“Brighter days ahead” – Supporters react to Liverpool’s League Cup loss to Man City

on 28.02.2016

Man City delivered a gut-wrenching finale to Liverpool’s League Cup run, devastating Reds supporters with a 3-1 penalty-shootout victory.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 28, 2016: Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho Correia looks dejected after missing a penalty in the shoot-out against Manchester City during the Football League Cup Final match at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Yaya Toure fired the decisive spot-kick beyond Simon Mignolet to secure City’s second League Cup triumph in three seasons, with Mignolet’s counterpart, Willy Cabellero, making three key saves to deny Lucas, Philippe Coutinho and Adam Lallana in the shootout.

This served as a miserable end to what was a hard-fought contest for the Reds, and a real killing blow to their hopes under Jurgen Klopp.

Here is how supporters saw Liverpool’s 3-1 penalty-shootout loss to City in the League Cup final.

Most were, understandably, devastated following this bitter defeat…

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“Properly gutted by this, was so desperate for the first silverware of Klopp’s reign.”
Zinedine Biscan on the forums.

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Some questioned Liverpool’s choice of penalty takers…

Many applauded the Reds’ endeavour, in what was a testing 120 minutes of football…

“What I loved was our spirit. We didn’t cave in. We went on and maybe it was that desire from inside that in a strange way kept the score even till the end of extra time. We always had a chance. A good one.”
Mad about Red on the forums.

While some commended a top-level display from City…

“City was by far the better team and deservedly won. What makes it frustrating is we were given hope in the shootout, only for it to be snatched away at the last moment.
“Any win from our side would have been a humongous smash and grab job though – we were thoroughly outclassed and could easily have lost 4-0.”
MikeOscar on the forums.

Others turned their attention to Liverpool’s next hope: the Europa League…

“Got to stuff the hideous Mancs now in the Europa.”
– AnfieldCat on the forums.


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  1. John Henry (4-eyes), Tom Werner (2), Mike Gordon (2).. the owners have 8-eyes present at the match, and have clearly seen that Klopp has gotten this bunch to punch above their weights. Now they must show Klopp some support, and let him sign his own players to make us a stronger force.

    • Regardless of this result, Klopp has brought us to this Finals and the boys played their hearts out. All the fans had a great time, I am sure.

        • This coming from a Bodgers’ lemming who are used to his lifetime of trophyless endeavours… you’re pathetic. Don’t forget Klopp took us to a Finals, something which Bodgers never got to.

          • Nothing to do with Bodgers at all. Finals are only worthwhile if they are won, Klopp himself would tell you that. Don’t like to see a trend of losing on penalties, not very liverpol like , neither was throwing it away to westham I’m the dying seconds of the match.

          • How convenient of you to ignore the fact that Bodgers’ transfer failures is a key reason for this bang average team that Klopp managed to bring to the Finals. For you to appear on blogs everytime we lose to insinuate that Klopp is not good enough shows what a slimy person you are.

  2. The positive … It’s experience losing the league and cup final in their dying hours have to light a fire in these players eyes for success … Sometimes you have to lose before you csn win

  3. The days will be a lot brighter if we get rid of Mignolet, he is a liability in every match we play. We need stability not calamity.

    • But yet he was the one that kept us in the match and saved the first penalty which gave us a great platform from which to start, but it didn’t happen.

        • Unless my eyes deceived me he got a touch to it. Even if he didn’t, you’ve clearly glossed over the fact that it was his saves that got us to the finals as well as getting us to penalties. But hey, how quickly do we forget when we want to find someone to blame for the loss.

          • the fact is top goalkeepers make the saves WITHOUT the blunder. Migs may have his moments of inspiration but he’s always a liability.

            You say Migs saves kept us in the game at 1-1, and I say : without his horrendous mistake, it’s 1-0 for us and the cup is ours.

          • Without his saves, it was 2- or 3-0 to City before we scored, and we wouldn’t have scored then at all.

