Balotelli infuriates Milan boss, Vigoroux & Fulton impress – Liverpool FC Loan Watch

on 15.02.2016

We take a look at how Liverpool’s 14 loanees fared for their temporary clubs throughout the week, during a rare spell of little productivity.

It was a game to forget for Mario Balotelli on Sunday, as the Reds striker angered AC Milan manager Sinisa Mihajlovic in his brief cameo appearance in their 2-1 victory over Genoa.

Sent on with Milan 2-0 up and looking to close out the game with few minutes left, a display devoid of effort and work rate in the final moments – in which time Genoa scored – enraged the Milan boss, who reportedly vented his anger at Balotelli at the final whistle.

Mihajlovic acknowledged the Reds striker was not the only Milan player lacking the desire he expects of his side, but the Rossoneri boss said post-match those “who [don’t] commit [themselves] on the field will not play,” suggesting Balotelli faces extended period on the San Siro bench or even an early return to Liverpool FC.

In Spain, Luis Alberto has been in fine form for Deportivo La Coruna recently, but he produced a quieter performance in his side’s 2-2 draw with Real Betis on Saturday.

The Spaniard played 79 minutes of the clash – lining up in support of striker, Lucas Perez – and he still carried the threat that has seen him become a key man in Victor Sanchez’s side, but his productivity was limited on the night despite enjoying another prolonged run out.

In the Football League, there were better fortunes for loaned goalkeepers Lawrence Vigouroux and Ryan Fulton who enjoyed real positive outings for their respective clubs.

Vigouroux helped Swindon to a comprehensive 4-1 win against bottom club Colchester, playing a bigger part in his side securing three vital points than the comfortable scoreline suggests.

The Reds stopper made a key saves at vital moments with the game in the balance to keep his side level before the Robins then raced into a 3-0 lead, saving well to prevent a Colchester header finding the corner of his net among other important stops.

He was only beaten by an excellent strike from distance, at which time Vigouroux’s men were already 3-0 to the good after his numerous saves provided the catalyst for victory.

And in League Two, Fulton tasted his first victory with Portsmouth, helping his side to a 3-1 win over promotion chasing rivals, Bristol Rovers.

The young stopper enjoyed a relatively quiet afternoon as his team dominated proceedings at Fratton Park, but did make one good stop when called into action, before conceding a late consolation strike from a well-struck free-kick in stoppage time with the points already in the bag.

Elsewhere in the Football League, Sergi Canos and Brentford’s recent dip in form continued on Saturday, as the Bees slumped to a heavy 4-0 loss against promotion chasers, Sheffield Wednesday.

The Spaniard started for Dean Smith’s side, who were reduced to 10 men after just five minutes – leaving the Bees facing an uphill battle which limited Canos’ impact as a result

He did, however, force Owls stopper Kieran Westwood into a good save, seeing his well-struck effort palmed away.

With the Bees 3-0 down at half-time and it very much a case of game over with only 10 men, the Reds teenager was withdrawn at the interval, capping off a disappointing afternoon all round.

In the Premier League, Andre Wisdom was again left out of matchday involvement for Norwich in their 2-2 draw with West Ham on Saturday, this time due to the defender having picked up a knee injury in training.

Back in Europe, Allan Rodrigues endured a disappointing Sunday afternoon, as his Sint Truiden side went down 3-0 at home to Mechelen.

Positively, the young Brazilian started in the Belgian side’s attack, but after having a limited impact on proceedings and with his side trailing 1-0, he was withdrawn after 65 minutes of the loss as boss Chris O’Loughlin searched for a way back into the match.

Football - Liverpool FC Preseason Tour 2015 - HJK Helsinki v Liverpool FC

As Red Star Belgrade continue to finalise their preparations for the recommencing of the season, Marko Grujic played 90 minutes in their 2-1 friendly loss to Ural, but helped his side end their mid-season schedule with a 2-0 win over Kuban.

It was another disappointing weekend of no action for Liverpool’s European loaned young strikers.

Taiwo Awoniyi was an unused substitute for Frankfurt FSV, who lost 2-1 to Greuther Fürth on Friday night, while in Switzerland, Samed Yesil remained on the bench for the duration of Luzern’s 2-1 loss to Zurich.

And finally, Will Marsh was – as you can guess – left out of Wednesday’s 4-0 win over Brentford on Saturday, but more bizarrely, was also missing from their U21s’ 2-0 win over Hull last week, instead playing and scoring for the Liverpool U21s in a 2-1 win over Sligo Rovers.


Lazar Markovic is out with a thigh problem while Jordan Williams is still unavailable for action, but Lloyd Jones is closing in on a welcome comeback having returned to Melwood to join training.

