Norwich City 4-5 Liverpool: Player Ratings


An incredible game at Carrow Road, with Liverpool coming back from 3-1 behind, giving up a 4-3 lead in stoppage time, then winning the game 5-4. Here’s how we rated the Reds.

NORWICH, ENGLAND - Friday, January 22, 2016: Liverpool's James Milner celebrates scoring the fourth goal against Norwich City during the Premiership match at Carrow Road. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Norwich City 4 – 5 Liverpool

Premier League – Carrow Road – Saturday 23rd January 2016

Goals: Mbokani (29′), Naismith (41′), Hoolahan (54′ pen), Bassong (90′ +2); Firmino (18′), (63′), Henderson (55′), Milner (75′), Lallana (90′ + 4).

Simon Mignolet – 4

The bemusement at his new five year contract won’t ease up after this game.

He can’t really be blamed for the first goal but should have done better for the second.

Naismith’s shot flashed just by his right leg, but the Belgian instead chose to go the long way round and attempted to get down to the shot with his hands. It went past him and into the bottom corner of the goal.

Nathaniel Clyne – 6.5

Mr Dependable. You know what you’re going to get from him and even though he isn’t brilliant he’s reliable, which is more than enough considering what we’ve been used to in this position in recent seasons.

He motors up and down the right hand side throughout the game, and provided a great cross from which Henderson scored Liverpool’s second goal.

The type of offensive contribution which could see his ratings of 6 and 7 turn into regular 8s.

Kolo Touré – 4.5

Was beaten to the ball by Mbokani at the corner in the build up to the first goal, and the Congolese had the better of him throughout the game.

NORWICH, ENGLAND - Friday, January 22, 2016: Liverpool's Kolo Toure and Mamadou Sakho look dejected as Norwich City score the second goal during the Premiership match at Carrow Road. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Mamadou Sakho – 5

Couldn’t stay tight enough to Mbokani to prevent the Norwich striker scoring the equalising goal with an inventive back-heel in the first half.

Like Touré he was culpable for the torrid day the team had at the back, but he did look more convincing in the air, winning a total of 8 aerial duels.

Was the team’s most accurate passer with a success rate of 93%.

Alberto Moreno – 4.5

Showed great recovery pace at times in defence to mop up even when it wasn’t his job to do so, but this type of last ditch tackle was eventually his undoing when he gave away a penalty in the second half.

He saw a decent attempt from a free-kick fly just wide in the first half on his 50th appearance for the cub, and another shot later in the game was more in hope than expectation.

Having been lucky not to be penalised for a wild tackle on Naismith in the area, he made sure of the foul when he tripped him up just moments later in a mindless passage of play from the Spaniard.

Lucas – 5

Lucky to escape unscathed following Naismith’s stamp on his ankle early in the game.

Did nothing to track Naismith’s run as the Scotsman enjoyed a free run through Liverpool’s midfield to get on the end of Hoolahan’s cross to score his side’s second goal.

Won a few aerial balls, made a few tackles, and the odd block, but still didn’t do enough to protect the back four.

Jordan Henderson – 6.5

NORWICH, ENGLAND - Friday, January 22, 2016: Liverpool's captain Jordan Henderson celebrates scoring the second goal against Norwich City during the Premiership match at Carrow Road. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

One of the main culprits in midfield as scrappy play from several players contributed to a disjointed and chaotic game.

He did manage to get on the scoresheet, however, as he tucked away a cross from Clyne with precision from near the penalty spot.

Emre Can – 6

Part of a sloppy midfield three and can take some blame for Naismith’s goal as he should have been more aware of the potential Norwich attackers around him.

Put in an aggressive tackle which led to the chance from which Milner scored towards the end of the game, and adds an element of bite and determination to the centre of the park, but can improve by being tidier in all areas.

Jordon Ibe – 6.5

The young winger operated on the left and looked like he could be one of the side’s better players. He always threatened when running with the ball, but the ball didn’t come his way often enough during the time he was on the pitch.

Had touched the ball just 21 times by the time he was replaced by Lallana in the second half.

James Milner – 7

Played the pass for Firmino’s goal but should have scored one of his own shortly after.

Showed his versatility when the system needed changing, and then showed the coolness expected from a player of his stature when he cooly finished a one-on-one chance to score an important goal for Liverpool.

Finished the game as captain.

Roberto Firmino – 8.5

NORWICH, ENGLAND - Friday, January 22, 2016: Liverpool's Roberto Firmino controls the ball on his way to scoring the third goal against Norwich City during the Premiership match at Carrow Road. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Opened the scoring with a scuffed left-footed shot which bobbled into the goal, having made the type of run behind the defence which Liverpool have been lacking recently.

Worked hard up front despite looking isolated early in the game. If he can add an extra yard of sharpness to both his passing and running he’ll be even more dangerous.

Started and finished the move which led to his second and Liverpool’s third with a great flick to Lallana, before receiving the ball back from his team-mate and cooly putting it past onrushing goalkeeper Declan Rudd.

Might even get an assist for Henderson’s goal, as it looks like he got a flick on Clyne’s cross.


Adam Lallana (on for Ibe 59′) – 8.5

Was brought on to great effect in the second half, setting up a goal for Firmino with an excellent cross shortly after entering the fray.

Offered an outlet in the attacking half of the pitch as he slotted into the number ten position behind the Brazilian, before moving wider with the introduction of Benteke.

Scored the winning goal to round-off an exhausting game for fans and players. He was alert to a rebound and drilled his shot hard into the ground before it found the corner of the goal. Cue mass celebrations.

Christian Benteke (on for Henderson 76′) – N/A (5)

Spent around twenty minutes on the pitch, and whilst he didn’t do much he provided a distraction in the opposition penalty area in the confusion which led to Lallana’s winner.

Giving him N/A is to give him the benefit of the doubt, but at times he can appear to be as much of a distraction to his own team as he is for opposition defenders.

Steven Caulker – N/A

Came on late in the game to protect the defence. An impossible task as this wasn’t a game for protecting leads. Had a hand in the fifth goal!

Jurgen Klopp – 7

NORWICH, ENGLAND - Friday, January 22, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp, without his glasses, celebrates after the dramatic 5-4 victory over Norwich City during the Premiership match at Carrow Road. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The team sent out by the German in Norwich were fully rested for the game in midweek, but they looked laboured, sloppy, and low on quality.

Joe Allen remained on the bench despite impressive recent performances.

The manager gets credit from bringing on Lallana even though Ibe looked to be playing well, as it’s not a move many would have made.

He also gets an extra .5 for celebrating with the players at the end and breaking his glasses in the process!


[statsfc-player-rater key=2dCG2IPndnJBm4GL141AFJQnx7Wsl6gT3JGGW02u team=Liverpool date=2016-01-23 default_css=false]


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    • Toure was non existent..Atleast Sakho won balls and cleared on occasions.Toure literally didnt make a tackle or win a header.
      Our entire backline was pathetic.

        • Are you serious?
          Sakho was not that bad. Toure lost his guy at the corner, leaving Sakho with two. Sakho was clearly the better of the two, but neither was anywhere near solid. Not helped by a very inconsistent performance from Lucas in particular, and even Can and Hendo in front of them.

          Which other goals you want to blame Sakho for? Naismiths shot? The penalty? Bassongs screamer? You must be smoking something!

          Only Clyne, Lallana and Firmino was really up to their level somewhat.

          • I think Sakho was at fault for the first and lost a header in the build up to Bassong’s. I thought Lucas and Toure were good, but the rest of the defensive players were poor

          • Sakho was at fault, after just about all of the rest of the team had miserably failed to cope with a number of duels. Just a ridiculous claim.

            For the second, first Can and then Lucas fail to pick up runners, and then Toure is not quick enough for the block and Migs could do better with that strike. Again several mistakes allows Norwich to score.

            So Sakho lost a header in the build up to Bassongs strike, and is at fault? You can’t make up things like that. Three midfielders fail to pick up Bassong, allowing him to fire. Again several players at fault.

            The team as a whole were not good enough, and apart from the bad challenge from Moreno, no single player is to blame for our defensive issues. As we have known for a while, it’s systemic.

          • I expect better from both CBs and especially our midfield. They were really inconsistent today. In fact, we had a pretty bad game all in all. Still feels good winning it.

          • If you look at that corner, we first lose the duel at the far post, then in the middle, then on the edge of the box – all of which are worse than Sakho not properly attacking the ball because he gets overloaded all of a sudden since Toure lets his guy go. There are so many mistakes before Sakho is involved, that if you really want to single out the last person you just show off your lack of understanding. That goal was o the whole team, not any one player. If anything, Sakho was trying to cover up for Toures mistake, and the shot was amazing work too.

