Report: Joao Teixeira set for summer move to Fiorentina

on 02.03.2016

Liverpool’s out-of-favour attacking midfielder Joao Teixeira has agreed to join Serie A side Fiorentina at the end of the season, according to reports on Wednesday.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Thursday, February 25, 2016: Liverpool's Joao Carlos Teixeira in action against FC Augsburg during the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 1st Leg match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Reports in Italy claim the Portuguese midfielder will leave Anfield in the summer and that an agreement is already in place with Fiorentina.

Teixeira is out of contract this summer and, given his limited playing time under Jurgen Klopp this season, it would be a shock if he agreed a new deal at Liverpool.

With the likes of Philippe Coutinho, Adam Lallana and Jordon Ibe already ahead of the 23-year-old in the pecking order, and new additions sure to be brought in, Teixeira’s first-team opportunities will only become more limited.

Speaking four weeks ago, Klopp said: “Players like him need matches, and if you can’t get it then you have to leave.”

Teixeira himself said: “I haven’t played much. I’ve been on the bench a lot and I don’t like that.”

Since then, he’s started just twice – the two FA Cup games against West Ham – and had two sub appearances, against Augsburg and Leicester.

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“For now, my plans are to stay with Liverpool and play more here,” said Teixeira in January. “But you never know what will happen in the future.”

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, January 20, 2016: Liverpool's Joao Carlos Teixeira scores the third goal against Exeter City during the FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Just seven appearances in all competitions – five starts – outlines how peripheral his role is at the club.

The youngster’s only goal for the Reds to date came in the 3-0 win over Exeter City in the FA Cup third round replay, and he has never quite kicked on as many hoped he would.

He has spent time on loan at both Brentford and Brighton since joining Liverpool in 2013, and a broken leg at the latter last season has arguably curtailed his progress somewhat.

Klopp needs to get rid of plenty of players this summer, and sadly, Teixeira is one who seems to be deemed surplus to requirements.

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    • suso mark 2 what do you mean??
      another player tat we have had constantly rammed down our throats thats the next massive world class star
      That in reality as left without really doing nothing

      • Supposed to be a star player, didn’t play enough.
        Went away to be come that star player, and again nothing happened. Even gets loaned out.

  1. there is something to be said about these young lads moving to the italian league. EPL too physical and intensive for them.

    • That’s exactly it…it’s not that he’s a bad player, quite talented in fact. But his style of play quite simply isn’t suited to the rough and fast-paced Premier League. It’s tailor-made for some (Vardy would only be successful in England), while it doesn’t work for others. I think Italy or Spain will suit him well, but it’s not a guarantor of success, just ask “the next wunderkinds” that were Dani Pacheco and Suso.

  2. Teixeira is basically a poor man’s Coutinho. Good but not too much end product and he’s no spring chicken. At 23 he hasn’t been able to break into our first team, or the Portuguese national side. Like Suso he just didn’t work out. Like Klopp said yesterday “We have to change a lot of things to be successful.” He’ll be the first of a long line to depart Anfield. Good luck!

  3. Good move for him if true…I think a club like Fiorentina will suit him. They do tend to have a lot of creative players in that team and are a bit easy on the eye from what I’ve known of them.

    • They are coached by former Portuguese international Paolo Sousa, who coached FC Basel and and somewhere in Israel, having won the leagues in both.

      I expect this is going to do wonders for Tex’s development, which only means we are potentially losing out on a Coutinho-esque player. Still you can’t sign everyone, so at least he’s going to a good club in a fabled league.

      • Coutinho and Teixeira are both the same age, and Teixeira even now doesn’t show the same development Couts did 2 years ago. At 23 you should be playing first team football. If you’re not then time to move on.

        • There are plenty of players who didn’t hit their stride till later in their careers. Football still has late bloomers. The game isn’t like manufacturing – you can’t expect every single part to be built at the same speed, have the same level of finish, etc., etc. As much as that would make predicting who should be signed and who will be world class so much easier, it doesn’t work that way.

          I can see him having a good career in Italy – they like the technical playmaking types. Lest we forget, we signed Coutinho BECAUSE he showed potential in Serie A. Given regular minutes, who knows where the lad ends up. Portugal doesn’t exactly have the largest player pool to recruit from.

        • he’s had major surgery on his back which delayed his development.

          Not sure he’s strong or fast enough for the PL. I think Klopp wants more physicality generally and he’s got Couts and Lallana at least and may even buy a playmaker/CM.