Liverpool’s Loaned Men This Week

  • Balotelli – AC Milan – Played 5 mins vs. Genoa
  • Alberto – Deportivo La Coruna – Played 79 mins vs. Betis
  • Wisdom – Norwich – Missed 2-2 vs. West Ham injured
  • Canos – Brentford – Played 45 mins vs. Sheffield Wednesday
  • Grujic – Red Star Belgrade – Played 90 mins vs. Ural
  • Vigouroux – Swindon – Played 90 mins vs. Colchester
  • Fulton – Portsmouth –Played 90 mins vs. Bristol Rovers
  • Allan – Sint Truiden – Played 65 mins vs. Mechelen
  • Yesil – Luzern – Unused substitute vs. Zurich
  • Awoniyi –  Frankfurt FSV – Unused substitute vs. Gruether Firth
  • Marsh – Sheffield Wednesday – N/A, scored for Liverpool U21s vs. Sligo


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  1. classic Balo..Can’t wait to see where he has “his last chance at a big club” next season…Hope we can get rid..China? (they love fireworks there)

    • I hope I see some more genius comments about how he is a scapegoat. That always makes me laugh. He’s 86 kiloes waste of talent. End of.

          • That’s what happens when you play football manager on spreadsheets Mike Gordon!

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      • Ugh! Never underestimate the power of delusion for the sake of believing in some fairytale narrative. The number of Balo apologists last season was staggering…it was more like a percentage of the fanbase when you think about it.

        • sorry the facts are when mario finally started looking like he give a ferk and put some effort in rodgers dropped him as a scapegoat
          he had plenty of chances to drop him but only did it then
          and that from me who said it would be a disaster the second we signed him

          • This is not about Rodgers though. Last season people were hell bent on making it a Rodgers vs Balotelli situation when it should have never been that. This is what gets me when people talk about Mario…all sense of perspective is gone out the door and emotion rules the day.

            Oh it was Rodgers’ fault..oh look at him in Euros, oh he’s a star who just needs to be unlocked….oh there’s a football genius somewhere in there.

            Point being it is always possible for both a manager and a player to be sh***t at the same time…doesn’t have to be that just because one is sh***t absolves the other of his mistakes.

          • Thanks. The whole “Balo” discussion tires me when I read some of the defense used for him. It’s like objective thought goes out the back door. He just seems to have that effect on fans I guess.

          • I guess it’s because we badly wanted it to work as there is undeniably world class talent in him. There is no world class ability in Allen, but fact is he’s been a far more useful squad player to us than Balo ever will be.

            Ballo would be world class if he had a different mentality. And if my aunt had a willy, she’d be me uncle.

          • I keep coming back to a quote Jason Mcateer used…it’s like he’s football dyslexic in some ways. People seem to focus a lot on his strengths, but he does suffer from some weaknesses as well that way. I think the ability rhetoric is a tad bit overused. I do think Balotelli is someone who has regressed as he’s gotten older. He looked really fresh at Inter Milan, he looked pretty good at City as well but was still among the lesser contributors there – Dzeko, Tevez and Ageuro featured and scored more regularly than he did.

            But now, it seems like he’s hit a genuine slump in his career for a while. Probably shouldn’t have left Milan and continued to play there rather than come to LFC.

          • Winds me up too, countless quality managers can do nothing with Balotelli, Rodgers was no different or worse. Just another.

          • So which manager, other than Rodgers failed to get performances and goals out of Balotelli. Exactly the same question could be asked about Rickie Lambert, could it not?

          • Erm, no.. Lambert was class at Southampton and for England was he not? As for Balotelli, Mancini, Mourinho to name two. both tried and decided to cut their loses instead because they couldn’t anything with him.

          • Ah yes he signed him so that when he started playing half decent he could drop him, blame him and then lose his job.

            Nothing wrong with that logic at all. I study business and administration and I read a lot about Shanks on my free time for inspo, but this… this is just gold.

          • I don’t know mate…I wasn’t going around holding a poll. Though I do know there was a sizable percentage wanting to make it a BR vs Balo narrative…I saw plenty of opinions holding out in hope for him. Nothing wrong with that when he first came here.

            But after 9-11 matches here without barely scoring a goal and looking completely out of sorts, when people still started to blame other factors that’s when I knew the delusion wasn’t going away.

          • So to paraphrase your reply … sweeping statements are what they are and anybody can make them.

          • No…you asked me for a number…I said I don’t have one and, by extension, that you misconstrued my original point. Which was that it wasn’t just one or two people that were continuing with that but a sizable percentage.

          • I asked for you to quantify the percentage you were talking about .. as in give some idea and btw, who are you to decide who should and shouldn’t support which players and why should it be staggering or delusional or whatever … their opinion is what it is, like yours.