          • and the 4th too…. miserable attempt to head the ball…. didn’t judge the flight, didn’t move for it… didn’t attempt to jump… not sure what he was doing apart from watching.

            Probably his worst game for the club.

  1. Fair enough ratings but I disagree on the Mignolet rating. The second goal arguably could’ve been saved but the goal should have been prevented prior to that by Lucas and Can(who had eyes on Naismith and yet chose to watch him run by instead of tracking). Lallana could well have gotten a 9, he was decisive in the result.

  2. You say that Clyne’s offensive contribution could get him 7s or 8s then give him a 6.5? He’s been an excellent signing and seems to be frequently underrated on here.

    Don’t disagree with other ratings, Hendo maybe could be a few points higher – you want your captain to step up and drive the team back into the game when you’re 3-1 down and he certainly did that

      • Admittedly he didn’t have his best game but too many times when we’ve gone a goal or two behind we’ve caved in, was nice to see one of our players attempt to drive us back into the game

  3. This is the funniest set of ratings possibly ever. Sakho better than Toure? Can better than Lucas? A joke. Total joke. Sakho was rubbish today, when tested, he failed. Plain and simple. Kolo was far more dependable. Ridiculous assessment of Lucas “won a few balls, made some good tackles” No, he consistently made tackles and won balls while simultaneously contributing twice as much going forward than Can. Can was invisible. Your bias is literally jumping through the screen. if we are being honest for his overall Milner is below 7 but cant argue because he showed good character. Ibe 6.5? For what? Selective memory also; Lucas’ pressing is what directley lead to Milners goal, shame you erased that from your memory. Pathetic!

        • Passing, aerials, positioning … Neither was at the top of their level though. They were also exposed a bit, since our midfield was well below average too.

          • Agree they didn’t get much protection and probably Sakho was more exposed as we had a mare down our left side with all of Ibe, Moreno and Can struggling. Perhaps that’s why my impression of Toure was better. Clyne and Hendo were better defensively than their counterparts on the other side? Still think Sakho can do better for a couple of the goals, he’s such a monster to look at and you expect him to blow players out of his way.
            I don’t think any of their goals were easy saves, but considering Mignolet was close to all, maybe he should have saved at least one? Could imagine De Gea/Courtois keeping all of them out.

          • The 1st and 4th I can’t blame migs. But the 2nd on that tight angle considering he s if anything a decent shot stopper (apparently) was a weak effort from him.

            Brings me to the 3Rd the pen. Feel free to correct me cause I didn’t see the replay of the penalty. But that seemed a very soft penalty kick at an ideal height and about 1 meter away from migs lhs post.

            I agree with everything else you said though.

          • I agree 2 and 3 look the easiest saves. As I said none are easy saves, but you expect a keeper to save one or two of them.

          • mig needs to use his legs……..naismith goal degea would have saved it from his legs

    • Sakho was bad. He heads the ball fearing it will hurt the ball. Hardly clearing 5yds with his header. Feel Mignolet could done better when the corner was delivered. We need better keeper and center halfs.

    • Can should have been marking Naismith but was too busy ball watching. Nearly all of Norwich’s goals came from the left side. Sakho and Moreno’s side. No way Sakho was better that Toure and no way Can was better than Lucas (not even close). Ibe was dreadful and was subbed very early in the 2nd for doing nothing.

    • Sakho was a 3 at best. 2 of the goals were directly his fault for not being braver and coming for headers. You know what to expect from Toure – 100% effort and commitment but not too much skill. Toure should be about a 5. Sakho is supposed to be our first choice CB – today he looked as bad as Lovren every has.

      Moreno – Jesus. Klopp is a much more reasonable man than I am. If it was me he would have been off the second he gave away the penalty. Does anyone else notice how he often jogs back when the he is coming back from an advanced position? Even if there is a break and he could do something about it if he sprinted back – even is the break is on his side and Milner or Ibe is back covering. It annoys me. Clyne ALWAYS rushes back, even if he is clearly exhausted from his run. It seems to be symbolic of a lack of commitment and lack of concentration that permeates his whole game. He is still young, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better even as he gets older and has a new manager. I’m glad Flanno is back. Hopefully between him, Clyne, Randall, Smith and Moreno we can find a couple of reliable fullbacks.

      • Honestly if real are interested I’d let him go and look for a solid left back – Cresswell please.

      • for doing what? He switched off for their 2nd no argument, but Can switched off for 90 mins. and Hendo was hardly brilliant either

        • Hendo was as much at fault as Lucas IMO for the 2nd, but what relevance is comparing Lucas with Henderson?
          Lucas gave the all away throughout the entire match, and considering his job is to shield the back 4, I will revise my rating (TWO) 2!!

          • His job is to shield the back 4 in open play. 3 of their goals came from a set piece. Im comparing him to Hendo because he was much better than Hendo in the midfield! He did more. Can did literally nothing! The amount of ball Lucas won was excellent. I just cannot fathom how you could give him a 2

          • “because he was much better than Hendo in the midfield! He did more.”..not sure what game you were watching, but I suggest you watch the game again! Lucas was pathetic. All he achieved was giving the all to Norwich throughout the entire match. The one and only thing Rodgers got right…ditch Lucas!!!

          • I think you’ll find he made the most tackles and interceptions of anyone in the game.

          • Be interesting to see his pass completion. Didn’t notice him misplacing, but it was a mad game so who knows!?

          • Which ones? It flashed up in the BT sport coverage about Lucas winning the most tackles and interceptions, but he’s normally there or thereabouts in every game he plays. I think he’s still the leading tackler in the PL last I looked. You can use whoscored if interested.

          • I never thought the day would come when I would be screaming for Allen to be introduced, so we can keep the all for more than 2 minutes :(

          • Could be, but he should remember his own strengths. He’s more tactically aware and has more stamina than Gerrard ever had. Needs to return to keeping it simple. One of the older players should be captain to take the weight off Hendo

          • I think you are insane to discredit lucas contribution. Doug is right on the money, lucas defend the back four in open play. Get off this site

          • I agree Can and Henderson both had poor games, as did the entire defense…but Lucas was monumentally poor. Never shielded the back 4, made more successful passes to Norwich players than he did to Liverpool players. Allowed players to drift past him, did little in the build up of attacks….so what was the point in him!?!?

          • Completed passes:
            Lucas 39/54; Henderson 26/37; Can 38/47

            Successful tackles:
            Lucas 5/7; Henderson 1/1; Can 2/3

            Lucas 3; Henderson 0; Can 1

          • None of our midfielders passed well, but Lucas made a good contribution defensively and Can slightly better than Hendo. Having said that Norwich seemed to get most joy down the left side, but I guess Milner and Clyne played better than Ibe and Moreno.

          • It’s fairly obvious to us all…. we can argue all we like about how did better, who is more culpable…

            At the end of the day, a Championship winning midfield this is not.

          • Yeah but to be fair this season Lucas, Can and Henderson have been good generally. I’m inclined to think this was an off game. I’m a bit worried about Sakho at the moment though and wonder if he and Hendo are still struggling after injury?

          • I’m a Lucas fan but I think it is time to look for an upgrade. He can’t play a 2 man midfield generally.
            Fair point on Hendo, would have to assume this foot/heel condition is still causing problems.

            We have nobody to control games, control the tempo, getting us playing in the right areas, no commanding presence in the middle.

            Not sure what is up with Sakho. I said before, he is generally good when the game is in front of him but as soon as we find ourselves deep or in front a of a set piece, everyone just seems to fall apart. I know Lovern was establishing a rhythm with him so hopefully his return will improve things.

          • I’ve said it before, but all of Can, Hendo, Lucas and Allen are good players. With Grujic coming in should we keep all? I’m inclined to keep Lucas as he’s best defensively and is deceptively good in the air. I’m inclined to keep Can and Hendo, as they’re great athletes and should get better with experience. I’d like to see more of Allen, but I think he’ll leave in the summer. His lack of physical presence is always going to be a problem in this league. If we can get a better player though, then more of these players can be under threat. I hope Klopp asks Hendo to play the game more simply.

          • like i said lucas won more tackles and got more interception (i would also say he got more blocks in on shots as well) than the rest of the midfield put together
            yet he did nothing

          • Nobody made any blocks.
            All 3 stats above for passing are really really poor… Hendo, our captain only attempting 37 passes is shocking… I know he came off but still.
            If this our midfield next season, we will still be seeing the same kind of stuff.