          • I’m not going to blame Migs for this lose, but you can’t possible think he is good enough to be our keeper going forward, I see him as a good No.2.

      • We had to change our game because of that goal and be more adventurous. Then their chances came. He caused that to happen.

    • mignolet is very good inpenalties//. his judge,emt is right .. when he get low balls he is very poor in clearing .. yesterday all penalties he guessed right very short at the edge of box

  4. So wait are we goin to pretend benteke doesn’t exist. With all the crosses being let in surely he would have been a better target. How is not playing him helping again?

    • Benteke has not helped himself in previous games. He strolls around, his positioning is poor (when the ball goes in, he goes out…. when the ball goes out, he goes in), and he has missed multiple sitters. Today is not the day to punt on him coming good.

      • But surely with all the crosses he would have been an asset not to mention his ability to make something out of nothing

        • Maybe. Since Benteke did not play, we can only speculate. But I trust Klopp, and I think Benteke simply isn’t as good as the others to come on for this match.

          • Strikers need games. And selling benteke like it looks like we want to do without even giving him a fair crack is hardly fair. We all know what he can do and he’s got 6 goals this season which more than anyone else in this team save fermino who hasn’t scored in 3 games

          • just shut up! He is incompetent in front of goal. All the chances he missed against westham still haunt me. Benteke is pathetic. I don’t think he will start againsT city on wednesday. He’s that weak

          • I think giving him a couple League appearances at this point wouldn’t hurt to see if indeed he can be an asset. But then you take game time away from Origi who shows great promise. It’s a balancing act but, again, at this point why not try some different things. Kind of like a final test.

    • As much as I want to like Benteke, Origi can do everything he can and better. Unless Origi gets injured I don’t see Ben getting playing time.

      • He should at least be given a chance with sturidge u can tell me he wouldn’t have been a better sub than the dire lallana

        • I can see your point but we needed work rate in the closing minutes and thats not something you get with Benteke. Unfortunately we will never get to find out.

  5. Since we started playing with coutinho, fermino and sturidge we haven’t scored enough. Yet klopp persists and if caulker won’t play why was he signed.

  6. For a club in transition under a new manager that was a heck of an effort. Proud of you boys. Revenge on Wednesday!

    • True. But still hard to shake off the gutted feeling! We have to hammer city into the ground to make up for the loss.

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  7. Can’t believe some ignorant fans are still defending Mignolet. Yes he made some decent saves and kept us in the game but if he hadn’t made that error, we wouldn’t have been trailing and Klopp wouldn’t have used all of his substitutions before extra time. He is a liability, that is a fact. How some people can’t see that is beyond me.

    • Its not that they cant see that, its just that they do not believe in slagging off players because they cannot control their emotions. We all know he made a mistake, what is the point of crying about it now? The peoplethat are in position to do what needs to be done will do something about it if they feel the need to. Otherwise crying on the boards will not do anything to change the situation.

    • Personally I’m not defending Migs….but the problems today were far more structural..we lost due to a lack of quality in front of goal and generally around the team. Yes Migs made the mistake but he also made some great saves. Would we have been in a winning position if he had made that save? Maybe but I’m not so sure…balance of play was heavily on their side.

      This isn’t to say that any of us would want Migs to continue past this season as first choice GK.

  8. What are people on about suggesting Sturridge take a penalty? And bring on the Mancs? They’re looking better than us at the moment…our fanbase really love to get themselves down in a ditch sometimes.

  9. Sturridge could hardly walk for the last ten minutes…!!
    I personally think we have nothing to complain about…yes Migs fluffed for their goal…but I for one won’t be trying to blame one individual…well played lads…onwards and upwards…!!!!!