          • You always ask obtuse questions of this nature or is it just with discussions related to Mario? Talk about taking the discussion from one tangential to another.

    • Doesn’t China look like the only viable option for him now? Where the level is easier, and yet they won’t baulk at paying his wages (and a decent transfer fee to us).

  2. Balo is finished at LFC, Kloppo can do many things but i’m sure he can’t carry out a labotomy because thats whats required in this case. Amazed we have fans who actually think Balo can still do a job for us! He’s a waste of a shirt number…cracking guy though.

    • I remember an OLD joke when Trevor Francis was playing for Birmingham.
      Some bright spark suggested Birmingham were going to sell Francis to
      and the rest of the team to
      Fray Bentos.
      I suppose selling Ballotelli to a pie company would contravene his human
      Come back Sweeney Todd, all is forgiven and a quick ‘back & sides’ for
      Mario while you are at it!!

  3. Brand “BALOTELLI” …. the name that’s launched a 1000+ headlines and been click bait and hate fest fodder for untold millions.
    Tell me,which coach in his right mind would put a forward on like Balotelli “to close out a game” in the last few minutes of extra time with defensive options on the bench?

    • “Brand “BALOTELLI” …. the name that’s launched a 1000+ headlines and been click bait and hate fest fodder for untold millions.”

      It goes both ways. The narrative that is.

      • Really? So tell me which coach in his right mind would put a forward on like Balotelli “to close out a game” in the last few minutes of extra time with defensive options on the bench?

        • What you’ve never seen a coach put on a striker in the last few minutes? They do stuff like this all the time, sometimes to chase a lead, sometimes just to kill time, but I’ve seen coaches make moves like this.

          Would you rather he stays on the bench? Because that’s what he seems to be doing mostly at Milan.

          • In the game which this article refers to Balotelli was put on in the last few minutes of extra time “to close out the game” ….. so …. which coach in his right mind etc, etc would make a substitution like that
            when there were defenders on the bench?

            Examples please ……

          • Are you kidding me right now? What are you asking me examples for? You think I’ll know some off the top of my head right now? Haven’t you seen enough football matches to see that coaches have made last minute subs all the time? Just a few weeks back Caulker was introduced when we were trailing.

            And so what if the manager got him on the field? Isn’t that what players want? Oh so he’s a center forward so he’s too precious to defend all of a sudden? Give me a break with that…

          • So if you had a choice between putting on a specialist defender or a specialist attacker in the last few minutes of extra time (in a game which you were winning comfortably) with the objective of closing a game down you’d go for either or …. ?

          • How does any of this matter? Simple fact, he brought him on in the last few minutes, Balo f****ked up and he pretty much hinted at never playing him.

            I don’t understand why you’re running away from the main topic…

          • So how did Mario “f*Ck up”? He had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the goal that was scored, nor could he have done anything to prevent it. Take a look.
            There were a number of Milan players that were apparently dug out by their coach (not just Mario who’s being treated to the normal Red Top spin and hyperbole) because of attitude and effort and if you look at most other (Italian) reports on the game he’s hardly mentioned. The worst comment I could find was that “Balotelli was not on the field long enough to make an assessment”.

          • AC Milan coach Sinisa Mihajlovic has hinted that Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli may have played his last match on loan for the Rossoneri – after a plodding two minute substitute appearance for Milan yesterday.

            Milan were leading Genoa 2-0 when Balotelli was introduced for Carlos Bacca, and in that time Genoa pulled a goal back.

            But even though Milan won the match 2-1 coach Mihajlovic saw enough to rap: “We should’ve scored a third goal and not risked at the end. It is also my fault, as those who don’t sacrifice themselves for the team to the 94th minute will no longer set foot on the field.

            “It wasn’t just Balotelli, there were another two or three as well as him, they know who I’m talking about.”

          • So in the final few minutes of extra time one striker is substituted for another striker. The opposing team subsequently score and the net result is that the striker who played out the remaining 2 minutes gets
            headlined, ridiculed and denigrated …… ?

            Don’t you know what spin is about?

          • glad to see there are some sensible fans out there…… how on earth is it Balo’s fault that they conceded…… he’s meant to attack not defend…… its always the blame game for Balo cause based on his record he’s always an easy target in the media…… and all this tripe about not knowing who joe allen was…… what does that matter what has allen gone on to do to light up LFC???? NOTHING….. and what bad dressing room environment?? i have never read anything about that….. sigh people will believe whatever they want to believe…… at the end of the day

          • Right…everything’s a spin with Balo. Even though the manager himself quoted Mario in his interview…alright..carry on with the delusion friend. All apologies.