          • Thanks for the stats by the way. It backs up what I thought with the lack of contribution from Can and Hendo, although I’m disappointed with Lucas’ distribution, as he’s normally a safe passer.

          • Looking at the passes lost by Lucas only 2 of them were in dangerous positions other wise he seems to be attempting longer more creative balls out of defence.

          • Proved my point, gave the ball away too many times, when we needed to keep possession and gain composure as a team. 15 x he passed the ball to Norwich players…shocking!!!!
            Hendersons figures dont surprise me as attempting much longer passes.

          • A couple of them might be well timed interceptions but you are right. As I said below, no point focusing on difference between 15 11 and 9 missed passes.

            JK spoke of winning titles. This level of passing against relegation candidates ain’t going to cut it.

          • With Lucas having 1 good game in 4, and clearly struggling with 2 games in a week, it makes you wonder what Allen needs to do to get a starting place!?
            Funny thing with Lucas is, the one good game he has in 4 is normally a great game and a 9/10 performance. No doubting he still has the ability…I think like Stevie though, the legs have gone!

          • I think Allen needs to play further forward. Lucas is the only player who can play the screening role. Hopefully Grujic can help. I actually think Lucas has been consistently good this year, apart from a blip over Christmas

          • Think its a combination of factors mate.. mostly the type of opposition midfield…. those with bruising runners that run beyond the play in bursts.. Arsenal, West Ham to name but 2. I think a bit like Sakho (not todays Sakho), great when the game is front of them but as soon as direct runners start moving, we’re pants…. and that’s before the crosses come in.

          • Example of what we don’t have….
            Cesc today:
            83 passes, 84% completion
            6 tackles, 12.29km covered

          • +10 Thank you for dealing with the foolishness. That should show who was effective and who wasnt

        • Not biting today? Best put the landing net away then! :)
          All joking apart Lucas was poor today, very poor! 1 good game in every 4…becoming a liability IMO

          • Not if there is nothing to bite about i took your point of view with the pinch of salt it deserved
            but your entitled to your opinion think your being brainwashed by deluded derek

          • No I opened my eyes and viewed todays performance as it was and not based upon sentiment.
            I am a huge fan of Can;s and think a future captain…but today he was also poor!!
            For me Lucas has 1 good game in 4. Can 2 in 3, but youth and inexperience can be used to excuse his bad performances. Lucas should not be playing 2 games a week, he’s simply past it IMO.
            If away to a top club I would pick Lucas everytime to shield the back 4, but when we need to keep possession, switch the play from defense to attack quickly, and attack lesser teams….a bench option for me until the end of the season, and then testimonial and moved on.

          • i thought he was dec ent today i thought sakho had another shocker but i suppose skrtels to blame for that

          • Sakho was the worst player on the pitch IMO 2/10
            Moreno and Lucas 3/10
            Migs, Henderson, Can 4/10
            Milner 7/10
            Firmino and Lallana 8/10
            Everyone else 5/10

          • i thought lucas was better than can and as good as hendo i do not think anyone deserved an 8
            Lallana was the best player but only played half an hour on bt they struggled to pick a star player as nobody was much kop according to them infact the lad who gave filmino the man of the match said it was just because he scored twice
            moreno was the worse player for me terrible then sakho milner could have given away a shocking pen two
            exciting game but a poor one

          • Everyone giving Can and Lucas the same ratings apart from Echo and TIA who both rated Can better than Lucas…everyone giving Henderson more marks than both of them.
            Don’t get me started on Moreno and that penalty…hurry back Flanno!
            It is what I was saying about Lallana the other week. yes he’s poor in front of goal, only 1 assist, never sees the obvious pass, too many Cruyff turns…but his energy and pressing sets the tempo of the game. Regardless of the assist and the goal, just the fact that we started playing with somne energy, urgency and pressing was enough for me to give Lallana MoM. Firmino was OK but not a great game. His goals made it look as if he played better than he did IMO.
            Can’t believe Milner and Lallana were IMO our bst two players today…never thought I would be saying that!

  4. Ehh these ratings are wayy too high. It’s great that we won, but we have to realise that we pretty much played like $hit. It was almost 4-4. We let in 4 goals to Norwich!

    Touré 4, Sakho 3.5, Moreno 4, Lucas 5, Hendo 5.5, Emre 5, Ibe 5, Milner 5, Firmino 8, Lallana 9.5, Klopp 5.

    Honestly, how can you give Milner a 7?? He was shocking all game, and finally managing to score a 1v1 shouldn’t give him a boost. Our midfield was in general pretty bad today. Ibe a 6.5? Really? I mean he started well but that was it. Always the same with him, no product.
    I don’t see how Lallana could have done much better in the time he was on, he changed the game.

    This was not a good overall team performance, and so Klopp shouldn’t deserve a 7 for this match.

  5. Ay least TIA didn’t give Moreno his usual false 7, although he gets a good write up. His usual dreadful defence, just gets caught napping in midfield with balls over the top of him into his area time and time again. The same with Sakho, another who can do no wrong in TIA’s eyes.

    Dreadful defence. Dreadful midfield. Norwich gifted us the points.

    Major problems for Klopp to solve, I can’t see why Llori Smith Texeira Brannagan Ojo can’t be given some game time on recent performances. We know the usual suspects aren’t up to it, let’s see what the kids can do.

  6. These ratings are as inconsistent as the players themselves… No way was Sakho better than Kolo, and nor was Milner better than anyone.

  7. These are the worst ratings I’ve seen on the site. Clyne, Moreno, Sakho, Hendo, Can were dire. Lucas and Toure were our best defensive players. Milner, Lallana and Firmino good in attack.

    • All or our defensive players were pathetic including Lucas and Toure..Toure was non existent in the match. Couldnt win a single header or tackle.Was chasing shadows.Lucas was owned in midfield and had to drop deeper and deeper just to clear the lines.The less said about his passing the better…
      Milner was brilliant 2nd halt tosh in the 1st.
      Firmino and Lallana excellent.

  8. Kolo 4.5 sakho 5?? Come on!!


  9. Ming…..3
    Moreno….1 for being a …………
    Milner…..-5 also for being a ………
    Firmino 7ish.
    Ibe…5 at best

  10. Credit due to Lallana. His energy and urgency sets the tempo for how we play. Shame it takes an assist and a goal for others to recognize what his pressing and tireless running brings to our game!
    On another note,,,what is the point of Lucas?

          • IMO we just needed to keep possession for a few minutes, to gain control of the game. Lucas just seemed to be intent of giving the all back to Norwich, so we never got the chance to compose ourselves…luckily Lallana came on and added the urgency that was missing from our play.

          • I agree Lallana changed the game. Feel weird saying that. I did read somewhere that we do better as a team with Lallana than without, although his individual stats are bad

          • “I did read somewhere that we do better”….that could have been one of my posts :)
            I’m not sure on stats, and I agree he needs to score more, but IMO his energy and pressing from the opening whistle is what sets the tempo for the way we play. Yes some of his final passes are poor, but he puts the opposition on the back foot and his runs create spaces for others to exploite.
            I am by no means Lallana biggest fan (that’s Dan), but I do feel the constant slating he receives from the fans who purely judge him on how many goals he scores tiresome.
            I also think many post comments and give player ratings on who they like and dislike…they may as well post and vote prior to kick off IMO.
            Sktrel, Sakho and Lucas getting good comments however poor they perform on the day, and players like Allen and Lallana not recognized when they do have a good day at the office

          • I agree Lallana and Allen get unfairly criticised, but they don’t get good numbers and are linked with the old manager. I like Skrtel, Lucas and Toure though, because their first job is to defend and that’s what they do.

          • I love Sktrel’s passion and loyalty. The same goes for Toure and Lucas…but the sad truth is all 3 should be gone in the summer. Fans get carried away and applaud Sktrel for his last ditch interceptions, unaware that his poor play caused the issue in the 1st place,
            Not Allens fault he was instructed by the ex manager to sit deep and play the simple pass. You can see when he plays under Klopp, so much more to his game as a box to box midfielder…also not his fault Rodger’s called him what he did *shakes head*
            I predict a summer cull and expect some fans favorites like Lucas, Toure and Sktrel to leave.
            I think we have a good squad, the supporting cast as it were. we just lack the stars IMO. Never replaced Carragher, Gerrard or Suarez with adequate quality! For me a top class CB, CM and Striker.
            Sakho, Gomez, Illori or Lovren will be fine if partnered with a TOP CB. Same goes for Hendo and Can, if playing alongside a world class CM. And if Studge is our second best striker, then goals must surely be guaranteed!? A few squad improvements too, like a LB, etc,….also think Ings has a huge future for us.