    • We could go back to TIA articles from 1-2 years ago raving about the “world class” potential of all our young players like Texeira. None of them have panned out.

      People are doing it again now. The cycle repeats.

      • that’s the youth market though, otherwise clubs would never buy any players, they’d just pick the up young and they’d all make it through to the 1st team.

  4. Hope it works out for him if it’s true. He’s a fantastic passer and should suit the Italian game well.

    • defo. He’s not really physical enough or fast enough for the English game but in Italy he could do a decent job.
      Sounds like Suso has really bombed, seems his attitude is really poor.

  5. If he must leave, Fiorentina is really a good place.. They play really nice football, nicest in Italy for sure..

  6. Teixeira deserves playing time. Klopp will not stand in the way if Tex can’t agree to a new deal with the club (or if he thinks he will not be getting enough games). Likely, another “potential” given away for free then.

  7. Below are the excerpts from his evidence:

    Q. Okay. You also testified earlier that the club would require “a significant amount of investment” to enhance the value of the club. How did you take that into account or how did NESV take that into account in is valuing LEC in October 2010?

    A. I think we underestimated that. We ended up losing quite a bit of money in our first couple of years and we had to make even more considerable investment in the playing squad than we had estimated as we went through the bidding process. So, you know, like trying to catch a knife falling off the table, you’re not sure where before it’s hit the ground you’ve caught it. You know, I think we underestimated how poor the playing quality of the squad was, and frankly, we underestimated how difficult it was going to be to stabilise the asset. We were overconfident in assuming that many of the things that we had done in Boston at Fenway would translate naturally to the Premier League and they just didn’t all translate.

    Q. Did NESV come to know that the team had a playing squad with top internationals before it made a bid to purchase the club?

    A. I mean, we obviously did some due diligence on the playing squad during this process before we closed on the transaction in the middle of October of 2010. What we came to know was that the playing squad was poor. We were sitting at the time we closed on the transaction for the club in 17th place is my recollection which is one spot above the relegation line. And while we had a few top players like Steven Gerrard, other players like Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina were probably beyond their primes, and Javier Mascherano was not even on the team.

    Q. Okay. And did you or any other representatives of NESV attend a Liverpool Football Club game?

    A. We did.

    Q. One or more than one?

    A. In due diligence we attended one match.

    Q. You believe that is an important part of conducting due diligence when you’re purchasing a sports team?

    A. It was an important — it was important for us to see a Liverpool match, yes.

    Q. Why?

    A. You know, most of us had never been to a Premier League match, so it was going to be hard to recommend to our investor group that we buy a football club without ever having been to one, so…

    Q. Okay.

    A. The one we saw was less than thrilling. It was a near no match.

    extracts from the ongoing court case

    Once and for all proof that fsg are here for the money yet tell lies

    • Who’s evidence?
      What the heck has this got to do with Teixera?

      Of course they’re here to make money. They plan to do it by maximising the assets value. Hello wake up. Every single club and business owner would want to do this. It’s business sense. It also makes sense in sport. Sit still and you go backwards.

      • not for a sugar daddy. thing is people like CARR are too dishonest to admit they want a sugar daddy. Anyone who has a business head is not to be trusted. That’s actually fair enough to a certain extent, but for what they’re doing to the club it’s just a laughable attitude.

        Quite why he doesn’t go and support citeh or chelsea I’ll never know.

        • Agree but i don’t think I’d be quite so direct.

          Growth as a business is absolutely necessary in this game now unless you have an endless stream of donations but even those clubs are looking at their business side. Chelsea with a new stadium, City buying feeder clubs etc.

          When we had the opportunity in the 198’s we stood still and tried to invest (poorly) in the squad instead. Missed the boat, United didn’t and to quote Klopp, “Boom” we are where we are.

          Of course FSG will sell one day, nothing is forever but if they get the club and business growing in the meantime great.

          • yes, if they stay for 10 years and sell up after building us 2 new stands I really don’t see the problem with it.
            The only buyers at that point will be ultra wealthy rather than just very wealthy !!
            And there’s no way on earth it could ever be a H&G type of ownership who relied 100% on the loose credit of the noughties to buy in the first place and seemed to have zero commercial acumen.

            But given the sport continues to develop internationally I don’t see why FSG would sell.

