Jordon Ibe warned over international future after England U21s red card

on 28.03.2016

Gareth Southgate has spoken about Jordon Ibe‘s stalled progression in 2016, warning a red card in the England U21s’ 1-1 draw with Switzerland could see him fall behind.

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, ENGLAND - Sunday, December 6, 2015: Liverpool's Jordon Ibe in action against Newcastle United during the Premier League match at St. James' Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Ibe was sent off for two bookable offences as the England U21s held Switzerland to a 1-1 draw in Thun on Saturday night, becoming only the third player to receive a red card in Southgate’s three years in charge.

This marks another setback in a disappointing 2016 for Ibe, who has dropping down in Jurgen Klopp‘s pecking order at Liverpool.

Worryingly, speaking after the game, Southgate suggested Ibe’s absence could see his prospects diminish even further, referencing a red card for Andre Wisdom in 2013—in Wisdom’s last appearance for the U21s.

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“Andre never played again because of competition for places,” Southgate said.

“With any sending off it gives opportunity for other people to play and come through.

“It wasn’t my intention at that moment in time that Andre wouldn’t play again.

“However the opportunity was given up—we had John Stones and Michael Keane come in—so good players took their chances. That is the difficulty.

“We have got Nathan Redmond to come back from injury. Demarai Gray played really well in Switzerland. Duncan Watmore has got to come back.

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“So there is the competition for places.

“A sending off puts you out of the side. That is the difficulty.”

SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - Wednesday, December 2, 2015: Liverpool's Jordon Ibe scores the fifth goal against Southampton during the Football League Cup Quarter-Final match at St. Mary's Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

While it seems unnecessary to cast a shadow over a player’s international hopes over a one-game ban, the competition facing Ibe on his return provides a considerable challenge for the 20-year-old.

With the U21s a breeding ground for Roy Hodgson’s senior side, falling behind under Southgate could cast further doubt on his ability to step up.

This coincides with a spell out of Klopp’s first team at Liverpool, with competition in place of Adam Lallana ensuring Ibe has made just two substitute appearances in the Premier League since the beginning of February.

Southgate believes Ibe is suffering from a loss of confidence as a result, but rightly refused to consign him to failure just yet.

“I think players, especially at Jordon’s age, go through peaks and troughs,” he continued.

“He doesn’t look full of confidence at the minute.

“We have got to try and help him get to the level that we think we can achieve. He doesn’t look like he is in a rhythm.”

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A show of indiscipline against the Switzerland U21s will not boost Ibe’s confidence any further, and the winger faces a challenge to regain his place for both his club and his country.

This could come as a warning shot for Ibe, who needs to improve significantly over 2016.


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  1. Ibe will be fine if he finds his feet again. It’s all in his hands really because he’s in a much better position than most. That is he absolutely will get opportunities to impress. It’s up to him though….

  2. Cmon…so he got a red card for an U21s game…that doesn’t mean you sh***t on him further and give him warnings. If his position will be displaced, it will likely be due to form of the other players rather than some other reason.

    Some great management there from Southgate. Let’s put more pressure on him…

    • What are you talking about?
      Did you not read the article properly… Southgate says he COULD lose his place in the team if the player that comes in to replace him because of the red card does well.
      Just like any team, if you can’t play and the next guy does a good job then you won’t get back into the team.
      Southgate was jut stating the obvious really, just like any other manager would.

      • I did read the article and the quotes. If it’s so obvious then why is he stating it and why is there an article on it? There’s obviously a message behind it. Read between the lines.

        • He probably just got asked the question and like all reporters just decided to take one piece of what he said and write about it. Pretty sure the whole interview was taken out of context and GS was just making an example of what can happen to a player if he rest on his Morales. There is always someone looking to take your spot… and if Ibe doesn’t buck up his ideas he will soon see himself out of the squad.

          • Kid made a mistake…why call him out on it after he did so? That’s terrible management…I can’t remember the last time a manager hasn’t tried to play down or defend those kind of mistakes…and this was an U21 game ffs…they’re used for experience more than anything else.

          • Not ideal i agree, and didn’t see the game. But if he is playing like his head isn’t in it, Then maybe stating a fact on how a fellow professional has been left behind could be a good incentive to buck up a little. Still has a lot of potential, just think all the hype from the beginning of the year has maybe got to him some.

    • Too much furore over a kid and his apparent lack of form…

      First the fans and pundits hype him up when Sterling leaves like he is the next Messi… and then half a season later, the same set of folks write him off…

      Extreme reactions on both sides are unwarranted.. He is a kid, time is on his side and has a great coach to work with.. Let’s just give him time and leave him alone..