          • It’s yourself that’s cornered the market in being deluded … how did Mihjhalovic quote Mario in his interview? or was that said to say that
            you do know what spin is about and recognise that fabrication is often
            an integral part of it?

          • No no you’re absolutely right!

            Brendan was at fault last season, Mihajlovic is at fault this season, the media is putting a spin on all things related to him. Mario’s a force of nature to be reckoned with. :)

          • You mean I was absolutely right to imply that your claim that Mihajlovic quoted Mario in his interview
            was spin and fabrication.
            What’s Rodgers got to do with this btw?

        • To be honest, one has to know the way the question was directed to understand fully,

          Was the question directed to build a story around balotelli or not?

          As for me I think for the manager to answer with “Not just Balotelli” suggests the Journalist would have specifically asked if the manager felt Balotelli’s effort in the game was acceptable?

          thereby putting words into his mouth.

          • Exactly, Balotelli is a high selling brand and 2 minutes only in extra time + whatever it was his manager actually did say has ben spun and hyperbolised into headlines worldwide. Big bucks. Huge. Totally OTT.

  4. So Balotelli plays 5mins and is the villain again? Does he deserve a go at Liverpool with a new manager at the helm? What do you guys think?

    • I dunno about deserve, but there are worse desicions we could make. I have faith that JK will do what’s best for our squad next season. If that includes Balo, that’s fine. I have a fear that he won’t be good for unity of the dressing room, but only time will tell.

    • It’s not just the 5 minutes of game-time though…it’s the absolute lack of goals and impact that’s the real problem here. What has he done at Milan since going there? It’s been over half a season now and he still can’t barely be good enough to even feature regularly for a mediocre Italian club at the moment.

      Complete lack of progress and an utter waste of LFC resources.

        • Many other players in the world have/had ability. Sorry for the cliche, but it’s true. Ability can only take you so far. Balo’s too far off the game for him to be a success at the highest level as a CF in modern football…

          • All signs seem to point to that yeah…I mean in terms of playing at the highest level. He’s gonna have to put in a serious amount of effort to get back to that level. Maybe in 2-3 years time he can, some players in the past have. But what are we supposed to do till then? Pay his ridiculously high wages while loaning him from one italian club to the next?

          • His wages are very average and Klopp being the man he is will give Balotelli as much of a chance as he’s giving to everyone else, as and
            when he returns.

          • Doesn’t matter if they’re average if the club we loan him out to don’t end up paying for most of them. That’s been the story doing the round btw…that he’s on 90kpw and Milan aren’t paying close to most of those wages.

            As for giving him a chance, we’ll wait and see. I doubt he’ll be here next season. Pre-season training might be as good as it gets for him.

          • There’s a difference between what you claimed are “his ridiculously high wages” and the very average for the Premiership £80k pw he’s on and if you want to believe stories doing the rounds, feel entirely free.
            As said, Klopp being the man he is, will give Balotelli as much of a chance as he’s giving to everyone else, starting with a clean slate ..

        • Some people are like it, and before I bore everyone, his life as a kid could have a massive impact on they way he thinks.. Abondoned by his family and adopted by white parents is a good place to satrt, then you have the hateful racsit italian football institution.. Can fry a kids head, then you have people telling you your world class, but are never going to make it because you are a waster.. Kind of self fullfilling prophecy… In a way, there is nothing you can do to change it,until he hits complete rock bottom and clubs stop taking a chance on him, he is never going to realise and grow.

      • That is why, without me advocating for Balo or anyone, you should never speak if you don’t know the facts: he was out with injury for 2-3 months???? I suggest if you can find the game vs Inter from last week or so to watch the 15 minutes he played if Bacca didn’t mix up in his way h would’ve scored…. Also, putting a striker, or any player in fact, last 5 minutes to defend the score would you expect him to do big things???? Did he even warm up???? How disappointing is for an established player to make cameo appearances like an 18 y/o???? I guess Sinisa is another BR who didn’t really want the player and in the end it worked out bad for both the player and the team….
        Odd behaviour on and off the field???? That one he got plenty…. But tell me which is worst, Balos comics and gaffs or Messi, Neymar even Masche evading tax and get dragged to courthouses facing jail????

        • *Case in point what I was talking about earlier*

          FYI, football is not a popularity contest….it’s the final score on the scoreboard that counts eventually. But no, poor Balo can’t catch a break between Rodgers and Sinisa. Every manager wants to eat him alive. :((

          • Just saying is all… Kloppo is “world class” being a popularity contest… You can shout now.

          • Naa that’s just an opinion. People rush to Balo’s defense because they seem to love him..notice what he’s saying about Messi and Masch’s tax evasion – I mean how the hell does sh1t like this come up? It does because people can’t have an objective discussion about Balo.