            And the FSG investor group can easily change investors within it without affecting anything for the club (while Henry is the major investor with such a massive stake). That’s quite different from most clubs who aren’t owned by a group with one key investor. They tend to be outright owners. Arsenal have shareholders but they are not meaningful other than the one big owner.

            What I’m trying to say is a change in FSG investors is a pretty “meh” event from our point of view until they sell up completely which would be a massive event involving the super rich.

            My problem with the anti-FSG crowd is they don’t put forward a coherent argument that you can consider and make an opinion on.

            They distrust them because they’re not football fans or because they believe the club was bought on the cheap. It’s not an argument. American owners (whatever meaningful classification that is) do have to prove they can be successful owners in English football. FSG have done half the job (commercially) but still have to do the other half (on the pitch). At least they appear to be trying though not on Sugar Daddy levels!

            See those echo articles? The idea that Mill Financial might have owned us is absolutely terrifying. Wheeler dealers with zero interest in sport. How many clubs have we seen fail? At least we got owners with a history of big and mature sports ownership and development of that club/franchise etc, and significant media activities.

            Businesses always make mistakes but thank god we got owners with proven sporting credentials.

        • Nonsense. It shows that they didn’t know much about the English game but were interested enough to learn. They attended games, performed an analysis of the squad and concluded that the squad would need investment. How is that not “interest”?

          • were they supposed to buy season tickets for 3 years before deciding on whether or not to buy the club?

          • If i went to one game and found it a total none event i would not be interested in going again
            Unless of course there was something in it for me

          • so how many games do you have to attend before you are qualified to put a business case forward to finance a purchase of a club?

          • I game that they thought was a none event?
            Would suggest they then did the maths and saw it was a gold mine

          • Would 2 games have helped? How often do you visit premises if you’re buying them? If anything that one game confirmed that the price shouldn’t be a high one.

            According to Weiss – and he’s not the guy who has the ownership experience in the Red Sox – they saw the opportunity to buy at a price that covered the debt (- and ignore the debt that Gillett owed to Mill). If the business is sound then that could be a very good price depending on how much debt. Or the debt could be beyond the asset value eg Leeds, Bolton, Portsmouth etc.

            They also saw key assets as being probably past their best ie new investment would be required. They were also hovering above the relegation zone so things were hardly rosy in the garden.

            And his description of catching a falling knife suggested they knew they might still be overpaying, and have to put more money into it and that’s how it transpired.

          • Well even buying an house you would have a second viewing especially if you thought the first time you looked at it was a none event
            Unless of course you knew you had hit the jackpot and it was being given away and you knew it had profit written all over it

          • Virtually all the information comes from studying the books – sales, costs, purchases and the terms of any debts or licenses.
            And you would expect Broughton and RBS to furnish you with a lot of that information which they are then legally responsible for doing without being misleading.

            You only visit the place to see that the thing actually exists and see what it’s like on matchday. It’s not what you base a purchase on.

          • The most interesting part of this is Mill financial’s claims over the loan to Gillett with some kind of stake in Gillett’s LFC stake as security, with them now claiming that they would have bought the club [taken the owning share from Gillett and re-financed the RBS debt in some way] and then supposedly not have to sell the club in a “distressed state” ie get more for it a bit later.

            They never made an offer to make good on the RBS debt or for a serious purchase so they were presumably after an even more knock down price. Mill Financial clearly were only in it for the money.

            It seems Broughton the ex BA chairman brought into the club to handle its sale and / or RBS steered the sale quite aggressively towards NESV who were already committed owners in a big and mature sporting environment with it’s media activities (tv channels), sponsorship deals etc etc including a history of winning on the pitch.

            I think we’re fortunate for that to have happened.

            Had we been in Mill Financial’s hands who are clearly pure wheeler dealers with zero interest in sports our destiny would have been anybody’s guess, and I would suggest asset stripping and relegation would have followed.

            FSG’s first year involved removing Hodgson for Kenny and allowing £115m to be spent on players. The idea that Mill Financial would have done that is fanciful at best.

          • If you read it all mills had said they would beat any price by 20 million up to 385 million
            so they would have gone up to 405 million
            and they sold torres amongst others to give kenny the money
            Infact as new owners go at a major club there initial big transfer splurge was pathetic

          • so are you saying they didn’t come up with a massive amount of money to fund the summer purchases? You’re just ignoring facts. Torres and Babel brought in marginally less than spent on Carroll and Suarez.