          • You’re not the first to mention Skrtel’s positioning, but he’s generally first choice when fit, whoever the manager is. I agree Toure will probably go end of season, although he looks like our best defender currently and if he carries on to the end of the season, who knows? I think Lucas is great if you want a spoiler in a game.
            Its going to be interesting to see who stays in the summer, as you can make convincing cases for and against most of our players.
            In the meantime I’d like to see more of Allen and Caulker since in my opinion Sakho, Can and Hendo were poor today. I don’t think Ibe should start anymore games either, especially in front of Moreno. That is a recipe for disaster!

          • I think Lovren jumped above Sktrel in pecking order before Sktels injury.
            A spoiler!? you mean either watches a player drift past him and puts under no pressure, or pulls him back by his shirt and gets a silly yellow, For me has 1 good game in 4 and when he does usually a MoM performance. Maybe he shouldn’t play twice a week, and only play when away to a top team and need to shield the back 4?
            I think there will be some big shocks in the summer and wouldn’t rule anyone out, including Henderson, Sturridge and Coutinho.
            It all depend on who (and what position they play in) Klopp has in his mind to bring in and build the team around. I could see a top player leaving and some average players remaining, as it all depend upon what he feels the team needs and if players in mind.
            All I know is Klopp is doing a very good job of keeping the players values up, by telling everyone how they have a big future at LFC. Studge and Benteke namely! He may want to keep them, but he may also want to move them on and get best possible prices for them.
            I think 8-12 new signings. 2 already in Caulker and Grujic…6-10 to go?

          • I don’t know what I would do to be honest in the summer. Lucas did go through a bad period recently, but I honestly think he was good today and his 2 younger midfielders were poor, especially Can.
            I think we have a big squad of quite good players and we lack a bit of star quality. Take Lallana and Milner for example, do we need both? Skrtel and Toure are quite similar. Is Sakho brilliant or rubbish? I think Hendo and Can will stay personally. I like Moreno and Clyne, but I miss the aerial ability of Carra and Riise when we had Hyypia and Henchoz and Carra played right full back. Is Coutinho consistent enough? Can Allen work his way into the team after his good cup showings? Really hard to judge many in our squad!

          • He passed the ball to Norwich players 15 (FIFTEEN) times…shocking!!
            Even Henderson who was trying to pull off the perfect pass only misplaced 11 passes. Lucas can’t even pass the ball 5 yards. I repeat 3/10 performance for me, and can consider himself very lucky not replaced by Allen

          • Tbf I thought even Lucas was trying to create more today. Klopp needs to sit down with these guys after the game and show them the missed passes. I’d say this is an abberation though, as Lucas normally has a good pass completion rate. Was surprised you mentioned his poor passing today, but now I’ve seen the stats, you’re right.

          • I only noticed it as game was like ping ball, and everytime the defense cleared the ball to the midfield, we gave the all to Norwich and they were on the attack again. They were just as bad BTW. I guess when I noticed it and focused on it Lucas was the one passing to the green and yellow shirts….I wasn’t aware Henderson wasn’t far behind him!

          • If we’re playing this formation, it makes sense for Lucas to give it simply to Can, or Lucas either side of him, unless Firmino drops deep.

          • I would drop him for Allen.
            Anfield Index player ratings summed it up for me, with Lucas getting the lowest rating of all the players…
            Lucas Leiva – 4 Lucas Leiva treated the opposition like a river in spate, allowing them to flow by without causing harm. Naismith roamed in acres of space and walked by Lucas before slotting the ball in. Summed up his day

          • He has already told the CB to stop risky passes out (just kill me comment by Klopp) from the back but I don’t think he minds the midfield trying to be inventive or creative.

          • I mean’t he kept passing the ball to Norwich players, with 15 unsuccessful passes.
            As Anfield Index lowest player rating summed it up…Lucas Leiva – 4 Lucas Leiva treated the opposition like a river in spate, allowing them to flow by without causing harm. Naismith roamed in acres of space and walked by Lucas before slotting the ball in. Summed up his day

          • When Lucas does have his 1 good game in 4, it’s normally a MoM 9/10 performance. So he clearly still has the abilty…does he have the legs though to play twice a week?

          • Not sure, he’s having a strange season for him this year, as he’s been fit all season and his passing is not as reliable, but he’s being asked to be more creative clearly.

          • That’s what I meant by not a 90 minute player. Coming off the bench with circa 30 minutes to go, with opposition players tiring,,,he can be a great impact sub for us.

          • 30 minutes to go and opposing RB worn out by Lallana and Moreno…the last thing he will want to see is Ibe coming off the bench :)

        • Inconsistent i may say.. today for me he gave moreno a hard time.. ibe is one for the future.. got alot of potential..

        • Huge future? You’ve gotta be kidding. The lad has little or no vision, no awareness of players around him, rarely looks up when he has the ball. His future is in the lower leagues I’m afraid.

          • He turned 20 only last month, you never heard of development and progress!?

            “His future is in the lower leagues I’m afraid.”…wow, you actually thought and then posted that!!

          • Yes I did, I watched him very closely against Adelaide and was amazed at his lack of vision, watching him since unfortunately only on tv I’m more sure than ever that notwithstanding his strength, his speed and his ball skills it’s his lack of vision and awareness that will be his downfall as a potential premier league player. Not in the same class as Sterling at that age not to mention Fowler, Owen, and hundreds of others. Mind you I hope your right just very much doubt it, we’ll see but I don’t think he will be at Anfield next season.

  11. Emre can has been a complete joke lately ,,,bench him and stick Allen in,,,a midfield of can & hendo is never going to work ,,, we need men not pretty boys and side passers ,,,gundogan ,,& a pirlo type player is need not robotic akward clumsy players,,, and don’t get me started of the centre backs,,

  12. I think Benteke did some good today. He kept and distributed the ball well. Also Lallana had some end product. One assist and a goal.

    • Benteke actually looked pretty sharp, some good touches and moves, no end product today though ;) Hopefully he is starting to combine better bit by bit.

      • I think he can be a valuable player for us. He seems to have lost his confidence, though lately. And he needs midfielders to run alongside him.

      • Benteke holds ball very well, also he is really strong in air, few strikers in Europe could match him.Too bad he isn’t scoring.

    • Can is strong, fast, got good vision but sometimes his reaction speed is a little slow and gets caught in possession but he’ll adjust to the pace of the game better as he learns, definitely a future star.

      • Aren’t you contradicting yourself just a little with that comment? Can’t be fast and slow and have good vision but gets caught in possession?

        • Try reading what I wrote a little more slowly then perhaps you’ll understand that there is a difference between speed of thought and body speed, go on give it a try it’s not too difficult.

          • Having good vision and being caught in possession? If he has good vision he would play the ball before he’s caught in possession.

          • I believe both Ibe and Can have tremendous natural talent however in my opinion Can is faster of thought, it’s the split second decision that sorts the good from the also rans, Ibe seems to be a bit ponderous before making a pass whereas Can at times is sublime. Both young, both got talent but it’s far more difficult to process the brain than the feet and it’s in the space between the ears that Can is stronger.

  13. Klopp without glasses=girls without kajal.. dayem that’s some serious difference :P

    also toure was worse than sakho?

    • It is totally bizzare. Totally. If it wasn’t for the balls he won in the middle we would have lost that. He attacked way more than Can also

    • Disagree. Can has been decent, but is made to look even better by weaker teammates. Lucas is really struggling atm. I’m expecting the DM chat to start soon

  14. What??? Ibe gets 6.5 and Mignolet get 4 just because he went with his hands rather than his legs?… Are you having a flipping laugh??

    Ibe was horrible plain and simple, stop try and sugarcoat it. He left Moreno hanging the entire time he was on the pitch. When he had to defend and close down in our half of the pitch, he can be seen flipping jogging! He was just as bad as Moreno, because he was more the cause of Moreno’s problems than him just having a bad day.

    • Hard to rate Mignolet, because I don’t think he can be expected to save those goals. Perhaps you’d expect him to save one or 2 of the first 3 since they were close to him, but as I said none were easy saves

      • Most of these ratings are based on reputations rather than how they performed on the day. He could do nothing about the 4 goals. Easy to sit and say he should’ve gone with his legs. Ok he did that and the goal still went it, you’d hear, “why didn’t he go with his hands”

    • I totally agree. Ibe just hasn’t got the end product. He looks sharp and aggressive but nothing comes from it.