          • Oh great not this sh***t again! You really wanna bring race into the equation now? Talk about being desperate!

          • Who’s talking race? Bigotry manifests itself in many ways and if anyone is being desperate, it’s you. He’s a good footballer.

          • Yeah, I was just playing.. But yeah, some people just love the sounds of their own voices and more so thinking others are listening… Social media has created a global narcissist epidemic.

    • It was actually 2 minutes and anyway for him not to be given exactly the same chance as JK said all Liverpool players would be given would be discrimination (not racial) at
      it’s worst.
      We are much better than that ….

      • I guess its having the time to give him a chance, its not really fair expecting a sub to prove himself in limited minutes, so that would mean starting him. Cant see a start in the PL, so maybe the cups would be his chance.

        • Dunno, but he’ll get a chance with Klopp if, as and
          when he returns. How is moot, but probably a better
          one than BR gave Carroll back in the day … 19 mins in 2 PL games.

  5. L0L! Well that’s that many more managers is Balo going to p1ss off!?

    Time to give a call to China…they’re our only hope in terms of recouping some money from him….not to mention he probably won’t be getting a chance at any other half-decent club in Europe any longer. It really is the best fit for him given his attitude.

    And to think of all the Balo apologists on this site alone last season. Easily one of our worst players/signings and we’ll be lucky to recoup 1-2mil off of him given the way he’s playing currently.

    • People keep calling Rodgers as someone who divided the fanbase..I think balo sored tempers too. He made last season a lot worse than it actually was. I’m not blaming him for making things toxic but one thing lfc hadn’t had in a long while was bad team spirit and dressing room environment. Only last yr we did. Trouble just seems to follow him.

      • That was the concern from many fans even when we were being linked to him…that he has a chance of affecting the dressing room atmosphere. Maybe he did do that, maybe he didn’t. I mean considering we still had Gerrard in the dressing room and all the rest of the boys seem so well grounded I doubt one bad example can make the rest go bad.

        But in terms of banking on him to be our man up front, to do the work center forwards do…we give Benteke such a hard time as a fanbase, but he’s still far far better as a player compared to Balotelli was last season.

        • Agreed on benteke being better than balo. I certainly feel so. Is younger also I guess? So still hope of learning. Regarding wasn’t so much him being the bad apple as it was the media having someone to focus on and stir up trouble. In Stevie and carra we had supposed star players and legends who didn’t have a bad reputation so media couldn’t stir up trouble using them. In Suarez they had a target but it helped in creating an us vs them mentality rather than divide and alienate. In balo they had the right mixture to create trouble.

          • Yeah the media angle is another big one. Making mountains out of molehills and all that. With Suarez, even for all his troubles most knew that was just his ultra competitive nature spilling over to controversy…he viewed the field of play as a war zone, not an exhibition.

        • Things like, skipping training after seeing Joe Allen with a new iphone just so he could go get one too, would p155 me off as a team mate, especially with the type of contribution he was making.

          • I remember a report saying he did not know what Joe Allen’s name was…or something to that effect even later on in the season?

          • Have you ever wondered how BR oversaw his 102 property, bought to let operation at the same time as managing Liverpool?

          • Yeah, or no.. I assume his partner had a leading role. but lets assume it’s actually any of our business what his business interests are, I would assume the fact that he has it would suggest he can manage both, not really in the same league as a player who skips training to buy a phone, and a player who contributes almost nothing to a winning team.

          • Actually the story went that it was one of Mario’s mates that bought the new phone into Melwood for him, but such are stories. Tittle tattle.
            Not sure which partner you’re referring to .. his one now who used to work for the club or his estranged
            wife, not that I care btw … and was his contribution really that much less, if at all, than the players who were signed at the same time as him and at much greater cost?

          • That’ll be the business related partner, seeing as you brought up g=Rodgers housing empire.

          • Maybe, but even at (full) arms length being involved
            in such a sizeable operation on an ongoing basis is significantly more of a distraction to the “Day Job” than a player missing a training session would be.

            Another reason perhaps why the Club set up the transfer committee? Any of BR’s houses in Southampton btw?

          • Not really, chances are most of his properties are managed by housing agents for rental and the like.. My family have a few properties, and apart from overall control, the day to day is taken care of by an estate agent who finds tennets and deals with daily maintenca etc. They are even the ones who chase money from unwilling tennents, so really not that much to consider.

          • so why not ask your family if instead of having a few properties they had 102 to have overall control of and which would be a greater distraction … doing that on a day in day out, week in week out basis, buying and selling and so on or, missing one day only from their normal routine?

          • You seem to be looking for reasons to continue whinging about Brendan. Why bother, let it go.