  10. Same faultlines appearing again and again and again. Moreno unable to boss the LB position. City just kept attacking that area and we’re unlucky not to bag a couple because of this. Eventually they broke through. Migs, oh for f### sake! On a positive not Origi was a beast when he came on. Such a breath of fresh air to have a direct player who just wants to attack the goal rather than play 50 passes across the front of the 18 yrd line. The guts of blood side there. Ynwa

  11. Simply gutted. Just not good enough on the day. Forgot to play football till well in the 70 minute mark. Could’ve had them. Gutted.

    • Sometimes we see progress and other times its just looks like more of the old same. More quality needed I’m afraid.

      • Not enough killers is a big issue. Take that one poor chance you get, save the ones that matters all game long.

        Lots of progress on defending set pieces though. Haven’t conceded much from them lately.

      • Lately it seems more like more of the same really. Man I really thought Klopp could change this bunch but lots and lots of work to do here. First time I saw this team under Klopp playing Tottenham was so exciting though…silly and naive of me, but the occasion got the better of me I guess.

    • What do you think was the issue? I guess there were 2 ways to look at it really – atleast from me. One side being you could say that it was a cagey match and both sides were cancelling each other out for the most bit but as the game wore on their quality clearly started to show.

      Klopp wasn’t happy with the performance one could tell. Even Carra said in his usual straight to the point style – the front 3 simply weren’t good enough and Sturridge wasn’t good enough, and I agreed with him completely. Not to scapegoat here since most of the team didn’t particularly catch themselves in glory but I was banking on Coutinho, Sturridge and Firmino to come up with the chances. They just didn’t do enough especially Firmino. That 84th minute goal was supposed to be our first shot on target!

      Sad stuff :(

      • Well, it was a poor match. Nervy finale in the early stages and all that. I thought that both parties were more involved with stopping the other team from playing football then actually playing football themselves. First time Pellegrini started with 3 midfielders against us.

        City was the first team that started to play football which led to the goal. We decided to start and play after 70 minutes. From there on we were the clear and deserved better team. If we had started Origi we could’ve brought Sturridge by then and might’ve done better. All hindsight of course.

        And we’re not smart. If you can, just to lift the spirits, try and see if you can see the highlights of the Ajax – AZ game yesterday. Enjoy the simple but beautiful one-touch simple football attacks. We don’t do that. Too many flicks and tricks up front. But near the 90 minutes Navas has the ball on our left. Milner is excellent positioned. Coutinho runs in, runs around Navas and fouls him. That’s not smart. A smart played positions himself behind Milner so James can do some front foot attacking.

        We need to be smarter. A lot.

        • That one touch football you talk about, I’m having a hard time remembering if we ever got that going..that stuff comes from the Dutch philosophy doesn’t it? At best, EPL is now a mish-mash of many different styles put together.

          • It finds its origin in the Wiel Corver philosophy. Technique is everything. There’s quite some training video’s of Rene Meulensteen working with the youngsters at the scum and then everytime there’s a first team member showing a certain skill move. Nothing but Wiel Corver stuff. That entire team that won so much was built on that principle.

            Control the ball, pass the ball, control it, shoot. The less energy spent on ballcontrol the more you can rely on thinking about the game. What to do in what situation at what time.

      • So the three players were supposed to break down city’s wall? No width from Milner, absolutely no threat, nothing! Those three guys are neither of Neymar, messi or Suarez. Even Barca sometimes needs a Rakitic or Iniesta to intervene. Also, don’t forget Sturridge set up Milner, he blazed it wide, also he played him into space he couldn’t find a red shirt for a cut back.

    • As of mid-January, 4th in the EPL in tackles, and 1st by a mile in chances created. He’s also extremely effective at “pressing” according to Anfield Index. He does get caught out of position, but we need width, and I think Klopp relies on Moreno to use his speed to get back. The real question is whether he will push forward so much after we acquire a proper winger. Also, like Can and Clyne, Moreno could a few days off.