      • Needs to learn to move down the line in to space rather than waiting 2 or 3 yards off the ball sp he can go pn his non productive dribbles

  15. Simplest football is just to score one more than your opponent and never to give up until the referee blows the final whistle. I only care about the 3 points.

    Good job Liverpool players. Great call Jurgen Klopp. Massive 3 points for us. Now to go on that much-needed run of consecutive wins.

    • And yet fans are still reluctant to praise him. Just last game some even called him the worst player to wear red ever.

      • Yeah I saw that as well. What an incredibly foolish impulsive thing to say…sometimes he does stuff poorly that you wouldn’t see from a top player but that was largely in the start of the season when he was still trying to get settled and into the momentum…it seems like he’s finally settled now though.

        • I was just thinking.. 5 goals and 4 assists this season. Who was the last signing for us to have even that sort of contribution in his very first season here?

          • Well, last season all the attacking buys were duds. And the season before that only Moses and Aspas were really bought as attacking cover. Sturridge and Coutinho lit up the club like none other. Really, it comes to down to players like Suarez, Sterling, Sturridge and Coutinho.

            Firmino was very poor and inconsistent at the start, but I’ve noticed he’s gradually gotten better with every passing week. Even in performances like Sunderland he was battling it out for the ball.

        • He came into a nonfunctional team with heavy rotations and frequent tactical changes, lots of injuries, had his own injury, a change of management, new country and league – still people expect him to be Messi from day one.
          He has been class all along. Not always effective, but still obvious class.
          There are signs the team is settling a bit now, and everyone will benefit from that.

  16. Can was extremely poor. He got a 6? Clyne a 6.5? For what? And I can understand fans’ fondness of Ibe because he’s fast and looks “lively” but today he was just ineffective, too much keeping the ball at feet and again with a poor final ball.

  17. A team with no spine, literally. Another number ten isn’t going to put that right. Unless the big decisions are made in the summer we will get more of the same.

  18. I will soon delete my profile from TIA how Ibe become 6.5 is beyond my imagination. I don’t know if I should be laughing or crying when u rate Sahko higher than Kolo.

  19. Use the Teixeira money on Ricardo Rodriguez. Stabilise the defence, adds quality crosses and set pieces Benteke can exploit. Two birds, one stone.

  20. This Is Anfield bias strikes again.

    Ibe 6.5? For doing what exactly? Yeah he looked dangerous going forward but had very little end result.

    Can 6 and Lucas 5?????? Alright we get it, Can is a good player and a bright prospect for the future but he was shocking today and contributed very little. Lucas was excellent. He consistently won good tackles, played some brilliant balls.

    Klopp a 7, when his defence was calamitous and his midfield was outmuscled. If Rodgers was managing this game he’d get a minus 7.

    Benteke did absolutely nothing wrong (or, bar nodding the ball down in the lead up to the goal, nothing right), so he deserves not to be assessed, yet you give him a nice catty (((((((((5)))))))) because you all hate Benteke. Comical.

    • How did Ibe look dangerous going forward? Dangerous to Liverpool you mean as he breaks down the pattern of our play every time, the lad has been given so many chances to prove himself and that’s exactly what he’s done, he’s proven to not be premier league standard, unfortunately.

  21. Credit for bringing Lallana on for Ibe cos many wouldn’t (Ibe who in turn is criticised for measly 21 touches all game and didn’t receive ball enough – despite this, Ibe played well).


  22. I think Allen should be starting ahead of Lucas now now as his performances have been the best in midfield in our team in recent weeks

  23. Lads, why is everyone getting so worked up over some player ratings? We just won a cracking game 5-4. Enjoy it, cause who knows what kind of Liverpool will turn up in our next game. Stop just shouting “bias” whenever the ratings don’t perfectly align with your own. We all interpret the game differently and the irony is you probably have a bit of bias yourself.

      • Which ones in particular? Cause just skimming through the comments, I’ve seen people disagree about whether sakho was worse than toure, I’ve seen people disagree about whether or not Lucas had a good game, and I’ve seen people disagree about whether emre can and James milner played well or not.
        My point is that there is so much disagreement in peoples opinions, it doesn’t all have to come down to bias.

        • its just in general after every game some players are scapegoats others can get away with murder yet there is always an excuse i wold have had lucas higher sackho was not as good as toure only narrowly
          But s thats sakho its the same every week

          • Think most must have missed Lucas having his ankle stamped on did well to even play on. Sakho is involved in 2 of the goals where he could have been stronger but TIA use Toure and his passing as an excuse to give him a 5!

          • I absolutely agree that certain players are made to be scapegoats by certain people, but the fans in these comment sections are just as guilty (if not more so) than the ones writing the articles.

      • It’s all a bit of fun these ratings, bound to cause disagreement which is what TIA want, at the end of the day it’s Klopps ratings that count and I’m sure the majority of us are happy to leave it at that. Like your honesty Carra, don’t always agree with you but that’s what it’s about too isn’t it.

    • Probably because Sakho gets a good rating even when he has a mare like today. Also it’s hard to see Lucas rated below Can and Hendo when you see the stats.

        • They are happy to single out Skrtel but when Sakho makes the same mistakes it’s not really highlighted in the ratings or the match report!

  24. As much as I love Clyne he deserves no higher that a 6 and thats only because he stepped it up in the second half. His first half was dismal.

    And are we going to make it a habit to blame Migs for every goal now? Yes he’s been poor but all the goals today were the fault of the piss poor defense. Naismith his that ball with pace and placed it well. I just think people are being incredibly biased against him because of his recent form.

    Lallana changed the game. Hopefully that will be the start of something good with him. No creativity in the first half really hurt us bad.

    Firmino is class. Can’t wait to see him flourish andbsee what he and Coutinho can do together.

  25. It was an entertaining match but poor football game cus a good team will never concede 4 goals from Norwich in d first place..just like klopp said our defenders need to put d body and head in d game

  26. If Migs is our number 1 keeper next season we are doomed. Why cant he watch other keepers like De Gea and Joe Hart who will make a save with their feet or spread themselves so the ball deflects off some part of their body? Even the pen if he had opened his legs he would have blocked it. He either needs extensive work with a new GK coach or we spend £20 mill on Butland. Moreno is also starting to be a liability and Brad Smith may be a safer option.

    • Couldn’t agree anymore. Was thinking exact same about Smith too.
      If we select on form, he should start next time.

      • I actually think Smith is similar to Moreno, they’re both better going forwards than defensively. Flanno coming back puts both Clyne and Moreno under pressure. Moreno makes the most chances of any defender in the PL, but makes many errors leading to goals. Clyne is generally good defensively, but hasn’t done much offensively and both are short.

  27. What passion in the second half. Nice one lallana. I thought Lucas was at least a seven, a bit harsh. Milner had a good one. Wonderful stuff from Klopp.

  28. Crazy game. Thank god we won. Defence no comment just same old. Least midfield scored for change. Hope firmino can get more goals. Hopefully get job done tue night

    • Firmino has good stats when played as a striker. He’s starting to form a good relationship with Lallana. If Milner and Lallana play like today Coutinho will struggle to come back in!

  29. Who ever wrote these ratings didn’t do it on today’s game and unbiased view. It’s been wrote with the obvious spin of who the writer rates and doesn’t which makes it a pile of steaming turd.

  30. Sorry but especially in the first half Henderson was nowhere and made a lot ao wrong passes… Better than Lucas??? rating seems very prejudiced to me… Miller, Can, Henderson were mostly negativ… Lucas tried to play at least some direct balls to Firmino…

    • I agree, they took their goals well but I didn’t think much of Hendo, Can and Milner’s play for much of the match. Didn’t think Henderson showed any leadership out there today

      • Except for Henderson scoring a goal to drag us back into it than like another commenter put didn’t celebrate the goal but ran back to get the match going again.

    • Sakho 3 was knocked out of the way for the Bassong goal and was weak in the back healed goal! Pass accuracy means nothing when he fails to do his job of defending! Moreno again just for the penalty only deserves a 4 at most one of the most embarrassing penalties ever 2 in 5 seconds could have been given! Milner should have scored in the first half but made amends with the goal and his assist so 7 or 7.5.

  31. Ibe has not played well in the last few matches he featured in. He drives at the defenders well, but that is his one trick. Doesn’t cross well, doesn’t play D. He wasn’t the worst this game, but look how the game changed when Lallana came in.