        • Are you denying that trouble follows him? I haven’t blamed him for it. Just pointing out that with him the media gets a target. And that’s just because of the type of person he is. “Boring James milner” isnt a media target. Balo has personality so he attracts the media. Only problem is, now it’s gotten out of hand. A couple of transgressions early on in his career have blacklisted him a bit with them. So they keep trying to spin stories.

          • I had noticed. Speaking of trouble that follows, what’s your take on the way that Jews have been persecuted down the millennia?

          • Hehe treading troubled waters now aren’t we? :P Yes I think the jews were persecuted. I am not from the age of part of the world where I could have witnessed it first hand. by take do you mean where I stand on the israel-palestine divide or just generally? Generally I think yes they were persecuted. On the israel-palestine divide I tend to take it issue wise, but it usually ends up being on the Palestinian side of things. It could be my societal bias as a I was born and brought up in a city with strong Muslim cultural roots and associations.

          • Oh no, not troubled waters …. but at least we seemingly agree that Mario is not the only one that
            trouble is dogged by.
            Was team spirit as bad last season as you suggest and if it was, surely the ongoing Sterling wanting out
            saga, Gerrard’s perception that he was being badly
            treated, the team selection at the Bernabeu, the thrashing at Stoke and the bad losses that preceded
            it etc, the consensus that Rodgers had lost the dressing room anyway, Mignolet being “benched indefinitely” and so on all contributed to it and far more than anything Mario did or didn’t do.

          • It’s was the perfect storm. But Mario was a contributory factor to it unwittingly. I am not saying he did it on purpose. It’s just the circus that usually accompanies him. Sterling was a contributory factor too..and for sure Rodgers was. But because there are other factors, you cannot deny one factor as well. I did not conform to the “he will spoil dressing room environment” arguments when we were signing him, but after the season, I couldn’t have had much to put as proof against that argument. I already posted this as a reply to abyss that I think it’s media and not him. But the question is, do you take the risk of the hassle in a private, profit making institution or do you just drop it. This is isnt a humanitarian issue of the like you are trying to compare it to. Neither is it the state being involved or people’s lives in question. Balo’s career and fate is in his hands. Tomorrow if klopp chooses to take a gamble on him, I’m with him. But if he doesn’t and says, I’d rather not risk any trouble, then do I cry foul? No I will not.

          • Sure having a much larger than life character on board has it’s effects and yes citing ongoing Jewish
            persecution was OTT but 3 points …

            1. there is no opt out clause in the terms of his loan

            2. Mario is contracted with LFC until the end of 2017

            3. if at the end of the loan period JK declines the opportunity to have Mario back (having said that all
            players will be given equal chance too) whilst you won’t cry foul and many others too, what do you
            suppose the profoundly partisan, say anything for a money earning headline, media reaction would be?

          • Whatever it is, how does it matter to klopp? He’ll just go about his business anyway. I should also point out that when klopp took over he said that he believed in THIS squad, meaning the balo less squad he inherited from Rodgers. So when he says he will give everyone a chance he means the players at his disposal. He brought back all the young ones- markovic, Alberto, balo were not recalled. He recalled youth players because he does not believe in loans. He didn’t recall the others who had featured more prominently in the first team squad maybe because he sees them as lost causes?

            Whatever the media says or does is irrelevant to klopp. How is that an issue here? Are you saying that it will cause a media uproar if balo is shipped out without being given a chance? And if it does, it will be bad for the team?

            In that case I think it’s one consequence we will have to deal with. And it will eventually die down and be forgotten especially if we are winning. Klopp should make his call based on his own priority not what the media will say.

          • There are no release clauses in Alberto’s, Markovic’s
            and Balotelli’s contracts and they will all be given an equal chance on return, assessed and decisions subsequently made on how the remainder of their contracts will be dealt with.
            And without media influence past (NB) and present
            being of much significance in the decisions Klopp will make.

          • Let us wait and see. If they are given chances well and good, I’m just saying they might not. And if they aren’t I don’t think I would be too upset.

          • Ok, but whilst you mightn’t “too upset”, surely key in any player/manager relationship is trust …

  6. Surely this cannot be. Not balo no! We all chose to turn on that traitor and selfish leech of 16 yrs Stevie me for this guy after all. What a saint! It’s the club’s fault. If not for the racism he faces there, he would be winning the ballon d’or. Mark my words.

  7. 14 men and boys still away on loan, even after the torrent that came back.. Some serious house cleaning to do come summer or we’ll have a glut of players we just can’t possibly use…

        • Like winners’ medals for 3x Serie A, a Coppa Italia,
          a Champion’s League, a Premiership, an FA Cup (in which he was MotM btw). He has also put in some MotM winning performances for Italy, most recently against England in Brazil.

