allen and Lucas – no argument. Anything else is mindless away to Stoke. If injuries persist for the return (and same players are available/not available) and we need to win, then it should be Can, Teixeira and Allen.

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