    • tbf he was probably MotM against Exeter during midweek so he definitely deserved to start ahead of Lallana. Yes Lallana helped change the game and so will probably return to the starting line up against Stoke

  32. Must say that i expect a bit more from the people who write the articles and ratings at TIA than us posters on here. Seems like you have agreed that whenever Benteke plays, don’t give him any credit whatsoever. I’ve just watched the second half again, and the way you describe his efforts (or lack of them) is just not fair at all! He won duels, his movements were good, he showed great skill on the ball, good passes, putting pressure on their defenders and was instrumental in the final goal. He won the duel that led to the throw in, which eventually led to the cross from Can where Ben was able to give the ball to Caulker, which you describe as “providing a distraction in the opposition penalty area”.
    I know we haven’t met world class opposition the last two games, but Benteke is improving whether you like it or not. Deal with it!

  33. For me men of the match: Firminho, Milner and Henderson (bot of them such working animals.)
    worse men of the match: Moreno and Can

  34. It’s time to drop Can and give Allen a game…….with Lucas sitting and Henderson in the engine room…….Not slating Can, but he needs to watch a game or 2 and Allen can help

    • I agree. Can can be awesome at times and his potential is great considering his age. But he is too often difering on his options. I actually prefer him as a defensive mid. His pace can recover better than Lucas and his longer leg out reach gets to balls that unfortunately Lucas can’t. An every now n then a Can surge up the field with the ball can be a great outlet too from defence. I just don’t think he is quick minded enough for a advanced roles, hopefully that would come with time.

      Can played well in a midfield 2 with Hendo when we played 4231 a few games back. I would rotate Lucas and Can as DM, But for advanced role I agree that Allen could be a better option. Allen deserves 1 last shot at it before deciding to sell him in the summer.

      • I would play Can as a DM only if you have Henderson and Allen around him to cover for his indiscipline. As part of a unit, Can provides some thrust and unpredictability that can balance well with Allen and Hendo.

        With a bit more creativity up front, I wouldn’t mind seeing something resembling this:


        That midfield three could provide a base of stability and pressing intensity for the attacking play. We need at least one pacy player up front, though, to keep defenders on their toes.

      • We are diabolical defending corners & set pieces & you want to replace our tallest, strongest midfielder (who has played as a defender) with our tiniest player???

  35. I think the club should stop looking at buying strikers and set about getting defenders who know how to defend. Why bring in Caulker if he is going to sit on the bench? Play him to see what he can do. We need to build a defence, and quickly.
    We can play ojo, or Ibe through the middle if necessary.
    Firmino needs to put a bit of bite into his tackles (when he makes one) and run a bit faster chasing after the ball.
    JH, as captain would need to organise the players more when the game is ongoing, give a few player a bollocking and keep them on their toes.
    First half a total shambles, but a super comeback from 3-1 down, more spirit like that for 90mins and we are top 4.

    • yeah, but we can’t ignore the fact that 2015 was the lowest goal output in Liverpool history. Just not going to champs league with that sad reality, no matter how good the defense

    • Ha ha ha, you’ve got to be joking about playing Ibe or Ojothrough the middle, never read anything so ridiculous, shades of Rodgers there mate.

      • Could be right, but then I would have bought Austin before Benteke!! The composure Ojo showed when scoring his goal was excellent. Some younger player just have what it takes. Fowler & Owen rings a bell. But you could be right, we all view things in a different light. Dare to Dream

  36. Despite numerous lackluster performances in recent weeks, somehow people will start suggesting Emre an has been brilliant during this time. It’s like there is magical amnesia dust around him so everyone thinks he’s been brilliant after a few weeks pass.

    He will be a magnificent player in time – in. time. – but he needs to take a breather. He’s played virtually every game since November and he been looking physically and mentally exhausted for some time now.

    As for Lucas, he had an amazing burst of vitality when Klopp first arrived, but he has faded badly. Milner does score a goal that would have been unthinkable for Benteke at this point, but I struggle to think of many (any, really) games he’s been noteworthy.

    I’d bump Henderson up a point for rallying the troops after bringing it back to 3-2.

    It’ll be interesting to see who starts against Stoke…

    • He wasn’t good when playing more advanced role.. He was fine in the back in 4-2-3-1 and DM in 4-3-3.. Last few games he’s really bad..

      • Hardly surprising, given that he’s played 13 games since his intense game against Man City at the end of November. Outside of the Exeter games, I have a hard time thinking of any of those games he wasn’t a starter.

        • Yes, but he’s better when coming from behind, making his crazy runs with the ball.. He’s not ready yet for more advanced role..

          • Absolutely agreed. I would play Allen-Can-Henderson with Emre the deepest. This would allow him to go on his rampages from deep, and Allen is intelligent enough to cover for him.

            Can has pace when he can build up to it, but he lacks acceleration and game intelligence (not surprising, given his age). As a three, though, I think they can form a nicely balanced midfield unit.

    • Are you referring to the same Lucas who played against Norwich? If so then you can’t have been watching the same game as me.

  37. Hard to dislike Lallana when you see him score and run to the coach’s arms. When you’re passionate about this team as i am, that scene was very emotional. The coach is bleeding red, he is becoming Liverpool.

    • I thought the same and I know he can be frustrating. However, when you go to the games and see the effort and desire Lallana puts in it’s even more difficult not to like him.

      • Do I sense a convert? Welcome to the hopeless lallana softies club. It’s pretty lonely here not to mention immensely frustrating

        • Convert? I get accused a lot on here about changing my opinion on things, but that is not the case. I like to discuss the best and worst about players and managers. It’s not and never was an all or nothing situation. We need to see the good and bad and then watch as it unfoldes.

          • Good- lallana’s adapted the best to klopp’s demands of running and pressing and that is why he gets played so much.
            Bad- he doesn’t contribute much in terms of tangible end product and so the price tag hangs like an albatross around his neck.

            I’ve long maintained, this is his season to shine and earn his place. If he does, he stays, if he doesn’t, he’ll be moved on in the summer.

          • Really! I thought that too before, but I’m not so sure anymore.

            The first reason is because, as you’ve already stated, he’s suited to Klopp’s style.
            Secondly, I think if you had a potent, fluid striker up ahead, then Lallana would be much more effective with his final product.
            And thirdly, I think there’s a lot more positions to be prioritised in the transfer market this summer.

            However, if we get a decent striker this summer that compliments Lallana’s qualities and he still doesn’t improve that end product next season, then I think at 28 his time may well be up.

          • I am inclined to agree..I don’t think klopp will sell him this summer. Not unless a very very good offer comes along. Which is not likely as his usefulness is to our system rather than a universal usefulness. But next season the pressure on him will be well and truly on.

            In fairness to him, he hasn’t played in the position that got him his goals and assists in soton, but when “lfc” are on the pitch, you can see that each part doesn’t quite work as well without the other. It’s just unfortunate for him that he is a 25 mil player that essentially eliminates him from being a squad player, which he otherwise would have been, a very good one as well.

          • I’m pleased he got his goal lads & it is nice that he is apparently following the instructions of the manager & working hard to press the opposition, it is not supposed to be optional though, but what does he really do, even setting aside the ridiculous fee paid for him?

            Creative? I’d say he is tidy but not incisive or creative.

            Goal threat? Not so much.

            Good set piece delivery? Nope.

            Test the keeper from range? He can barely kick the ball 20 yards.

            Get to the byline? Nope.

            Good crosser of the ball? Not really.

            Good physique and / or pace? No.

            One of the stranger signings LFC have made in recent years, which is really saying something.

  38. An important 3 points in the end after one of the most bizarre games I’ve seen LFC play in the last 30 odd years.

    The performance of the goalkeeper, back 4 and defensive midfield was an utter embarrassment. They were so bad that it was hard to believe you were watching professional footballers.

    Most of the starting 11 (barring Firmino) had poor games and the first half was nightmarishly bad. But you have to credit the players for persevering and finding a way to somehow win.

    We need to sign a couple of high quality players before the window closes. This sort of performance would have been a bad loss if we had been playing a team that wasn’t Norwich.

    • But we were playing Norwich, at Norwich, and we came from 3-1 down to win so how come we were embarrassing, nightmare lay bad, but deserve credit for perseverance. Rather a contradiction in opinions don’t you think.