          • That’s a debate for another day but as I was asked to
            substantiate my comment on his achievements to date, I did so.

          • Has he? Ok so he didn’t shine as a sub in the last 2 minutes of extra time last weekend, but all I’ve heard
            is that he’s been training extra hard to get back pre injury fitness levels and to try and re-find some form.

          • Dont get me wrong, I actually want him to succeed. Hope he recovers… Hes not as bad a person as the media/people make out.

          • Yeah, too bad that it’s been 2012 since his last medal and has done fk all since then. Well, not fk all, but absolutely nothing on the pitch.

            Carried a team? never, showed world class consistency? never. The CL medal he had absolutely nothing to do with. 300 minutes played in the entire campaign. Started once and was sent off. Was only used as a sub in 3 games in the knockout phase. So yeah.. world class player.

          • So really anyone could have won the medals he has,
            is that what you’re saying? but if that’s so why haven’t they?
            He was aged 22 back in 2012 btw.

          • Yeah, so as a talent he won most trophies as a sub in a trophy winning team. After that.. fk all.

            And of course he was a huge talent. But that’s just it. A talent with a sht attitude.

          • Oh, let’s not forget he’s a bit of a youth product of Inter. So he quite happened to be just there as a youth player when Inter got Mourinho, Maicon, Eto’o and Sneijder.

          • There have been any number of youth products of any number of clubs …. how many of them would
            have been good enough to play in 86 games for the Inter team back then and at Balotelli’s age?

          • Of which 75%ish was being subbed on for 10-15 minutes. Again, nobody will deny his talent, nobody can deny (or should) that since he wasn’t a talent anymore he’s been absolute tripe.

          • Didn’t know that he only started 25% of the games he
            played in the 3 seasons he was at Inter but I do know that most athletes, human and animal lose and regain form, witness how the majority of the players signed when Balotelli was, bombed.

          • Yeah, he really wasn’t that involved in the Inter stuff. Lots of rows though, throwing away shirts, getting sent off etc. etc.

          • Oh, just looking at the wiki:
            In his second season with Inter, Balotelli had a number of disciplinary problems, most notably involving head coach José Mourinho who excluded him from the first team in the second half of January 2009. Earlier that season Mourinho had accused Balotelli of showing a lack of effort in training, stating “as far as I’m concerned, a young boy like him cannot allow himself to train less than people like Figo, Córdoba, and Zanetti.”

            Juventus fans in the heated Derby d’Italia encounter in an away match against Juventus on 5 December 2009, which Inter lost 2–1. When he was elbowed by Juventus midfielder Felipe Melo in the shoulder, Balotelli fell theatrically onto the pitch, for which he was booked, while Melo was sent off for a second yellow card. The incident sparked an altercation between Balotelli’s teammate Thiago Motta and Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.[37][38][39] The tension between Balotelli and Mourinho reached its peak on the eve of the UEFA Champions League second leg against Chelsea after the young striker was not called-up, following an altercation with his manager.[40] Despite Inter’s 1–0 win at Stamford Bridge, London, Balotelli was criticized by several senior players including captain Javier Zanetti[41] and veteran defender Marco Materazzi, as well as by his own agent.[42] In March 2010 he came under heavy criticism from fans after he publicly sported an A.C. Milan (Inter’s cross-town rivals) jersey on the Italian show Striscia la Notizia.[43]

            So.. yeah.. there’s that.

          • Are you for real?
            Compare any of that with Mourinho eyepoking Tito Vilanova, Suarez’s bites, Cantona’s kung fu kick and any amount of misbehaviour by any number of people involved in football, quite apart from which he was a teenager at the time, an adolescent.
            Striscia la Notizia is a satirical show btw and the Milan shirt he was clowning around with was a wind up

          • You haven’t burst any bubbles, just given the impression that you must have spent your own adolescence in a box, or similar

          • Oh nothing of the sorts. But when I came of age I started to produce even more goods. Balo still acts like he’s 12 but performs even less.

          • That’s not what I’ve heard from friends in Milan or the impression I got from the time he spent in Liverpool.

  8. Ahh Mario, quickly on his way to becoming a late night football trivia question. He’s going to have fun in China or Qatar. That forward tandem of Bendtner and Balotelli is going to kill it in the dunes or the smog.

  9. Balo,could be a good player,but he is just a waste of space,it will be a surprise if anyone wants him this summer.

      • Then we all support him and trust klopp’s judgement. At least that’s what I would do. And hey, its all the better for the club because we end up saving our investment instead of losing money on him and then having to go out and take a punt on another investment.

        • Quite. It is also better for the club if the process of player assessment by it’s new manager is the same
          or similar for all players, which no doubt it will be.