            Mills are claiming they would have come up with hundreds of millions but NEVER put money on the table. They claimed they would outbid others even though they had to borrow what they lent to Gillett.

            Who do you trust ? Mills who clearly don’t/didn’t have the means other than borrowing or NESV who had money in their hand and didn’t have to borrow a penny to buy the club at whatever price?

            We shall see what further docs come out but Mills are asking the court to believe them when they say “trust us, we were going to hand over £400m”. It’s laughable.
            Mills clearly wanted to scupper any sale because while Gillett would pay them back (over time as he is doing) if they could get their hands on the club they thought would make a massive killing selling it themselves. Yet they would have had to borrow even more than H&G to do it.
            We are incredibly lucky we didn’t end up in their hands.

          • So £115m spending in their first year to back Kenny was pathetic???? Yeah, ok then…..

            Like I said before, why don’t you go and support Citeh or Chelski, that’s the only kind of numbers you seem to subscribe to.

          • lokk at the players they sold under hodgeson and kenny to spend that
            its not 115 its less than 40
            the new evertom part owner as said he will give them 100 million

          • so Kenny got given more of the owner’s cash to spend than any other manager prior to him.

            And that’s while the club was losing money.

          • hah! so the everton owner is promising £100m to spend?
            That’s the tv money they’ll get anyhow and it’s still less than Kenny got to spend a few years ago.

            He’s allowed arsenal to fail while his share price rose, now he’s taken that money out of Arsenal at a very high value and bought into Everton at quite a low value at a time not only when TV money is going through the roof (in terms of their turnover) but also when their asset value has never been higher with Stones, Lukaku and Barclay ready to be sold.
            That’s £150m of sales ready to go right there. Don’t think they’ll be spending much of his money at all!

            He’s jumped in at a very opportune moment where they either get a ton of money in from sales or they’re able to add a couple of top class players to those 3. I’d guess the former.
            Brilliant timing on his part, but 100% the moves of a money man not a sports fan.

          • we will see you know nothing as usual get off fsgs pay role ,hes trying to sign all there best players up on long term contracts he only owned 10% of arsenal and the reason he sold up is because he could not do anything for them due to his small share and others not wanting to sell
            and for the last time kenny got most of his money by selling
            infact i refuse to talk to you anymore your a fsg rentboy not even a fanof lfc

          • you can shove your rent boy stuff where the sun doesn’t shine. I’ll happily do it for you.
            And you still don’t want to admit that Kenny was heavily backed including with money the club didn’t have. You have a sense of entitlement that is corrosive and common among Liverpool fans.

            The Everton investor jumped out of Arsenal only after his shares had appreciated nicely and has jumped into Everton only when they have massively valuable assets worth far in excess of what he’s putting in, protecting his investment.
            He wasn’t there when they didn’t have these players to help them get them in. He’s maximised his opportunity and limited his financial exposure.
            He’s more of a money man than FSG will ever be.

          • And there’s your problem. They took over after 20 odd years of the club being mismanaged and run down falling behind others both here and in Europe. Utter incompetence and almost administration, or worse, falling into the hands of Mill Financial apparently.

            Now we have owners who believe in growing the club, have heavily backed each manager – and made it possible to do so – and have now got a top class manager in at the first opportunity / availability. Thank god they resisted getting LVG in.

            What on earth you are supporting I have no idea.

            Although it seems pretty clear to me that you want a sugar daddy who spends without asking questions.

          • they took over less than 5 years of us winning the european cup and then getting to another final

          • in an era of loose credit which sent us hurtling towards administration. We had to balance the books in summer 08 and again in 09. It killed us on the pitch come 2010 and then nearly killed us as a club.
            To be blind to the running of the club in that era or the era before it is just being blind. 20 years of the club in decline is what it was.

            Rafa was the exception to that not typical of it.

    • sounds like they went into it knowing they might have to spend a lot more than they originally intended, given the catching a falling knife analogy. Still went through with it. I’m impressed.

  8. nice player, shame it didn’t work out ~ for him and us ~ but good luck for the future, been to Florence and if that’s where he ends up, it isn’t a bad place to go to tho!!

  9. miss this lad .. injurries bad luick and Bodgers couldnt use him and now we have no option for him.. let him get more games and improve .. he has done well under klopp for the few games he played

  10. He has decent skills but he is far too weak on the ball. Honestly we have enough of that but with more skill and potential

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