  39. Too many rubbish for the match
    ?mig- how can u let in that 2nd goal… simply unacceptable.(3)
    ?Sakho… when everyone push up…why did u stay there. ? Gave away the first goal( 5)
    ?tourè – better than sakho. For his age… he is good. (7)
    ? Clyne- durable but just too predictable. Poor first touch as always. No obvious mistakes . (6)
    ? Moreno- wish I had a hammer to knock his head for his foul which lead to penalty. Offensively good but defensively horrible. (5)
    ? Lucas – won most of the tackles and aerial… was bit slow but he has been so since he came to us. But battled well. (8)
    ? Henderson- besides the 2nd goal not much of influence. Need to think deep if he really has the captaincy thing within him.
    ? Milner- better than previous games but still far from 150k/week.
    ? Can- biggest culprit for the 2nd goal. Not impressive throughout. (5)
    ? Ibe- made few good movements… after that I thought we had only 10 players on the field. (5)
    ? firminho- worked well… did well with his goals. Improving slowly. (8.5)
    ? lallana- he need to start all the matches as sub… he is just different when he comes in as a sub. Worked hard… 1 assist…1 goal. (7.5)
    ? benteke- did well though no goals. Held the ball well (6.5)… or 6 for breaking Klopp’s glasses.
    ? caulker- helped in the final goal for us. Otherwise nothing much… u need to give him rating 6 for that last goal.
    KLOPP- 6 for the management… 2 for the celebration… so it’s 8!!!

    And farkkeee naismith!!!!!!

      • Interesting how we all have different opinions I thought Lucas had a solid game, was by far our best midfield player.

      • It depends on how u look at it… re-watch the match if possible….just focus on Lucas… u might have different view then. Again i don’t deny that he is slow…but that’s Lucas. His crosses.. thru balls were almost as good as Stevie G….

        • I have standard for Lucas, his passing accuracy maybe not as bad as Can in that game, but he didn’t win duel battle too many times in that game, maybe that because as you said he is slow but usually his positioning is better. I’m not one of Lucas haters, when he played well I noticed it but not in that game. Maybe because the other MF played worse than him made some of us think he played well. for me better than other, yes, but played well? No, and absolutely not 8 for that match. I rated him 8 for many of Klopp’s matches but not in that game mate

  40. I find it quite amazing that atleast 3 players are given a lower rating than Sakho and one other an equal. You give Migs a 4, Moreno and Toure a 4.5 but despite Sakho looking shaky all match and being largely responsible for atleast 2 goals you decide to peddle out stats like 93% passing accuracy and 8 aerial duels in his defense.

    Don’t understand what’s with the love in here…he was easily one of the worst players on the pitch today. Migs was poor for the Naismith goal and the penalty but Sakho was far worse today.

    • agree, I think Sakho played worse than Toure,
      most of the time he got the ball, it’s look like dangerous, dangerous to our self

    • The 2 moments in the game where he failed to be ‘The Beast’ goals were scored! He was weak against Mbokani and than fluffed his header for the Bassong goal! The fact they even mention Toure in Sakho’s write up shows the bias.
      In the match report it doesn’t even mention Sakho being at fault but try and make the whole of the defence culpable when Sakho made individual errors.
      If that was a certain other CB who is injured at the moment they would be telling us how weak he was!

  41. “If he can add an extra yard of sharpness to both his passing and running he’ll be even more dangerous”
    How does a player add a yard of sharpness to a pass?.

  42. A thriller. Liverpool played horribly yet won. WOW. Firmino was the only star. Lallana did well as a sub. Everyone else don’t deserve to wear Liverpool shirt!

    • That’s totally unfair, we came from 3-1 down away from home to win, you don’t do that carrying 9 players as you suggest. Unsung heroes were Lucas Henderson and Milner, 2 of whom scored.

      • We played Norwich For God’s sake. A team with the worst Defense and we are supposed to be very proud of the win. Our players are way overpaid and are underachievers,

        • Pay for footballers is all relative and whether they are underachievers or not is yet to be seen, the season is barely half was through.
          in my opinion they showed great resolve coming from 3-1 down no matter who it is against to win the game.

          • Perthscouse
            The season is 60% done and I still believe that they are underachievers. And I am die hard fan but from the hundreds of games I watched for Liverpool this bunch is really disappointing.

          • GA, there is no doubt that we have weaknesses in a couple of areas namely in goal, central defence and attack but the squad also has some quality, a number of key players are injured, however at times this season we have seen how good the team can be, the squad now does not accept defeat the way it did last season, under Klopp we will not see another Stoke fiasco, hence coming from 3-1 v Norwich has to be applauded.

          • Perthscouse
            I agree with you about not giving up under Klopp whereas under Rodgers, oh well. Sturridge should be sold. Skertl is not the answer for a solid central Defense. The only one we honestly miss is Coutinho.

          • An in form Coutinho alongside Firmino and when fit, Sturridge would be awesome unfortunately the football gods haven’t let this happen yet, hope springs eternal

  43. Lallana was defo man of the match for me.

    Thought hendo deserved a higher rating.

    Him refusing to celebrate his goal and telling everyone to get back, showed good leadership.

    Similarly kolo yelling at clyne to stay back in position was great. Saying that, our whole defence needs changing or a different type of coaching.

  44. Of course we all have different opinions but how anybody could rate Ibe as 6.5 which means he was better than average is beyond me, unfortunately the lad lacks vision and awareness, more moves break down when he receives the ball than any other player. He plays with his head down, has no idea what he is going to do with it the majority of times, he’s had plenty of opportunities to prove himself because we lack wide players and he just doesn’t have it, another Sterling…no way.

    • I agree 100% regarding Ibe. Sterling is way better and reads and understand the game much better than Ibe.
      Firmino IMHO is our best player technically. He just lacks the physicality needed for the EPL.

      • Sterling came into the team at 17 and at the age of 20 had 3 years of PL experience, Ibe has just 1 year of PL experience after being sent out on loan.
        Can’t judge Ibe for at least another year.
        Sterling was struggling in the early part of the 13/14 was out of the team but recovered his form.

        • Ibe can’t pick his head up when he runs. Also, he doesn’t read the game well. I honestly don’t see him evolve into a Sterling or becomes better.

        • Exactly. It is not entirely fair to compare them either.

          The lad has only just turned 20, he is an exceptionally talented dribbler of the ball who’s awareness and end product should improve with age and experience.

          It is not his fault he is the only natural winger in the squad either.

          He may never attract a 49 million pound transfer fee but that shouldn’t be the benchmark supporters set for him. Let him be himself, he is actually ahead of the curve at the moment.

      • Firmino has a football brain, amazing balance and technique and yes with a little more strength may be something similar to Suarez next season,

  45. Ahmed, have to agree with you Ibe was worse than dreadful I don’t think he rated a score at all, he was a hinderance to Liverpool and in no way contributed anything positive to the team display. His face said it all when he came off, he knew he was crap.

  46. I think Ibe been found out Peter, the lad just does not have premier league vision or awareness, he’ll never be anything close to Sterling and I really can’t see Klopp keeping him next season.

  47. Moreno and Migs deserve 1’s. They were awful. Sakho a 3, Toure a 5, Clyne a 6. Hendo a 6, Lucas a 7, Milner a 7, Can a 3.5, Ibe a 2. Firmino an 8, Lallana a 7, Benteke & Caulker N/A.

  48. Lucas was great, Moreno exept from penalty action was good certainly more than 4.5 Lucas 5, Can 6 Ibe 6.5???? did we watched the same game??

  49. Sad that Klopp doesn’t consider Alen he is on form and scoring goal we should capitalized on his form to progress.

  50. Sorry for the delay, heartrate is finally down.

    Mignolet gets a 4. I’m usually not that harsh on him and I don’t think he could do an incredible lot more with the goals. But at some point, when you keep shipping in so many goals the goalie has to take a bit of responsibility as well. Migs on confidence would’ve done so much better for the 2nd and the 4th. It doesn’t help that right after this game you see Fraser Forster doing everything we need.

    Clyne was good for me. And I mean real good. Had to cover for some laziness up front to exploit the wing and cover for Kolo who was losing every sprint against M’Bokani. Het gets a 6,5.

    Kolo was.. well.. we have this cool record of winning when he’s on the pitch. But today wasn’t because of him on the pitch. A 4 for me.

    Sakho.. I don’t know.. did some stuff right but at the decisive moments he has to take large bags of the blame from the pile. So a 3,5 because there were two worse on the pitch.

    Moreno.. come on lad. Get away with one challenge so you go and make another? You want to be ousted by Flanno? What.. what on earth were you doing? A 2.

    Lucas Leiva. So we have this lad on the pitch. This lad is our Defensive Midfielder. Then he goes into these games (much like Stoke away last year or Newcastle and Watford this year) and then he doesn’t Defend nor does he play football as a Midfielder. So.. what’s a DM without the D and the M? Exactly a 0. Then he did one thing right, he pressed a bit at our 4th goal. So that’s a 1 then.