          • I’m not so sure. It might simply be that klopp decides he’ll stick with what he already has in benteke than waste time in trying to give balo a chance. It’s a hypothetical situation but im just saying..he might do that. Will you criticise him then? I don’t think I will. I’ll simply accept it as his judgement call and unfortunate for balo.

          • Bottom line for me is that the Club/Jurgen Klopp is seen to treat all it’s players with equality.
            It might simply be too that he decides to move Benteke on as he’d had a season to assess him and during the process of working directly with Balotelli, strikes up what he considers is a footballing relationship worth pursuing
            He might also decide to knock them both out on a
            buy 1, get 1 free type deal.

          • My stand is that I’m not at the moment inclined to question the calls of a bundesliga winning manager. He’s come here..I want to be patient and let him do his thing. In 3 yrs maybe I start to question him. How is he is seen or portrayed is irrelevant to me at the moment at least.

          • Sure, all of that, but one of his loudest calls on the future of the players in his squad was to state that they would all get their chances before he made
            any decisions and I have every confidence that he
            will do that ..

  10. If Daniel Sturridge gives Liverpool their “fear factor” back…
    then, Balotelli returning gives Liverpool their “hilarity” back.

    Who says you can’t be dangerous and funny at the same time!?

    • Klopp once said he can’t tolerate a**holes in his team, no matter how good a player might be. (I don’t judge Balotelli to be one, but character is highly important for this manager). And he also can’t stand lack of ambition. So… Yes, it would be some kind of fun to watch these two dealing with each other, hee hee…

      • Ambition… I think Balo is facing another BR-Liverpool situation at Milan… With a hot Bacca going there he might not have even been in Miha plans… Then he got injured, while Bacca is thrashing it, and now making cameos… Considering his character, end of story… If he’d realise that the world is not centred around him and work patiently hard, well he’s got the abilities… (PS We didn’t have any hot Bacca coming to us)
        On the other hand, the manager’s role is important… I can think of 3 managers Balo had/has who are not the best relationship-wise, Mancini, Brendan and Mihailovic… Not excusing Balo here, we all know him… But if there is/was a chance for him to become bearable with his behaviour the manager plays big role… But with so much talent around, why would anyone go the extra mile just to help Mario???

        • That he’s on a £80Kpw contract with Liverpool until the end of next season is worth bearing in mind …
          And do “we all know him”? or is that supposed knowledge based on what the mainly gutter end
          of the media have blown him up to be?

  11. To be honest, one has to know the way the question was directed to understand fully,

    Was the question directed to build a story around balotelli or not?

    As for me I think, for the manager to answer with “Not just Balotelli” suggests the Journalist would have specifically asked if the manager felt Balotelli’s effort in the game was acceptable?

    thereby putting words into his mouth.

    By the way, wouldn’t you just love to make your headline about Balotelli? that will guarantee an extra 2 million plus reads

    • Fair point. But consider this…


      Once, twice or even thrice you can dismiss it. But this has followed him whereever he’s played.

      Coincidence? There is solid fair argument to rule that out with high probability.

      • Hmmm… Fair point too…. But try being a player like Balo and make cameo appearances… He must be over sensitive he can’t be patient to show in the long run that he’s a changed man now… If he’s a changed man and if he wants to show that, that’s another story…

      • He played 5 minutes at the end to wind down the clock with a substitution and it was all down to him this smacks of headline hunting and sensationalism, rubbish article he is just an easy target.

  12. At the end of the day I just can’t help but conclude that Mario doesn’t really care all that much about football. It’s his job, he turns up, he tries reasonably hard and he’s talented enough to get along, to a point. He does most of what people expect of him but in his heart he just doesn’t have much fire inside that drives him to compete at the top level. He’s always going to be lacking that competitive edge that makes a real top class player stand out. Lazy is the wrong word, and it’s a bit unfair. He just doesn’t really have the desire and that’s not something you can ever create in a player if it’s not there.

    • The bloke was probably earning 100k a week at 20 whilst at City. He’s never had to try as it was just given to him no matter what he does. Everyone knows what he’s like but they still go in for him.
      I think we will struggle to get rid of him. These days, he’s a mid table player and no mid table team are going to pay his wages.

    • I don’t think desire is also it actually. Sometimes being prodigiously talented at a young age can go against you. Sometimes talented individuals find it tougher to grow and develop beyond their initial God given ability or have it tougher trying to overcome slumps. Or they simply don’t end up overcoming them. We’ll only have to wait to find out if that’s the case.

  13. You never really uderstand person until you consider things from their point of view until you climb into their skin and walk around in it

  14. Talking of AC Milan, I wondered how Suso was doing and it turns out he’s been loaned out to Genoa.

    Wikipedia lists just 9-games since he left us.

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