    • This was a strange one. Why harp on the possibility he’s going to lose his place out one side of your mouth while talking about his lagging confidence out the other? You only bring up the former if the real issue is a lack of motivation or discipline, not an issue with confidence. Ibe has certainly frustrated of late. A lot. Maybe it isn’t just a confidence issue. Maybe he really needs to be called out on some life or training choices. Who knows? The article and quotes just leave me more confused than ever.

      • Gareth’s a fool that’s why…the last thing that kid needs at this moment is for the manager to publicly sh***t on his chances of u21 football. It’s hardly even a privilege playing that football…can be good for overall experience sure, but his club career is what’s going to count for a lot more really.

  3. Southgate is a waste man that throws players under the bus to cover his failings. The last thing Ibe needs is this kind of rubbish from the Manager.

  4. haha this is embarrassing from Southgate. So Ibe get’s sent off (it happens) and all of a sudden his whole international career is in jeopardy due to a 1 game ban? come off it!!

    • Why not, it happened to Andre Wisdom. He got sent off and the guy who took his spot did so well that Wisdom couldn’t get back into the team. Not saying it will, but Southgate is just letting everyone know that their spot in the u21 isn’t guaranteed just because of reputation.
      Which is how it should be for every England team !!

  5. How are you supposed to be a f******* fooballer in this country. You can’t take a s*** in peace as the press will be all over you, you can’t get a red card or your whole career will be at risk. A joke… how England treats young prospects.

    • Actually, I don’t really mind seeing a little pressure put on some of the youngsters. Maybe some are coddled too much. Maybe they need to be reminded of some hard truths.

      But it makes little sense to do this and then claim that the issue is the youngster’s confidence. Wha?

  6. “He seems to be low on confidence”……That’s why i’ve publically stated that his entire future is in jeopardy over a mistake he made last night.

  7. Ibe is a player i like very much, he is quite person doesn’t go around talking up to the media about his absent from the team, he also have a lot of potentials, but since the turn of the year his form has dropped dramatically, and his attitude to fight his way back into the team, don’t seems to be the right one, i watched a clip of training which i commented on, all the players looked very serious in training going about their work, except for Ibe, who was just going through the motion, and that is not the attitude you what to show a man like Klopp, if you want to remain in the team.

    • It shouldn’t be forgotten that he gave up two weeks of his time off last summer for extra training sessions at Melwood, I don’t think it’s his attitude that is the problem…

  8. A tad rash in the comparison to Wisdom, but Ibe needs to knuckle down and work on the fundamentals with which he only recently appeared to be coming to terms. He’s caught in a rut of inopportune dribbling and delaying of passes, killing rather than injecting or sustaining momentum in attacks. His poor decision-making, especially when on the ball, undermines many of his core strengths, including pace. He has the potential to become a legendary wide man and I hope he wakes up in time to avoid being permanently overtaken by more focussed up-and-comers like Ojo…

  9. I’m bit surprised Southgate is still the U21s manager….
    anyways…leave the kid alone… its the media who created all the hype about him replacing POUND STERLING at LFC..not his fault….
    the boy need time..he has the talent.. he will pick up….

  10. ibe has power n pace which others dont have, but dont hv a footballing brain. he will progress if he comes down to earth n starts looking for teamates(without dribbling every one), stops the glory hunter mode.
    He is too one dimensional in his play maybe bring variety like crossing(A MUST for any winger), can confuse defenders on what he will do next.
    As for his shooting, study the tony kroos goal against england, ball still rolling, shoots with power n precision.
    If he doesnt listen to advices n klopp, he will lose every thing he got, relegated fr 1st team to <21, ojo ahead of him, may not be in england setup as per the great senor sir his holiness Gareth Southgate.

  11. Ibe will get better there was probably too much pressure on him this season especially as he was the only wide player at the club .Next season there will be other options and less pressure on him and he can be slowly integrated into the first team.

  12. Says the player is lacking in confidence then threatens him that his place in the squad is in doubt!
    Also he could turn his back on England and decide to play for Nigeria.
    This is his Ibe’s break through season at Anfield after being out on loan for the last 2 seasons.
    Hopefully see more of the real Ibe next season after a pre season with Klopp.

  13. The red card was ridiculous. Ibe may well be suffering from a lack of confidence, but it’s his tentative performances that would support that argument, rather than his red card…

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