    Hendo didn’t get a lot right today. Especially in the middle of the park he looked lost. These are the games where he needs to show the armband. Did that with the goal, should’ve done it with avoiding goals and setting people straight. Later that night Yaya telling Navas and Otamendi what to do showed how it’s done. Was allright, a 5,5.

    Can.. well.. that was close to being as useless as Lucas and Moreno. But woke up at the 3-2 and starting playing again. So at least he redeemed himself into a 3.

    Milner was simply good. Did what he did well, harassed, pressed and scored a close to winning goal. Apart from the first one on one he was doing the right things. So a 6,5 is well warranted.

    Ibe was.. what? awake for 10 minutes and after that it was useless. Found himself wandering in central midfield when his right back was crossing balls in. Come on lad.. it’s not just running at defenders what we want. Looked angry to be subbed, should’ve been, at himself. A 5.

    Firmino. Well that’s money well spent on a goalscoring lad. He can play can’t he? Found his feet in the EPL. Going to be the massive lad we hoped he’d be. Get in lad, well deserved 8 for that.

    Benteke worth a 6. Didn’t do a lot wrong but didn’t get a lot right either. His wasted offside positioning cost us the free kick that led to 4-4, but harassed at the 5-4. So that cancels it out.

    Caulker.. that’s a well loaned striker then. Helped us winning 3 late points since he joined. Points don’t come cheaper then Steven Caulker. A 6,5.

    Lallana… left ladies purring after the shirt came off, left the lads screaming, dancing and singing before the shirt came off. Well in lad. Was tremendous in the game. The spark that we needed. Great pass for Firminos second and winning 2 points in overtime. Is usually good coming off the bench, maybe that’s where we can use him the most then. An 8.

    Klopp: Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win. Lauhgs best when he laugs last. His team has scored the most late goals. He’s German, it’s what he should do. Great subs: a 9.

    • Some of your ratings are super harsh man. Giving ratings like 2 and 1 that’s like the minimum baseline. 1 is just given based on making an appearance alone.

      I’d say Migs gets a 5 instead of 4, that 2nd goal was weak stuff but the rest weren’t his fault. Never looks confident these days though. And that raises our heartbeats.

      • 4 goals, from a weak team, with hopeless defending. Lucas did just that: he walked onto the pitch and hobbled around doing absolutely nothing. You remember that one kid who played in your youth team that went plucking flowers during the game? voila, Lucas Leiva.

        • Oh cmon he wasn’t that bad…Can was barely noticeable in the first half…atleast Lucas was breaking up play from time to time. I don’t think there really was a need for him today. Could have probably gone with Allen in a 3-man MF. That might be nice to see if it happens.

          As for the 4 goals, how can you blame any but one of those on Lucas? Corner, penalty, set piece. Those were more individual mistakes than team ones.

          • The second.. Lucas just stands there, watching the lad run into the box, have the ball and shoot on goal. Horrible. He’s the DCM, that’s the gaps he needs to fill. Just as the 2nd balls he needs to fight for. It was a horrible display. A DCM that doesn’t D or M.. that’s just a central figure. Well.. not good enough. What annoys me the most that it’s allways the games when you need to get into the mix, win duels, show intent Lucas goes missing. Stoke away, every recent Palace game, Newcastle, Watford.. he’s missing. Just in those games where the Wanyama’s, the Mikels and Makaleles turned up.

          • Yeah that’s a deeper Lucas conversation and valid. My point is he wasn’t absolutely terrible on the day…just fairly anonymous..which was even more true of Can in the first 60 minutes.

            And 2nd goal wasn’t just Lucas’ fault. It was Can that was supposed to track Naismith but he went to sleep there. Migs could have done better as well.

          • It’s obviously Cans fault but then you need a DM to step up.

            Migs was poor.. Especially if you see Fraser Forster do everything better!

          • To go on: Norwich has played 23 games and scored 28 goals. 5 of those are against us, 4 in one game. 18% of all their goals is against us. That’s worth harsh ratings mate.

          • Yes I realize that but most of them were due to individual mistakes/lapses of concentration. It was a very strange game…as you can see from the stats, the number of attempts was not that high…shots on target was very close to the scoreline itself. We see through the 90 minutes Norwich weren’t causing our defense that many problems. The problem is our weak nature of conceding every time we give corners/free kicks. 4th was terrible as well.

        • 4 goals, blame 2 on Sakho allowing the ball to bounce for the first and weak in the 4th goal, 1 on Moreno and the last one on Can who spotted Naismith but than lost him! How were they Lucas’s fault again?

          • Second goal, he stood by and watched. Fourth goal he stood by and watched. We can’t afford to have a DM that stands by and watches. We need one that sets the tone and prevents goals.

          • Second goal it was Can that just watched after he had seen Naismith! Yes he ran past Lucas but Lucas was blocking the player coming towards him and the fourth goal it was our CB that failed to head it clear from a long punt up field.

          • No, Lucas was doing absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing. Fourth goal he stands and watches Bassong getting a shot off.

          • Where do I do that?

            Fourth goal was a foul on Sakho by Jérôme but he should be stronger then that. The backheel was simply abysmal defending.

            That said: we need people who are able to step up and fix errors by others. Lucas can’t, Moreno can’t, Can couldn’t, Sakho can’t. Kolo can’t. That’s too much in one team.

  51. motm had to be lallana……milner put in a shift as he always does but thats about it for him henderson hasnt been good since came back from injury…good performance from clyne firminio..the rest were pretty ordinary

  52. Migs, Naismith goal was identical to Can effort – even closer – against scums when de Gea USED his legs to divert it into a corner…. You’ve done this over and over – Ramsey’s goal for example – your legs are not only for shooting… Use them for keeping too…
    Ratings, maybe good maybe not… I only want to comment about Kolo… What’s he done wrong??? Ok, being a part of a shaky team, you can’t be compared to Hummels or to Pique, also at that age… Come on… Even the fish in the sea knows he came as the last in line, well thinking of Enrique, one above the last in line, for our defence… His reading and understanding of the game is miles higher than all of our defenders combined… He had his big moments ages ago, now he’s heading out, retirement not far… So if you give him 4.5, I’d then give Can and Moreno and Ibe a -10, that only just for the age factor… Or maybe we’ve invented the “get young again” remedy and we’ve given it to Kolo so that’s why he got 4.5??? Tsk tsk tsk…..

  53. Having watched this game again-

    Migs – 5
    Clyne – 6.5
    Toure – 6
    Sakho – 4 (for being responsible in atleast 2 goals conceded)
    Moreno – 5
    Lucas – 5.5(responsible for 2nd goal, and didn’t seem to serve a lot of purpose on the day, his star seems to be waning)
    Can – 5 (also responsible for 2nd goal, made far too many mistakes, and was virtually anonymous first 60 minutes or so)
    Hendo – 6.5 (made some mistakes but also scored a goal and was always trying passes)
    Ibe – 6 (still think he did alright…he’s the only player that provides width, but goes to sleep when defending)
    Milner – 7 (should have scored from that Firmino chance, also could have easily conceded penalty..otherwise though, he was largely good, linked up very well with Firmino and Lallana)
    Firmino – 8 (standout player for LFC, everything he did was fantastic)

    Lallana – 7.5
    Caulker – 6 (responsible for one goal conceded but also for the goal on the other side…we’re probably better off deploying him as CF)
    Benteke – 6

  54. Forgetting the ratings for a minute, I think the defense is so poor because of the lack of a commanding goalkeeper who can organise and shout at them from a positional sense. he never comes and commands the box from the set plays and corners and when he does he flaps at them and creates panic at the back. Personally if we are to challenge we need a lot better. I hope the rumors regarding the Barca reserve keeper Ter Stegen are true

  55. Would you prefer he completed 33% of his passes?

    The entire defence is utter pants at the moment. I was cautiously optimistic that he and Lovren were striking up a decent partnership, the club needs to assess them as a pair because Skrtel is not the answer.

    I till find it hard to trust Lovren at this stage so when fit and on form Sakho is clearly the best we have at the position.

    It is highly likely we will sign another central defender in the off-season, personally I would like to see a partner for Sakho who is quicker than he is (taller would be nice too). I am not sure this Joel Matip lad is actually an upgrade on what we have but physically he fits the bill in theory.

    A quick partner and a quality keeper & Sakho’s strength and passing would give us a good core at the heart of our defence.

    When fit & confident he can look imperious at times.

    Skrtel never looks imperious.

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