  12. I actually expected us to lose this match. It should have been at least 4-0 after 90 minutes. But thanks to woeful finishing by City, especially Sterling & the one chance that Coutinho took, we went to penalties.

    I thought the it was a clueless performance and I actually don’t see where the next win is coming for this team. I expect City to come to Anfield on Wednesday & win. Man. Utd will win the Europa League contest easily.

    My fear actually is around Klopp. I’m sure he will try his best for this season.But the more important test will be next which will be his first full season. If that doesn’t go well, I suspect Klopp will leave voluntarily either at the end of next season.

    • Hey! It must be really dark inside your heart for you to have so much negativity brewing. Relax. Believe. Have some hope.

      “…walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart….and You’ll Never Walk Alone”

    • Relax bro. I’m sure we are moving towards a brighter future with Klopp. He got us into the Finals in his 4th month, something which his predecessor failed for years.

    • And i am guessing you was just fine with Brendan Rodgers never getting us to a final in 3 years but, slag off Klopp for not winning in his first final after being here for 4 MONTHS!!
      Have to give him at least 3 years to mold the team and get the players in that he wants. He isnt going to get HIS team together in the first pre-season.

      • Slag off Klopp? Hardly.
        I wanted Brendan to leave before the season started.

        Now we have Klopp. But my fear is that he will walk away come end of next season if he feels that the squad is not improving.
        After today’s match, it is clear (if it wasn’t already) that Klopp has a huge job to do. I just hope he has the stomach for the long-haul.

  13. I hope Fenway were watching the game and also saw that this is the best we can do with the CURRENT squad. I am sure they know we need AT THE LEAST 2 (two) world class signings including a couple quality players IF THEY REALLY ARE DAMN SERIOUS about wanting to take LFC to the top of the league. I have no doubt that everybody who watched the game today knows we need to bring in QUALITY PLAYERS for next season. Kudos to the players for giving all their best. Klopp needs to build his team this summer. YNWA.

  14. We lost a penalty shootout to one of the most expensive formed football teams in the world and our manager has been in the job a whole 4 months and yet the knives are out. Liverpool supporters? Don’t make me laugh!
    The major problem is that as good as Mignolet can be he is not even close to being one of the ten best in the league, give Klopp a chance and he’ll address the problem this summer I’m sure.

  15. no mistake on player .. but caballero more have a luck. gerrard was failed… beckham was failed.. anybody was frustated.. . but we want look how they will bounce back in next game

  16. What to say, frustrated, arent we all? For not winning the cup that is. But I believe we as fans have to stop with the negativeness ALL THE TIME. We all know the problems in our squad, the lack of sharpness in the attack, the creativeness in the midfield and the solidness in the defence, plus the GK shaky performances. It’s a whole team like that! But we are getting there, definitely! We all hope to see some vital additions made in the summer of course. But we need to hold our heads high and be united (I hate that word :-)) sorry).

  17. So now the focus is on beating ManU.

    Don’t people get it?

    As sure as night follows day this lot will let us down in the Europa too.

    It’s what they do. They’re not good enough. A shocking waste of £300m. That’s why we are 9th in the league, 18 points behind Leicester, around the same points as Stoke & Watford.

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  19. I didn’t think city were that much better than us at all. I thought we were value for taking it to penalties and, as one of the above tweets said, there’s no shame in losing on penalties, especially when city’s penalties were as good as they were and their keeper just kept guessing the right way.

  20. Lets talk about Milner and Henderson, how poor were those on the day, Milner in particular. I never liked him and will never be his fan, he might not get a shirt in lower clubs, why Liverpool then.

  21. Wow….that’s a whole lot of bullocks mate. The guy is a proven premier league scorer. Scoring almost 60 prem goals in just 3 seasons (if nor more) yet refuse to use his talent and blame it on him. Even with the scraps he’s still our top scorer. Sturidge has hardly dome any better and when was the last origi scored. We just need to cross to the ball more for f!cks sake .

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